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Off-season Odds and Ends

July 1, 2014

One. Dante Exum growing up story:

When I was really young, me and my brother used to play [pickup games], and he was always two years older than me, so he always used to beat me.

I would always cry, and run into the house and tell my mum and dad. And you know, and they said, “One day, you’ll beat him.” But with my dad, it’s, I finally beat him a couple of years back, and we haven’t played since. But you know, I always say, “You’re only as good as your last game,” and that’s what I’m gonna hold on to.

Remind you of anything?

John Stockton growing up story:

As for my brother Steve and I, we competed const–I competed constantly. I think that, I’m four years younger than him, and it was never very difficult for him to beat me…

I remember coming in crying a couple of times, and my mom wouldn’t even stop washing the dish. She’d just say, “Well, if he’s too big, don’t play with him.” And then I’d run out in the living room and see if dad would do the same thing, and he’d say, “Don’t go play with those big kids if they’re too tough for you.” And a few minutes later, I was out there pestering them again, trying to play. …

My brother Steve boasted a record of about 1000-1 in bloody driveway battles. And that victory, though, ended all the games, so that’s my one claim to fame with Steve.

Two. Wow. So style. Much approve. Amaze. (via @utahjazz):


Three. Quin Snyder and Dennis Lindsey, Bromance Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines:

Snyder: Dennis and his staff are so good. You know, they wanted my input.

Lindsey: Frankly, Quin’s input was huge. Quin waited about a week. I thought I hired a mute for awhile.

Four. Dante Exum, asked what Americans are missing:

Tim Tams. You guys need some Tim Tams, though. No, I brought over some Tim Tams, but those are all for me. But yeah, Tim Tams are the greatest thing that’s ever created.

I concur. Especially dark chocolate mint. Om nom nom.

Five. Rodney Hood on playing AAU basketball against Derrick Favors when Favors was a senior and he was in ninth grade:

He probably doesn’t remember, but I do…He was taller than everybody, you know, and dunking everything.

Will he be dunking on you in practice now?

Nah, I probably can catch him now.

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