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As told by the Utah Jazz: Did Michael Jordan push off?

June 23, 2014
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Push-off: Phrase that produces instant angst in the hearts of Utah Jazz fans, and Utah Jazz fans only.

John Stockton: Yes, he pushed. Would I have called it? Absolutely not. It was a good play on his part, heck of a shot.

Bryon Russell: Absolutely. Ask Howard that question too.

Howard Eisley: Yeah, uh yeah. He pushed off.

Greg Ostertag: Hell yeah, he pushed off. But you’re not gonna call that call, in that game, on that player, you know, in that situation. He made a great shot.

Jerry Sloan: I haven’t watched hardly any of [that game, except] Michael Jordan pushing Bryon away on the, when he was trying to defend him.

Randy Rigby on a presentation he gave to Charlotte’s management team: I said, “Let me start with a video.” And I actually showed him pushing off Bryon Russell, and hitting the shot…And I froze it right there, and my produ–Brad Pearson (?) did a great job of then, actually, showing a little smiley face and pointing to Michael. And then he zoomed in, because actually as you zoom in on the baseline on the third row, standing there is Randy Rigby with his son and two daughters with a big frown on my face.

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