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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Kyle Anderson, Melvin Johnson III, Tyler Stone and Davon Usher

June 15, 2014
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** What position would Kyle Anderson be in the NBA?
He’s a player, and, he’s, might’ve been the toughest guy since I’ve been here, trying to figure out, okay, who should I play him against in the workout, or try to get in to play against him in the workout. So, because he’s such a unique player. I mean, he handles the ball like a point guard. He passes the ball like a point guard. He’s got length like a power forward. So, it was a, it’s a tough one to try to match him up.
Can he defend point guards?
No. No, he can’t defend points…He would be a player that would be a ball-handler on the offensive end, and on the defensive end you’d have to switch or rotate matchups. So, yeah. You know, but, and I, you know, I hate to compare him to this player, this person, but in terms of the way he play, and he’s nowhere near ye–this guy, okay, so don’t quote me on this one. But I mean, he’s like a Magic Johnson. I mean, ’cause he’s 6-9, he can handle the ball, he can pass the ball, but he’s, can’t guard anybody at the position that he would play offensively. So, he’s a unique player.


** How did the workout go?
It went very well. I enjoyed the workout today. You know, the staff put us through some tough drills. You know, we got to compete, go at it. We had a bunch of guys that were competitive, so I enjoyed it.
** What position would you play in the NBA?
Not sure. I’m not sure what position. You know, I think I could play a lot of different positions, which, you know, which helps me, it’s to my advantage. So you know, I’m not sure. I think it solely relies on whatever team I go to and where they see me playing. So, I think I can play many different positions, but we’ll see.
** What are your biggest strengths?
I think my ability to pass the ball is my biggest strength. I think, you know, my gift to find the open man or maybe advance the ball up the floor with, you know, one simple, a hockey assist, I think it’s, that’s my best, you know, attribute.
** Can you defend at the NBA level?
Yes, sir. I think I’ve, you know, I play the game with my mind, not only on the offensive end, but defense end as well. I think I have long arms. Of course, I have slow feet, but I think that’ll continue to get faster, and you know, I have long arms. So I can con–get to contest shots, and as I grow older in this league, I think I’ll be able to defend fours.
** On his “Slow-Mo” nickname
It’s all fun with the fans. It’s a great nickname. I embrace it. I guess I get it from my methodical way of playing. You know, I don’t really think I’m slow, so I don’t really, you know, look at it as a negative nickname. I enjoy it. You know, the people love it. My friends love it, so I get a kick out of it.


** Last workout was with the Bucks; next workout is with the Kings
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
It was a really good workout. I’m glad they c–let me come up here and work out with ’em. It’s really an honor. Man, altitude kinda got to me a little bit, but after awhile I kinda got used to it. So, it was a really good workout.
** What position would you play in the NBA?
I play shooting guard, through, ever since I been a boy, but man, I can play, I been playing PG the last year and a half. So, kinda point guard, shooting guard. I’m only 6-6, so gotta do a little point guard a little bit, so wanna get better at that.
** What are your strengths? What can you bring to an NBA team?
Competitiveness, hard work and potential. I feel like I’m talented, but you know I’m saying, I got kind of a long way to go as far as the NBA-wise. But I do feel like I have enough potential and the work ethic to get there where I need to be.


** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
It was a really, really good workout, but the altitude, I never experienced anything like it, you know? But I mean, it was good overall.
** Why did your stats improve year to year?
It’s off-season work, you know? After a season, you just gotta work year-round. You know, if you work all summer, you know, you’re gonna get better, you know, so the game of basketball’s always about hard work. You get out of it what you put into it.
** What were you trying to show the Jazz?
The type of player I am, it’s more of a fast-paced, high-energy thing. But with this altitude, it was kinda hard. But g–they probably want to see you just push through everything, you know, push through. So I was just trying to fight through, and show that I can remain resilient.


** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
This workout was a great experience. You know, the altitude is kinda harsh on your breathing, and with me having asthma it was kinda difficult, but I got through it and they were generous giving us breaks to catch our breaths. And I felt like I did a pretty good job.
** On pursuing his dream
It’s amazing. Yesterday, I was just sitting in my hotel room really manifesting about everything that’s been going on lately. I feel like I came a long way. I went to junior college, and to a HBCU, to a Division I team that went to the NCAA tournament. And I never pictured myself getting here. I always dreamed about it. I just never thought I’d have the chance, and now that the chance is approaching, I’m really excited and it’s very humbling.
** How would you fit in with the Jazz?
I just try to fit in myself as how Wesley Matthews did. He was a hard-working guy, came out undrafted. Defensive stopper; he can spot up and shoot the three. And I just feel like I can help ’em a lot, with the way they space the floor, pick and roll offense, and I’ll be open a lot to help them make some shots hopefully.

Other players that worked out for the Jazz with no interviews made available: Jeronne Maymon and Devin Oliver.

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