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Bits from Derrick Favors Interview, 7/31

August 1, 2014
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How has the offseason been?
It’s been going good so far. I’ve been getting a lot of work done in the gym, and you know, just out touring around Salt Lake City, just trying to find stuff to do.

What are your physical goals this offseason?
To come back a better athlete than I was last year, basically. You know, come back in better shape, just those little things.

Have you slipped athletically?

No. Nowhere near…The plan just to get better. You know, just increase, you know, the vertical and increase the strength. Increase the speed, the quickness. Just all those little things.

On playing for Quin Snyder
You know, I’m honestly excited about this year, this season.

What is it you’re excited about?

Just the change, the direction that the organization’s going, and you know, I like Quin as a coach. And you know, I like the system he run, and I feel like I could, he could really maximize my abilities out there on the court.

You say you’ve been searching around Salt Lake City. What have you found?
You know, I’m still a big kid, so I been going to a lot of amusement parks, basically…I had my little brother in town with me, and you know, he wanted to go out, go to the water parks and go to the amusement parks, so I just took him with me and you know, it was almost every weekend. Every other day, basically.

How old’s your little brother?

Fourteen…He try to come out here every summer. Finally, my mom finally let him come out here this summer, but you know, he just love being around me and just love basketball, really. He ju–went up to the gym with me a couple times, working out. So I mean, he just one of those guys who love to play basketball.

** Is not into sushi (only tried it once); prefers chicken to steak

How do you stay motivated? How do you stay engaged in trying to reach certain goals?
You know, one thing I do, I read all the bad stuff people say about me, basically.

Do you have another step offensively in your game?
Yeah, I got plenty of steps offensively in my game.

All right.

I don’t think I been able to use them yet–

What are they?

–so hopefully, this upcoming season, I can really show y’all what I can do on the offensive end of the court.

Give me an example.

Just want to show y’all. I don’t want to talk about it right now. I just want y’all to see it.

Were you noticeably more tired last year playing 30 minutes per game vs. 23 minutes per game?
I think at the first month of the season I was…I was a little tired physically, but then as the season went on, I, my body got used to it. You know, eventually I got used to, I learned how to take care of my body.

I learned how to get my rest, eat the right kind of food, and you know, it got, it helped me out towards the end of the year when I wasn’t getting as tired fast, quickly, as I was in the beginning of the year.

Are you glad you didn’t go through free agency, or do you now wish you would’ve?
I think personally for me, I made the right decision for me. You know, I, it could’ve went both ways. I could’ve went into free agency, but you know, I just wanted to play it smart and just go ahead and just get it over with…

I had to do what was best for me and my family, and you know, that was just go ahead and get it over with, ’cause I already been through that situation once when I got traded. I didn’t want to go through that again.

Have you given Gordon Hayward a hard time, told him he has to buy dinner now?
No, I haven’t spoke to him yet.

You gotta bust his chops a little bit.

He got to take the team out to dinner now…He got the big money, he got to now.

David Locke recounts how he “accidentally” “ran into” Gordon Hayward at Cedar Point last summer
Locke: You need to take your brother to Cedar Point, by the way. It’s out in Ohio. It’s the best amusement park in the country…I was there, and Gordon Hayward was, I s–I bumped in– of all weird things, it’s in Ohio.

I was there last summer, I bumped into Gordon, like, not, just in line for a ride, and he was cheating, because he was too tall to ride the ride. He was lying about his height.

Favors: Wow. (1280)

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