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Walt Perrin talks draft prospects

June 24, 2014
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** Joel Embiid — C, Kansas
Well, we’re gonna try, again, try to get the doctor’s report, if we can, get it from the agent. If we get it and the reports are good, he probably still won’t be there at five.

If the reports are bad, then, if we think he’s still the best player and we wanna take a chance, we’ll have to talk about it, talk about it with management, with ownership, and then decide what we wanna do.

** Julius Randle — PF, Kentucky (Jazz draft workout interview)
Oh, he’s a beast inside. He’s really physical, strong, as I, as we’ve talked about. He’s pretty athletic and he’s in attack mode all the time once he gets the ball…He’s probably a little bit more athletic than Zach [Randolph]. Zach’s probably got a little bit better shooting touch…

He’s got a NBA-ready body. I mean, we can make it a little bit better once he comes into the league. I think he can get a little toner, leaner. And probably, you know, even though he is strong, he can get a lot stronger…I don’t think we’re overly concerned about his foot.

** Jabari Parker — SF/PF, Duke
Out of the players in this year’s draft, especially those in the lottery, he’s probably the most ready to step in and play major minutes in the NBA next year. He’s very aggressive. He’s, again, he’s an attack-type player at his position.

He’s an inside-outside player. He can post up; he can step out and shoot the college three and I think in time he’ll be able to shoot the NBA three quite regularly. He’s a very smart player.

He’s been a winner wherever he’s been. He won four straight state championships, high school states championships in Chi–in Illinois, which is a major feat. It’s never been done before. So, he, and again, going to Duke, which is a outstanding program. He’s been, always been a winner.

** Andrew Wiggins — SF, Kansas
I’ve probably seen Andrew more than anybody else in this dra–oh, excuse me, let me change that. Not more, but sooner. I’m able, we’re able to go to the Global Challenge in the summer, which is an event run by Nike that brings, it has five U.S. teams and then, oh, excuse me, it has three U.S. teams and then bro–brings five foreign teams over, and it’s under 18 years old.

Andrew was playing when he was a freshman in high school. So I was able to see him then, and the first time I saw him, I saw the athleticism. He didn’t play a lot, again, because he was a young kid coming from Canada and they had a pretty good team. But you see the athleticism, and at that time, you say, “Whoa. We’ve gotta keep an eye on this kid for the next three, four years, because he could be something special.” …

At his age level, he’s been either the first or second best player at his age level whenever he’s played. So, going to Kansas, I think the expectations were extremely high. He had another player on that team in Joel Embiid, who was pretty good. So, I think he wanted to fit in more as a teammate and didn’t show the aggressiveness at times. He didn’t show the focus at times. But I think he can become a better NBA player.

** Noah Vonleh — PF, Indiana (Jazz draft workout interview)
He’s 6-10. He’s got extremely long arms. He can handle the ball for a guy his size, and he has the ability to step out and shoot a jump shot. Most people, or most teams in the league are looking for bigs that can shoot outside, stretch the floor a little bit, and he’s got that ability.

In high school, he played mainly facing the basket. At Indiana, they moved him to the, with the back to the basket along the blo–box, and he was able to improve his post, or, excuse me, his post-up game. So now, he’s got the inside-outside game, so that’s why his stock is kinda rising…

He was one of the few guys we brought in at the fifth pick that was able to go, his agent allowed him to go with a three-on-three workout. So, we were impressed with a lot of things he was able to do. He was able to show us some things that you can’t show in a one-on-one workout…He’s got the second biggest hands in the history of the NBA combine.*

* Behind Greg Smith. Also, they’ve only been measuring hand width since 2010.

** Marcus Smart — PG, Oklahoma State
He played a little bit of point guard and he wanted to go back [to school for another year] to improve his point guard skills. He also wanted to go back to help his team, hopefully, win a national title. They had a pretty good team until their center got hurt and got lost for the year.

So, I think he improved his stock a little bit. I think he’s still probably gonna be drafted about the same range he was last year, but the extra year is gonna help him…

Previous to that tweet, I had probably talked with his agent maybe three times about trying to get him in for a workout, and they kept holding me off, holding me off. So, I talked to his agent the night of the tweet, and he said, “Listen. Marcus, that’s not how Marcus thinks.”

Marcus knows that we have an interest in him. We have tried to get him in. It’s just misfortune that the tweet went out. It was quickly deleted. But he said, “If you guys draft Marcus, he would have no problems coming to Utah.”

** Aaron Gordon — PF, Arizona (Jazz draft workout interview)
We love his athleticism. We love his te–he loves to be a team guy. We like that he hates to lose. He’s a very competitive player. He’s got probably a quicker second jump than most people have, in terms of their first jump.

He loves to play defense. He likes, he can, and we think he can play two or three different positions defensively. We just like his athleticism and his enthusiasm about playing.

** C.J. Wilcox — SG, Washington (Jazz draft workout interview)
We’ve been watching C.J., again, for two years, since he was a senior. We had him in for a workout. He is a very good shooter. He struggled a little bit last year because of a foot injury, leg injury. He came back and had a really good senior year.

Very, pretty good athlete. Again, a really good 3-point shooter. Moves well without the ball, comes off screens, can catch and shoot, can spot up and shoot, and does have the ability to put the ball on the floor to get to the basket once in a while.

** Cleanthony Early — SF/PF, Witchita State (Jazz draft workout interview)
He played more power forward [at Witchita State], at his, at that level. He’s only 6-8, so you know, you gotta look at it and see, can he covert to a “three”? And that’s one of the toughest spots to convert to, as a “four” in college, now can you be converted to a three on the perimeter? The other one is trying to convert from a shooting guard to a point guard in the NBA.

So, that’s something that teams have to figure out, is he gonna be able to be a three? He does shoot the ball extremely well from three, so that helps him a little bit. He is a little bit older than most of the other guys, again, because he’s a senior, just like C.J. is. Whether it hurts them or not, I don’t think so, but he’s a guy that you would have to look at.

** James Young — SG/SF, Kentucky
He’s a very good athlete. Quick jumper, can get up and down the court, and he is a really a good shooter. I mean, he can shoot it off the the catch; he can shoot it off, coming off down screens; he can shoot it even off the dribble.

So, I don’t know if he’s gonna be there at [No.] 23. I think he can be gone before us. But he’s a guy that you would have to look at, again, have to look at, because of his shooting ability and his athleticism, if he ever comes to 23.

** Davion Berry — SG, Weber State (Jazz draft workout interview)
With Davion, I didn’t get a chance to see him play. We have a lot of guys here in Salt Lake who had a chance to see Weber State play. What I got a chance to see pl–see him do when he came into the workout was we played him at point guard. And I think he played more shooting guard up at Weber State, so we got an opportunity to see how well he handled the ball, how well in a three-on-three situation he was able to organize and make passes.

I think with him, depending on what route he might want to take, summer league is a route, getting on with a team for summer league. I do, don’t, do not think he’s gonna get drafted.

But summer league route if he gets with the right situation, with the right team, he might be able to get back into vet camp and maybe make a team. If he can’t make a team, he’s got the option of either playing in the D-League or trying to find a situation overseas. (KSL)

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