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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 9/25

September 26, 2014
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…aka Dennis Lindsey, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine. The following UDQMs are all from today’s interview.


** DL on the Jazz’s media training camp: I think it’s probably hard to fit PK’s head in the studio right now. That’s what I think. So, let’s talk about the shot, guys.
** DL on whether the Jazz will add a hook shot for a gaggle guy: There’s no question we gotta reevaluate what we’re doing and make sure that that shot, especially at the buzzer, is inside of our repertoire of things to pull out.
** DL on a shot PK made during the camp: You know, I had a suspicion that it was going in, and I had an inkling that we would be talking about this for years to come.
** DL on a shot Jody Genessy made during the camp: Jody’s was pretty good. You know, given the context of everything, it definitely rivaled PK’s.
** PK on what happened after he hit the shot: And then I come back, and Brad Jones says, “You’re not going in. You’re done.”
** DL on the media training camp: Quin had a lot to do with the famous Duke fantasy camp.
** DL on teaching the system: Whatever you emphasize, is what the players grab on, hold to.
** DL on setting good screens: When I was playin’, I wasn’t, I didn’t have Alec Burks’ or Gordon Hayward’s size and quick twitch.
** DL on Snyder’s system being a reactive one, which means he probably won’t be standing up to call plays a great deal: Yeah, so, I’ll be interested to see if he’s be able to sit down. I think I told you, I don’t think our team’s gonna, in the experience level especially of our team will allow him to do that. He’ll have to come out and orchestrate.
** DL on learning the system: I think any time you have a young and relatively inexperienced team, you have natural inclinations and then you have reality where the rubber hits the road.
** DL on why the Jazz decided to field such a young team: It, way back from the Deron Williams decision, and then Kevin [O’Connor] and I coming together with the Miller family.
** DL on the Jazz’s decision, part two: There hasn’t been anything that has been compelling enough for us to change, you know, what was a, you know, a monumental moment in Utah Jazz history, of when Jerry [Sloan] resigned and then quickly moving off Deron.
** DL on the young guys: We’ll see which of that young talent rises. Hopefully, it’s all of ’em.
** DL on the Jazz having several ball-handlers: You’ll see multiple people bringing it up, multiple people playing inside.
** PK to DL: I’m sore and my knee is swollen. You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

More UDQMs below…find your own.

How much of Quin Snyder’s offense would have been instituted by him wherever he is, and how much is specific to the personnel he has?
There will be periods where we’ll come down and play inside of our concepts, inside of our flow, if you will. And then certainly, if there’s angles that Gordon [Hayward]’s better attacking at or rolls that Derrick [Favors] is better rolling to, shots that Enes [Kanter] is better playing from and certain areas on the court, and I think attack angles for Alec Burks and pull-ups from Trey Burke, that can all be incorporated inside of what you do.

So, it’s not just straight, formulaic and cookie-cutter.

There’s a lotta ways inside a situation, dead ball situations, after free throws, where you wanna attack a matchup. But the problem, in our opinion, at playing solely matchup basketball or post-up basketball or pick-and-roll basketball or pin-down basketball is many times, the ball really has to stop while you get yourself organized on the court.

And so, a big part of what we wanna do is we wanna play on the second side of the court, so the ball being swung. We wanna play on the third side of the court; and if the ball’s really humming and popping, sometimes the fourth side of the court where you’re really getting the defense to change their body position.

And any time you get defenses to change the body position, usually there’s somewhere inside the defense that there will be a breakdown and the integrity of the lines of the defense can be compromised through penetration, whether it be with a dribble or with a pass.

So, that’s the whole goal, but yeah, there will be situations where we’ll definitely want to exploit matchups, but if we do that, it will be situation-specific, because we don’t want the ball to stop to try to get it to one person.

You guys have seen that, and really, if we thought that was the most effective way, if we had a player that would be good inside of that, maybe you would see that more. I don’t think you would see that solely, but we don’t believe it’s the most effective way.

The math shows it’s not the most effective way to play basketball. So, we’re using some intuition, some teaching, and some math of the game to help guide us in the directions that we wanna go.

What kind of role will Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors have in Quin Snyder’s offense?
Yeah, so there are multiple things within the offense that they can do. There’re a couple post-up sequences that we like, for both of ’em, that they can be slightly different.

There are some options where they’re setting screens, whether they’re pin-down screens or pick-and-roll screens that moves the defense off their body and allows them to take a deeper offensive position. So that could be via a duck-in into the paint, or a roll into the paint.

You guys saw Derrick’s finishing last year; really, really improved. We hope to capitalize on that. With Enes, he has a variety of talents and skills. We’ll allow him to shoot deeper shots this year. That’s a natural progression. He’s worked very hard at increasing his range, and so we’ll take a look at that.

And then within the offense, it’s going to be very important for both of ’em to grow, frankly, and the, when they’re on top of the key and moving the ball from one side to the other in a swing or passing the ball inside to a slip. So they’re gonna have to grow quite a bit…

If you can get your bigs to really be able to make good decisions–they don’t have to be Vlade Divac every night–but if they just make good, solid decisions with the ball, it allows you to play five-man basketball and be more effective. (1280)

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  1. September 27, 2014 1:32 am

    that whole middle section is one gigantic udqm.

    • September 27, 2014 6:23 am

      Yeah, I originally had it marked with asterisks every other sentence lol


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