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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 6/25

June 26, 2014
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Take us behind the curtain on the Jazz’s draft preparations.
Well, let me paint a picture for you. Just walked out of our video room, where everyone is huddled in there still watching video. The temperature in the video room is probably about a nice 60, maybe 63 degrees.

I think we keep it nice and cold in there. It’s like a meat locker, I think to keep us all awake, ’cause of the amount of video that’s been watched over not only the week, the last week, but the last number of months, in just regurgitating all of the video and really fine-tuning and having s–continuing our discussions.

But there is a real buzz, there’s real excitement. We literally have our whole team in town, from discussing, talking, analyzing, and it’s been very gratifying for me to watch the process and see how, the feedback and input that is given, and the respect that is given, from the top to the bottom, of people weighing in on, as we kinda fine-tune our decisions.

** The Jazz front office had Olive Garden delivered for lunch.

On player development and the coaching staff
These are some very, very good young players [in the draft] who have a lot of talent, but they also have their deficiencies. They have some areas that we are going to need to k–be a little patient with, that we’re gonna have to help ’em grow up and develop.

And that’s why I’m also very excited that we have a new coaching staff that has extreme amount of talent and ability to really, I think, help us develop this young team, and mold this team to take us where we all want to go.

Talk about the discussions that go on about making a move or not making one.
For our fans, they oughta be interested to know, there’s probably about hundreds of conversations that even start floating out the idea that, you know, that those odds are one in a thousand.

And then, when you even start looking at something in a more serious nature, and start having more dialogue, and again, you’re looking at, there’s a lot of factors that can come into play, and people are cautious not to want to show their whole hand and still look at and keep it in generalities. And in those cases, it then is, it’s now, you’ve moved up to maybe there’s a 5 percent chance of something happen.

Further dialogue, further discussions moves it down to maybe you could get to 10, 15 percent. And, but at the same time, you gotta keep in mind, while dialogues are going on with one another, there mi—they may be having dialogues with two or three other teams, as you’ll have be having also other dialogues going on.

And so, it is a very dynamic process, and a lot of moving parts, a lot of factors that come into play, and that’s what makes the odds of many of these things that people hear rumors out there happening.

Or in many cases you might have agents that are, all of a sudden, floating out to the marketplace that these dialogues are happening, that in reality are not happening, but they’re trying to create a market to happen, for the good of their client, and, or, in trying to plant a seed out there.

So, there’s a lot of gamesmanship, there’s a lot of moving parts, as you look at, really, what happens before a trade or a deal is consummated.

How much do you guys weigh whether or not you get a feeling that a player wants to be in Utah long term when you draft him initially?
Well, that’s part of our process…There’s a lot of young men, unfortunately, that come with some real baggage and some real challenges, and we’ve flagged ’em. And we’ll say, “You know what? There’re some concerns there.”

You have to look at people not only from their physical well-being, but also their mental well-being and their social well-being, and, to, really, as you analyze ’em, because all of those areas can come back to bite you.

And we wanna make sure that, as I said earlier, that the players that we’re looking at, then, have, are Jazz fiber, have the Jazz character, and, because we’re gonna invest a lot in them, and we want them to be excited about that investment as well.

What is the Jazz’s greatest need right now?
Well, you know, I think one of the areas that we’ve constantly looked at is that we wanna continue to strengthen our wing area. That’s one of the areas that we, we’re looking at and meaning to continue to strengthen that area.

You know, we have a number of needs, that, you know, Walt [Perrin], and, I know Dennis [Lindsey] has talked about. But I think the wing position is the one for me that is probably the most glaring that I, that we look at in trying to strengthen. So, that would be the, you know, in that area. The “two,” the “three” position. Even the “three”-“four” position, depending on how we play.

It’s gonna be fun, by the way, to see how, we’re gonna see, and I think Jazz fans are gonna be excited. They’re gonna see a different style of Jazz basketball than what they’ve seen for many years, with Quin Snyder and our coaching staff. And so, it’ll be interesting.

I’m excited to see how, even our existing players, the Gordon Haywards, the, you know, Derrick Favors, the Jeremy Evans, Trey Burks*, respond and play into this, into a different style of Jazz basketball for this coming year. And hopefully, maybe that’s gonna help them in their talent and their performance.

* People calling Trey Burke “Trey Burks”: Randy Rigby.

Randy Rigby, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** On the Jazz’s draft preparations: We really know where things are going, where we’re at, how we feel about these players, how we feel and how we sense things could go. I think we’ve really done our homework to be prepared, for any type of, for maybe the public-perceived unusual actions, but we think we’ve anticipated everything that could go in different directions, and we’re ready.
** On the Jazz’s draft preparations: Our guys have done all the homework, of knowing kind of the holes, in many cases, in other teams, lineups, and where their needs are. (1280)

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