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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 9/18

September 18, 2014
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randy rigby

It’s a great day to be alive.
It’s a great day. I’s just thinking, as I was driving over here, there’s nothing like living in this community. But on days, a fall day like today, with this perfect weather and beautiful temperature, it’s great to be alive.

Only three of 14 NBA players accused of domestic violence were suspended last year. What is the NBA doing? Are there plans to address this?
We are addressing it. And we’ve been very proactive. Recently, in fact, some memos have been coming out to all of the teams about how we properly deal with, not specific issues, but how we are treating one another, as a society, as a workplace, and in our homes and in our lives.

And you know what? It comes back, you know, to me, of, we, too many of us wanna be regulated, and a lot of people don’t wanna be regulated. It comes, really, down to character, and it comes down to values. And all along, for the Utah Jazz, of, people have heard it time and time from myself and from the Utah Jazz, but it comes back to those critical values that we’ve always held to.

And that’s why we spend a lot of time really looking at our players, and doing the homework that we do, so that we bring in players of high caliber, and try to also identify. We spend a lotta time identifying patterns, and lives, and how they’re treating and dealing with teammates, family members, and, hopefully, so that we can mitigate and minimize these same issues that, unfortunately, are being talked about time and time again recently.

Have you ever had to get rid of any players? How do you do that?
We have not had to get rid of any players on that front.* I will say this. We’ve, I’ve personally had to do some serious disciplining of individuals in our organization, and we ended up, in some cases, actually, then, sending him/’em to look for employment other places, for people who could not treat employees in the proper fashion, and give the respect and dignity that every individual deserves, and in a comfortable, safe lifestyle, and a comfortable, safe work environment for them to be able to exist.

What kind of discipline can you dish out when need be?

Well, we first put ’em on probation. We’ll give notice of probation, and we write them up. We put it, then, into our files, our human resource files. If we continue to see the issue continue, it, to mel–that tells me, then, there’s a character flaw with that individual, and you know what? Unfortunately, their philosophy, their style doesn’t match who we are, and then we unfortunately have to terminate ’em.

* Which of course is not the same thing as never having had a player with domestic assault issues on the Jazz.

Kevin O’Connor’s scary adventure in Turkey
Kevin O’Connor tells a story of being over in Turkey watching one of the European Final games…He says all of a sudden he was sitting in the arena, and big rivalry going on, and he says, all of a sudden he looked around and realized that, all, they had oversold tickets and so they literally had people sitting in the aisleway, and in the stairs.

And then he said, then he recognized that all the security and the police were also sitting in there, just watching the game. And he all of a sudden realized this could be a very dangerous situation. And so they excused themselves. (1280)

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