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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Jordan Adams, Jabari Brown, and Patric Young

June 13, 2014
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** Jordan Adams and Alec Brown* shot “pretty well”; Jabari Brown shot “fairly well.”
* People calling Alec Brown “Alex”: Walt Perrin
** Could you see drafting Patric Young with the 23rd or 35th pick?
It’s too early to say. We haven’t looked at 35 yet, w–as, I mean, in terms of we haven’t looked at it in the theater watching tapes yet.
** What do you like in Jordan Adams’ game?
He’s a really good shooter. Kinda knows how to play the game. Strong going to the basket. He can space the floor for you because he can shoot it. He needs a little bit, probably work on a little bit more on his ball-handling. And as most of the college guys coming out, defense.
** Dennis Lindsey was able to trade for Trey Burke last year because he knew what Minnesota wanted. How common is that, that you know what/who teams want?
For the most part, we have an idea. Do we know for sure? A lot of times, no, but we do have an idea of what teams ahead of us or behind us may be looking for. So, it’s a, Dennis will be talking with all the GMs. Justin [Zanik]’ll probably be talking with some GMs and some assistant GMs, and we’ll get a feel for who they like, who they think they will take. So, it’s–
Pretty friendly?
Yeah, I would say most GMs are pretty friendly. But I also say, you know, I always tell people this is the time of year when liars’ clubs open up.
** Is Noah Vonleh as out of shape as people are saying?
Haven’t heard anything on that one. I watched him in a workout. He didn’t look out of shape. Now, again, it was in Long Island and not Salt Lake, so.
Is there still a chance you might get him in?
I think we will.
Why is Dante Exum slipping?
Really? I hadn’t heard that one yet.
Any plans of bringing him in?
Still talking.


** Eighth workout; has four more scheduled
** Why did you feel this was the right time to enter the draft?
I thought that, in my two years at UCLA, I was productive on the offensive and defensive end. And you know, I wanted to take upon the challenge of coming out here and playing against some of the best players in the world.
** What did you show the Jazz today? / Comment on the altitude
You know, that I could play in the altitude. You know, most players get fatigued, but being at UCLA, we played against Utah and Colorado, so you know, I had experience with playing with it.
** Was there anything you couldn’t do or show in college?
Yeah, I didn’t have the ball that much in my hands. A lot of teams have been trying me, putting me in pick and roll sets, to try to see how comfortable I am with the ball. And I think I’m very comfortable. You know, I didn’t get to showcase that at UCLA because we had two primary ball-handlers already, so, but I think I’m doing pretty good at that.
** Do you think you’d fit in with the Jazz?
Yeah, hopefully. One of my long-term friends, Derrick Favors, is here with the team…[We played in the] same AAU program, Atlanta Celtics…He couldn’t make layups when he was 12. So, to see what he’s become now is actually amazing. Yeah, he’s came a long way.


** Ninth workout; has six more scheduled
** Comment on the altitude
It wasn’t as bad as Denver…Denver was worse. Yeah, Denver was rough, definitely.
** What did you know about the Utah Jazz organization before you got here?
A lot, you know? Stockton and Malone, Coach [Jerry] Sloan, you know, a lot of winning teams. So you know, it’s definitely a team I could see myself a part of.
** What did you try to showcase today?
I’m just tryna show all parts, you know? I’m a scorer, I can play defense better than people might think, and I’m a competitor, you know? I’m gonna be the hardest-working guy every time in the gym.


** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
I think it went pretty well. The altitude was something that’s pretty serious…It’s not anywhere else except Denver.
** Has not talked to Erik Murphy; Murphy is working out at P3
** Which aspects of your game are you working on?
I think just coming in with the mindset that, you know, teams need guys that are gonna be physical, who can play defense, and rebound, run the floor, be low maintenance, you know, not somebody they have to worry about off the court. Also, just whatever I’m asked of, just doing it without an attitude, just doing it happily and just being happy wherever I am. So I think I can do those things. Those are, you know, things I can’t control, so hopefully I stick to it and do it.
Where did you get that attitude? Where did that come from?
Well, the humility is something that’s big with my Christian faith. Just being a guy that’s always willing to serve, and put others before him. And I know that if I can make other people’s jobs easier by, you know, being low maintenance, not complaining, you know, just taking care of myself and being a pro, then I can just, you know, help us focus on the goal of winning and being great and getting better. So, and coach [Billy] Donovan’s also helped me with that as well, just, the importance of practice every single day, making sure we’re coming in with the right mindset, focused on the task at hand.
** Never played football, but played baseball (pitcher, right and left field, first base)

Other players that worked out for the Jazz with no interviews made available: T.J. Bray, Alec Brown and Chaz Williams.

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  1. Tony permalink
    June 13, 2014 11:29 pm

    Urrr. You know you have Jabari Brown and Patric Young mixed up, right? Am I missing a joke? :o


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