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Bits from Jeff Hornacek Interview, 6/24

June 25, 2014
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On playing two point guards together
You know, I saw it just because I saw what Kevin Johnson and I did when we were here in Phoenix. You know, I was a point guard. He came in, and he was the fast, you know, a better penetrator,* and it moved me to the 2-spot where I could shoot the ball, but I could also make passes and plays.

So you know, when we, when Er–when we got Eric [Bledsoe], we kind of, I kind of thought the same thing. You know, Goran [Dragic] is a guy who can sh–really shoot the ball. He can also penetrate and handle the ball. So we figured with two guys out there doing it, we could push the ball up the court, get up and down.

You know, I think it might be hard if teams start to go that way, you know, ’cause we’re fortunate enough to have two really good guys at that position. If you have, you know, a shorter 2-guard who’s not as good as, you know, like a, the way Goran played, I’m not sure it would, you know, it could work, but maybe not to the level we have it. …

Goran’s got pretty decent size. He’s not 6-5, but he’s, you know, he’s about the same size I wa–I am, about 6-4, maybe. But you know, he’s special the way he can get to the basket.

And you know, we got the right-handed Bledsoe, the left-handed Dragic, which allows us to do certain things from certain sides of the court, and still have those guys go to their strong hand. So you know, it’s maybe something te–we still didn’t make the playoffs, but you know, we won 48 games and we improved, and you know, we think those two guards will really lead us.

* UDQM, H/T @Mac_Jazz.

Have you talked to John Stockton? Does he have any interest in coaching?
I did talk to John. His daughter was out here playing in a basketball tournament, and it was right in the beginning of the [Jazz’s coaching search]. And I’d asked him if they’ve, you know, talked to him yet, and at that point, they had not. And he was kinda, “Maybe. You know, I might consider it.”

You know, I think he’s also in that stage where, you know, he’s got a couple more kids that he wants to see them finish growing up and maybe get into it after that. But I, you know, I think he’d definitely be a great coach, and will probably get to it at some point.

Was your first year as a head coach easier, harder, or as you expected?
Probably as expected. You know, being an assistant coach under Tyrone [Corbin], you know, Tyrone, you know, really kinda showed us how to be that head coach and all the stuff that comes with it. And he did a great job of talking with us and you know, kinda showing us what to expect as a head coach. And so, I was prepared, you know, to go through all the stuff that you ha–you need to.

It was probably a little more on the front of, you know, handling media stuff, talking with season ticket holders, you know, that kind of stuff, you know, off the court stuff was probably more than I expected.

But you know, on the court, it’s kinda what you expect. You know, as a player, you go out there. You play. There’s obviously a lot more, you know, as a player you get to go home after practices. A coach, you’re here ’til five o’clock, you know, watching the next game or the next tape and trying to figure out the next thing.

So, it was fun. You know, we had a good group of guys who really responded, and you know, at least tried to do most of the stuff we were asking ’em to do. So, it was a good year. (1280)

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