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Vegas Summer League Game 3: Utah Jazz vs. Denver Nuggets

July 16, 2014

The Jazz are going to the [Vegas Summer League] playoffs!

Post-Game Quotage
** Quin Snyder on the Jazz’s defensive effort
Well, I thought we came out, we weren’t quite as aggressive and physical as we’ve been. It’s something we actually talked about, just kind of replicating even in summer league how we’re trying to play. But we responded. You know, I thought our bench gave us really a good lift, particularly Ian [Clark] coming in and just kind of picking up the energy.
** Snyder on how much of a difference Rudy Gobert makes defensively
You know, he protects the rim, obviously. I think our, you can begin to rely on him too much, and I thought that showed up today. I didn’t think we were as aggressive in the pick and roll defense. But we did get back. You know, I think that we didn’t give ’em any easy baskets.

jerry game 3

** Trey Burke on missing Rudy Gobert
It was different because he, you know, he’s seven foot and he’s in the way down there, you know? And you know, on the offensive end, you know, you have to guard him ’cause he can finish. He’s getting much better. So without, with him not playing, I feel like, you know, we kinda got up and down the floor a little better, but at the same time we didn’t have that presence under the rim that, you know, we have with him.
** Burke, asked if he feels he’s a better regular season player than summer league player
I mean, I don’t know. You know, I think summer league is kinda, you know, it’s not as structured as the regular season. You know, in the regular season, I’m a little more comfortable if that’s what you’re asking me. You know, out here it’s kinda like, s–I wouldn’t say it’s like an open gym, but…it’s different because you know, everybody’s playing so hard. It’s like you’re playing 100 miles per hour, and you’re not really, it’s not as relaxed as a regular season game. So for me, I’m just trying to, you know, make the right decisions, not trying to do too much.
** Burke on whether he’s surprised by the success the Jazz have had in implementing a new system
Not really, because we’re moving the ball. You know, I think that’s, coach Snyder, he’s doing a really good job of, you know, showing us film and showing us how we’re successful, and that’s from moving the ball. You know, when we get out in transition, and you know, play with the pass–[that’s] what he calls it–you know, I think that’s when we’re really good and everybody can kinda showcase their talent. So, I’m not too surprised about, you know, this type of success we had.
** Malcolm Thomas on Quin Snyder’s system
Guys like me, Erik Murphy, and all the other big guys, it’s a good system for us, ’cause we can just, you know, roll, half roll, make passes, you know, and it’s just a system that fits us, and I like it. (Utah Jazz, @prodigyjf)

Random Stuff, etc.
** The Jazz have signed Trevor Booker to a two-year deal.
** Dante Exum on experiencing his first earthquake in L.A. in March
I was just sitting watching Netflix, and just the whole building starts to shake, and I was freaking out. I thought it was spirits.
Yeah, like, ghosts. And then everything started shaking, so I jumped up on my bed, and, like, I just froze for a second. I didn’t know what to do. And then my TV was about to fall, so I grabbed that…And then your heart’s just beating after that.
** Rodney Hood on the $50,000 watch he borrowed for the draft
Yeah, I was nervous. You know, me, you know, I’m not a jewelry type of guy. I don’t wear watches. But you know, [other guys in the draft] said to [borrow a watch] for the draft, and when I did it, you know, every single second, you know, when I was shaking people hands, I was looking sure every diamond was there. (TrueHoop TV)

Signs Your Team is Young
** Your 21-year-old point guard [Burke] who is three months removed from his rookie season is talking about being “that leader” and “the voice on the court, you know, for the young guys.”
** Your just-turned-23-year-old captain [Derrick Favors] addresses his just-turned-22-year-old teammate as “young fella.”

fav tweet

** Your new 26-year-old player [Booker] says he’s looking forward to being “a leader as an older guy.” (CSN Washington)

Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Vince Cellini on Malcolm Thomas: He’s tough inside. He sticks his nose in there.
** George Karl on the coaching aspirations of his son, Coby: He knows that if he tries it with me, he’s at the bottom.
** Cellini: Rodney Hood, just couldn’t get up.
Mateen Cleaves: Good try. Good try.
Cellini: Love the idea.
** Cleaves on Dante Exum sucking air: That’s something I always tell young players. Don’t grab your shorts. Gotta have a poker face. You gotta fake it.
** Cleaves: David Lighty with the nice tip.
** Quin Snyder: When Rudy’s back there, whether it’s consciously or not, you know, people kinda think, you know, you can make a mistake and he’ll clean it up.

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