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Vegas Summer League Game 4: Utah Jazz vs. San Antonio Spurs

July 18, 2014

dante air

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder, asked if he’s seen growth and development in the last few weeks (UDQM)
For sure, I mean, I think that’s, we’ve approached it that way, where we wanted these two, three weeks to be about that. And you know, our staff has done a great job kinda pulling that out of ’em here, while we’re in Vegas. I felt like we got to, got a lot done in the practices before we left. I was excited for them to get a chance to kinda feel me and what that was going to be like. And then, the games helped us as well.
** Snyder on what is “playing with the pass”
Just the idea, you know, the ball moves. I think, you know, if you run 100 feet and I pass 100 feet, I’m gonna win. You know, the ball moves faster than people’s feet, and when you play with the pass, hopefully it keeps the defense guessing and on the move.
** Snyder, asked whether he knew Rodney Hood could put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim
I think Rodney’s, you know, more ball-skilled, maybe, at least than I thought. That’s probably my fault for not watching as much, you know? Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] told me that.
Rodney said he was not asked about his mid-range or ball-handling one time.
Interesting. Well, we’re glad we have him, and I think, you know, he’s got a great feel for the game and is capable of putting the ball on the deck and obviously, his mid-range game showed tonight.
** Snyder on what it’s been like observing rather than coaching summer league games
I had the team for all the practices, and that to me was more important than the coaching of the games. And you know, [with] Brad [Jones]’s experience, I knew he was gonna handle all that. You know, obviously, he did a terrific job. You know, you saw the team. I’ve let go, got out of the way. They were probably all grateful for that at some point. I never felt I’d be, like, you know, a backseat coach. But they, you know, our staff, Brad in particular, did a really good job, you know, helping these guys, looking at video, trying to help them get better throughout the tournament.

q b2This edition of “Who wore it best? (Quin’s Deep V)” is again brought to you @Mac_Jazz.

** Trey Burke on his relationship with Quin Snyder
It’s been great, man. Coach Snyder, he sees our mistakes. He shows ’em to us, but he lets us play through ’em and tells us what we’re doing wrong. So, as a player you want that from your coach. You know, you just wanna continue to grow through your mistakes.
** Burke on playing in the summer league
I think, playing in the summer league, you know, a lot of people ask why I was playing, but I think it’s gon help me out, and you know, every time I have an opportunity to play against, you know, NBA talent, I’m gonna take that opportunity.
** Burke on being a leader on the floor
I definitely think [guys like Rudy Gobert and Dante Exum], their ears are open, you know, when I have instruction. You know, that’s my job, is to lead them on the court, you know, hit them in their spots. Set them up where they’re best at. You know, I think I can continue to grow, you know, learning this new offense. I can do a better job at doing so, but I think we’re on the right path.
** Dante Exum on having the ball in his hands
I just want to get the ball in my hands as much as possible. I didn’t get it a lot in my hands throughout these last couple games, and, yeah…Coach’s system, like, it’s open, but you know, it has been so many times that I just got away from the ball and let Trey take it, but, yeah, so.
** Rodney Hood on playing in an offense that is not predominantly iso
It’s fun like that, you know, especially for guys, you know, who are, like, role players, you know, like myself, you know, get a chance to touch the ball. You know, on the other end, it makes you that much more engaged when you get to touch the ball, and you know, playing with unselfish guys, that’s even mo–, that what make the system works. Guys moving the ball and sharing it. (Utah Jazz, Tim Montemayor)


Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Rudy Gobert “Rudy Go-Go Gobert”: Vince Cellini
** Exum is leaving for Australia on Sunday.

And for those of you that couldn’t make a decision on who wore it best, here’s another look:

q b1

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