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Vegas Summer League Game 5: Utah Jazz vs. Portland Trail Blazers

July 19, 2014


The Jazz set a new Vegas Summer League record for fewest points in a quarter, with four points on 1-19 shooting in the first. And then they won the game. Word is the bidding war for the movie rights is on.

Post-Game Quotage
** Brad Jones’s overall assessment of summer league
I think it’s been an important week and a half, two weeks going back to when we started two-a-days…Coach Snyder’s put us in a lot of positions to get to know what he wants. We’ve done probably more, we treated this more like a regular season than a, you know, a summer league with our staff. One, because we have a whole new, brand new staff, so we worked hard at it…It’s a terrific week. We challenged [the players] today to continue to play the right way. The right way is what we’ve talked about the whole time, and I thought we did that. So, kinda, today kinda put a button on the, you know, the two weeks of what we’ve been doing.
** Jones on Dante Exum
Hopefully, now he has a level of understanding of what he has to do everyday to be successful, ’cause there were some times he showed some brilliant, brilliant things this, these last week. But then again, there’s been some times where he’s, you know, he’s been kicked in the rear end a little bit. So, hopefully he’ll take this process and come back in the fall, you know, ready to go and help us, ’cause we think he’s got a bright future.
** Jones on Malcolm Thomas
I thought he had a really good week. You know, maybe consistently, I mean, one of our most consistent players, which is good. You know, once again, we talked to him about, “Hey, you know, been to three summer leagues now, you know, and it’s, you need to be that guy and have a great week.” And I really thought he stepped up and did that for us, and really at times when we may have struggled a little bit, he gave us some big baskets.

** Dante Exum on what he learned the most from summer league
I think it’s just to enter the game playing slow. When you’re overthinking and trying to play too rushed, it’s gonna, you’re just gonna make bad decisions. So it’s just about getting into the paint, making the right decision and playing slow and thinking the game through.
** Exum on how different the competition in the summer league was from what he’s used to
Yeah, like, the last games I played was high school games, and you know, I’m one of the bigger guys out there, that can push guys around. And here, I get into the paint and I’m getting knocked over. So yeah, that’s definitely just one of the biggest [differences].
** Exum on which aspects of his game he needs to improve on
Yeah, I think, just my shooting. I came in the game and was just rushing the shots. I had a couple wide open, and instead of getting my feet set and trying to take the shot, it was just thinking about the end result. So, it’s just about getting used to it, and being able to knock down open shots. But you know, it’s just, talking about the pace and playing with pace, and learning how to control the tempo of the game. So, I’m starting to adjust to that a bit more. (Utah Jazz)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Brent Barry: Rudy Gobert, hard to deal with not only because he’s so wide, but so long.
** Barry: Malcolm Thomas is showing some nice things. Very active down low.
** Rick Kamla: Murphy wanted to go down low to Gobert. Too much traffic.
** Kamla: Brackins tried to feed McCollum, but put it a little bit too far out in front of him.

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