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Rudy Gobert pète un gros dunk and other bits from across the pond

July 26, 2014


In an interview with Basket Session (H/T @IAmAUtahJazzFan), Rudy Gobert, who is now training with Les Bleus (the French national team) talked about how Quin Snyder gave him confidence by telling him that he’s a good passer, which makes him want to pass the ball more (translated):

“The new coach of the Jazz (Quin Snyder) told me that I am a very good passer. This gives me confidence, and now I love to take the ball above the post. I can find guys on backdoor cuts or even do the same on a succession of short passes* or “chaining pick and roll(?)”, which creates movement and disrupts the defense. I can make the game easier for my teammates.”

* Thanks to @Pedrounet for the help on this one.

Gobert also talked about how Jazz brass is finally seeing the value of players playing for their national teams in international tournaments, and revealed that Jazz coaches are planning to travel to Spain for the FIBA World Cup this summer:

“Jazz officials are a little apprehensive about injury, but I have insurance. I have talked to coach Snyder, who coached at CSKA Moscow and is more Euro-centric than the Jazz coach last year (Tyrone Corbin, who is now an assistant with the Sacramento Kings). Snyder is very happy and he may come to Spain to watch [FIBA World Cup] games. The Jazz staff will come as well. They know playing in the tournament will help me evolve.

The Jazz are drawing heavily from the Spurs, and the coaches are open to the world. They know it’s a good thing for me to play in the World Cup.”

via @rudygobert15

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