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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 7/12

July 14, 2014
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Any regret that you’re paying Gordon Hayward more now than if you’d been able to come to terms last summer?
You always review things, but at the end of the day, we knew it was going to be a big allotment. And look, Gordon’s a restricted free agent, and he tested the market, and he did very well. But again, relative to our salary cap structure, it will not do anything to impede our ability to keep our team together and continue to build. …

Again, we got out ahead of the rebuild by a year. We decided to go extremely young, and again, it was in anticipation of signings that were larger signings, and offer sheets that were larger offer sheets, and so, we’ll stand by those decisions and own ’em, and we’re very comfortable with where we’re at as a team right now.

Is Hayward worth this contract, and do you believe he is ready to live up to the expectations that come with the contract?
A couple things. All ships raise with a rising tide. And so, the NBA is doing very well. The collective bargaining agreement is a strong one for teams and players. The cap has moved up. And so, the amount that Gordon signed isn’t the, proportionally the same as it was seven years ago. So again, we’ll continue to be able to build our team, keep our team together as our young players improve and as they justify extensions.

Relative to Gordon and the dollars, look, we’re very comfortable with who he is. We’re very comfortable at the age that he’s at. He just underwent a physical. He’s got pristine health. So, 24, versatile, athletic, compliant, hard-working.

It just sounds like a natural fit for the Utah Jazz, and it’s not like we had to go out and visit with other free agents to know who Gordon was. And we’ve said all along that we wanted to keep him.

On restricted free agency and players flirting with other teams
It’s familiar to me. I wasn’t my wife’s first choice either. So yeah, you know, things happen.

Seats at the “decision-making table”
Now that Gordon, the commitment that we made to him, the one thing that we talked about is, you know, he’s gonna have a key seat at the decision-making table. You know, we’re going to include Derrick [Favors] and Gordon about the things that we’re gonna do going forward, whether it’s style of play or who we add to the team going forward.

On Marvin Williams signing with the Charlotte Hornets
We’re just ecstatic for Marvin. He, in so many ways, the last two years, led our group. He kept a very young group together. Look, it’s difficult when you’re 28 years old to hear from ownership and management that there was going to be a rebuild, but not only did we do that, we re-positioned Marvin from a “three” to a “four.” And I think that’s been good for his career.

I think Marvin appreciated that. And he’s grown very close with several of us on staff. In particular, our medical staff as well. And we hope we’ve been a positive in his career, and Marvin and I’s last conversation is, “Hey, things come full circle,” and the way he comported himself, we can see him back in Utah as a player. And certainly he has the intelligence and the makeup to be in management or as a coach. …

We were thrilled that he got a good contract with a good team.

Did you make Marvin an offer?

Yeah, no comment. (Utah Jazz)



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