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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: DeAndre Daniels and Julius Randle (and Marcus Smart talk)

June 19, 2014

snyder workoutFYI, I am very impressed with Quin Snyder’s sartorial style and how his clothes fit. Photo via @BenKFAN.


** All eight guys played pretty well and pushed through the fatigue. Some guys shot it well.
** Did Julius Randle shoot it well?
He shot it pretty well. Now, we had him shooting a little different than normal guys coming in. He was more into the 20-foot range instead of the 3-point range.
** On Julius Randle
First and foremost, he’s an absolute great kid. Great person. We had a great interview with him in Chicago. He has an extremely high motor as a basketball player. He’s a lot stronger than I think he even realizes. So I mean, he’s got a great upside…He’s gotta increase his shooting ability, hopefully shooting range. He’s strong, but everybody can always get stronger, and I think everybody that comes into the league has to learn how to play better defense…Do we have concern about his foot? No…He’s a very good rebounder. He’s very aggressive. He goes after every rebound, ev–rebound, missed shot, excuse me, whether it’s offensively or defensively.
** What are your thoughts on Marcus Smart’s tweet? Was what he said accurate?
I will say this. I’ve talked with Marcus’ agent probably three or four times before I talked to him the night of the tweet. So he knows that we have interest in Marcus. Whether the tweet was accurate or not, I have no idea. But we do have interest in Marcus. We have done a lot of background on Marcus. We have had our interview in Chicago with Marcus. We’ve watched a lot of tapes on Marcus. So, if we get guys in, that’s great. If we don’t get guys in for workouts, we’ve done our homework. We’ve seen ’em. And if we like ’em, then we’ll take ’em…Whatever the reason is that they don’t want him to come in, that’s on them.


** Losing count of how many teams he’s worked out for, but at least 10 with four more to go
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
I mean, it was pretty good. Kinda like every other workout. Started with a lot of ball-handling, a lotta shooting, and a lotta competing stuff. But I would say we probably did less here, but I would probably say it was my hardest one, ’cause it was definitely hard for me to breathe, because of the altitude or whatever. Definitely really tired, but it was a good workout.
** What are your biggest strengths?
I mean, I’m a player, can do whatever, whatever the coaches [ask], whatever they need me to do, I can do it. That’s rebound, that’s knock down sh–open shots in the corner, that’s just play defense. I’m willing to do it, 100 percent.
** What were you trying to show the Jazz?
I mean, just show ’em that, just show ’em the stuff that I wasn’t able to show when I was in college with me playing the “four.” So, just me, I can play on the, put the basketball on the ground. Obviously, I can shoot off the dribble, or, and I can defend the 3-guard.
** Did you follow the Jazz last season? Do you know much about the team?
Seen you guys play a lot. Young team, and you guys gonna be very good. Definitely with a great point guard in Trey Burks*…[I’d] love to come here and play here.
* People calling Trey Burke “Trey Burks”: DeAndre Daniels


** First time in Salt Lake City; likes the view of the mountains from his hotel room. Is not scared of snow.
** How did the workout go?
It went great. I feel good about it.
Altitude a problem at all, or anything like that?
No, it wasn’t too much, honestly. Got me a little bit in the beginning, but once I got my second wind, I was fine.
** On the reports that he’ll need surgery after the draft
Did my homework and spoke to the best foot doctor we have in the country, and there’s no issue with my foot. So, I mean, I got through five workouts. I’m good. Ready to go for summer league wherever I am…I don’t know anything about surgery.
Where did those reports come from?
I’m not sure. You know, it can be from anywhere. It’s just somewhat speculation with the draft, you know, around this time guys try to get spots and you know, cer–maybe certain teams want you to fall to them, and they can put it out there, but I can’t worry about that, you know? I’m a basketball player. All I know how to do is work, produce, and you know, play hard for my team, and care about the person next to me, and you know, that’s all I’m worried about.
** How do you see yourself fitting in with the Jazz?
They have a great new coach. You know, of course Jazz organization is tremendous. You know, you look up there and you see, you know, all the accomplishments*, and you know, all that, you know, the Jazz have done as an organization. I think I fit in that right away already, because I’m coming from a program like that. And you know, I think they’re great at, you know, developing. You know, they have so many young players and they’re doing a great job developing ’em. I’d be good with that as well.
* Like the NBA Finals participation banner, Western Conference Champions banner and Midwest Division Champion banners…
** What are your greatest strengths?
I think my versatility. I think my motor, for sure, is one of my strongest parts of my game too. You know, skillset and all of that stuff comes. You know, you can have a skillset, but what good of use, what good is it if you don’t really have a motor? You know, you [have to] bring it every day and try to improve on it every day, and I think that’s one of my biggest strengths, you know? I’m hungry. Hungry to get better.
** How do you think your basketball skills will fit in with the guys on the Jazz’s roster?
I think it fits in well. You know, I’m a very versatile player, so I can play many different ways, and adjust to many different situations. So I think my skillset, being versatile, being able to affect the game in many different ways and help a team win in many different ways, would be good, would be a good fit here.

Other players that worked out for the Jazz with no interviews made available: Mike Burwell, Langston Hall, Jordan McRae, Casey Prather, Tristan Spurlock and Kendall Williams.

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