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Bits from Summer League Training Camp, 7/9: Rudy Gobert, Rodney Hood and Quin Snyder

July 10, 2014
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** How’s the appendix?
It’s gone. It’s gone, so I feel good.
** First impression of the new coaching staff?
Great. I really like the new coach philosophy, the way he want us to play defense, and the way he want us to move the ball. So, I think it gonna be great.
Do you feel like Quin Snyder can help your game?
Of course. He already helping me, and he put me in confidence. So, that’s great for me.
How has he helped you?
Just tell me to play simple, and he communicate. I like to communicate, so talk to me, and I just learn.
** From what you’ve seen, do you think Snyder’s system will benefit your game?
Yeah. Yeah, I think that would be better, because I play with less pressure. And we just play, you know, every team plays with freedom, always better. So I think it’ll be good.
Did you feel like you were under pressure and didn’t have that freedom last year?
I was, yeah, I was really under pressure. Little bit more. And I was a rookie, so that was even harder.
** Have you talked to Gordon Hayward at all?
Just talked about the French national team. We didn’t talk about basketball.
** Are you bigger? You look bigger.
Yeah, I’m bigger.
How much more do you weigh?
I got, like, 10 pounds, but I just lost five because [of the appendectomy], so I’m, like, 245 right now.
You look taller.
No, I’m just bigger.


** Quin Snyder said you looked a little tentative on the first day and he talked to you. What did he say?
Just be more aggressive. You know, not to try to ease my way in. You know, he know I can play. Everybody know I can play. Just go out there and be more aggressive. And today, I did that. You know, I was handling the ball more. You know, I wasn’t giving it up and just running. I was handling the ball more and getting to the basket, things like that.
** What has the coaching staff been emphasizing? Defense? Shooting?
They actually been surprised by my defensive ability. You know, the thing with me is making it consistent. And you know, I been, you know, playing on a NBA level, I think I can get more steals…just making read. You know, sometime I might gamble too much but at the same time, they like the effort I’m putting up.
** What do you like about this offense for your game?
‘Cause it’s space. You know, ‘specially when you got guys like Trey [Burke] and Dante [Exum], who’s able to get into the lane and make things happen…Just do my job, knock down shot.
** What has been Trey Burke’s role in these practices?
He’s pretty much been the leader. You know, he’s been out there, going first in all the drills, teaching us, showing us different things about the NBA game. So he’s been really good for us…You can sort of tell from guys, see if they got that quality. He has that quality to be a really good leader.

** Do you have any comment on the Gordon Hayward offer sheet?
It’s probably not the right time for me to react to any of that…At this point, you know, it’s probably best for me to talk about the guys that are on the floor right now.
** On Trey Burke’s leadership
One of the things as you see him out here is he’s verbal. I think he’s getting more verbal, which will help his ability to lead. But he’s definitely got a presence.
** What have you seen from Rodney Hood?
He was a little tentative yesterday, which is natural. And I kinda gave him, ribbed him a little bit this morning in front of the group when we were putting in a few little plays. You know, and I, he responded. He came out and shot the ball. I, at this point, I’d rather have him, you know, miss a tough shot than pass something up.
** Is there one thing that you just want to put your stamp and let these guys know what is up?
Since I’ve gotten here and even before I arrived here, one of the things, the themes that you hear is accountability…We all, you know, as human beings, we have a level on our own, and then someone encourages us, pushes us, challenges us, hopefully we can raise our level. So that’s something we wanna start doing right now.
** What have you seen from Dante Exum?
The thing that I’ve enjoyed seeing, and that we were giving him a hard time, when he was playing in Australia–not with his national team, ’cause he competes with his national team and is in the stance–but it’s good to see him against better competition and be in the stance and really focus on defense and play a passing lane. And I think that’s where some of his speed, he’s figuring out how to use it with the ball, or excuse me, without the ball on the defensive end, and dishing on the offensive end.
** On how the summer league gives the coaching staff the chance to get used to each other and work together
When I came to Atlanta last year, you know, I coached the summer league team. You know, [Mike] Bud[enholzer] wasn’t around as much as I am right now. Its h–you know, I tell Brad [Jones] it’s, you know, I apologize ahead, in advance when I jump on the floor and try to say something. But we’re a young team, and I think all the teaching and things that we can get right now is important. We’ll spend a lot of time meeting, you know, preparing practice as a group, because I think each minute we have with them right now can be impactful. (KALL)

** Kyrylo Fesenko, windmill dunk at the Minnesota Timberwolves’ open scrimmage (original video via @BCookMN):


** More from the T-Wolves scrimmage. Fes, throwing his wristbands into the crowd while the rich folk in the front row give him a nice, polite golf clap (via @JBHoopsFan):


** Jazzmen, watching the World Cup (via @utahjazz):


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  1. July 10, 2014 11:02 pm

    I loved this. Thanks for all your work Moni :)

  2. Alexandria VA permalink
    July 11, 2014 7:51 am

    Invaluable. Thanks!

    • July 11, 2014 8:03 am

      Thanks for reading! Glad to see you’re still alive! :)

      • Alexandria VA permalink
        July 15, 2014 4:33 am

        I come up for air every once and a while. <–Also, I just spent 30 seconds wondering if I should reword this knowing where your mind goes.

        • July 15, 2014 6:11 am

          That got a real lol from me :D :D :D

          Anyway, come up for air more often. We miss your Photoshops!

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          July 15, 2014 6:31 am

          Will do. Just waiting for the right idea. Wait a minute . . . “Quindergarten Cop”! Nailed it.

          ;) I’m back, baby!

        • July 15, 2014 7:40 am

          Still got the magic after all this time! :)


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