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Off-Season Odds and Ends

September 17, 2014

One. Along with Nicolas Batum and Evan Fournier, Rudy Gobert appeared on the French television program “Touche Pas A Mon Poste”…



…to receive his punishment for missing free throws during the FIBA World Cup (H/T @pedrounet et @Chris_Brouet):




Two. Jazz players and ex-Jazz family members’ take on social issues:


Three. A recap of Enes Kanter’s vehicular history:

** December 2011: No driver’s license.
** Early Summer 2013: Got his driver’s license.
** Late Summer 2013: Flipped Karl Malone’s golf cart while driving it.*
** Summer 2014: “Doing some fun work” (via @Enes_Kanter):

Bxr8iZqCcAAtTQ8.jpg large

* Karl simply got out of the cart and pushed it back up.

Four. Gordon Hayward on his experience with the U.S. national team:

I really enjoyed playing with Team USA this summer, and felt good about the way I played. I left the experience feeling like I did everything the right way. They told everybody from the beginning that they were trying to put the best team together for this tournament. Ultimately, they just decided to go a different route with the roster.

The way I interpreted it, they basically eliminated the swing position, and decided to go small on guards, and big on the bigs, instead of going with guys who were more versatile and could do a little of each. There are other teams in the World Cup that are pretty big, so I think they wanted to make sure they were big enough to compete against them.

Five. Memo Okur and Shawn Bradley on the golf course (via @MehmetOkur13):

kris tweet


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