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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Cleanthony Early, Glenn Robinson III and C.J. Wilcox

June 12, 2014
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** One of the guys shot worse than everyone else, but for the most part guys shot well and didn’t have problems with the altitude.
** How did C.J. Wilcox shoot the ball?
C.J. Wilcox shot it very well today…He looked good on his shot.
** Cleanthony Early says he can play the “two” or the “three.” What do you think?
I think that depends on the team, with, how they see him. We see him as a guy who can really shoot the ball. Good 3-point shooter, plays hard…”Two”? I don’t know. I don’t think so. “Three” is a possibility. “Four” is a possibility.


** Eighth workout; has three or four more scheduled
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
It went really well…Everyone competed and played hard. It was a really good workout.
Did you feel the altitude?
Not as much as I did when I came and played Air Force my junior year. I was beat then. But it was pretty decent now.
** What are you trying to show teams?
That I’m just improving on anything that I need to improve on. That I can compete at the highest level. That I’m a player, you know, and that I belong in the NBA, you know?
** What position do you see yourself playing in the NBA?
Small forward. Shooting guard…At the end of the day, measurements don’t matter ’cause they can’t measure your heart…I think I always could play the “three.” I think at Witchita State, we lacked the “four” position, and with my height and my length and my athleticism, I could fill in that position and I would also have been a really good four. But if I’d’ve played the three, I think I would’ve killed at the three too. Wherever they would’ve put me, honestly. But that’s not what I played, and that’s not what you guys seen, but that’s what I like, you know? People not to know what I’m capable of, and I go out there, and it’s like a smack in the face.
** What are your strengths?
I’m competitive, you know? I’m athletic. I have ability. I can shoot the ball, you know? I could put the ball on the floor…I can defend the three. I run fast and jump high. Whatever it is that I need to improve on, I’m willing to sit right in this place right here and do that.


** Is the son of Glenn Robinson (Jr.) and college teammate of Trey Burke
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
Great workout. I’m feeling great. Coming into this workout, you know, a lot of people, you know, talked about the altitude…you know, how that kinda affected their play. But you know, I felt great. I thought we did a great job.
** Have you talked to Trey Burke about the workout?
That’s one of my close friends, you know? And not only Trey, but Tim Hardaway Jr. You know, and I talked to Trey a bunch about, you know, Utah, the Jazz, you know, his experiences, his ups and downs. So, he really helped me out throughout the process, you know, and I just seen him not too long ago…A guy with all his success, you know, the way that he’s been able to stay humble, you know, just made the whole University of Michigan proud.
** What was it like growing up with a famous father?
It was a little difficult at first. You know, my dad did a great job of telling me, you know, I didn’t have to play basketball. You know, he wanted me to do what I wanted to do. But definitely, having him at this moment, you know, in my life, and this stage that I’m going through, he’s been through it all. You know, he can definitely help me right now, and he is. You know, so, it’s definitely a advantage over some players, just having a father who’s been through that and having that connection.
** What can you bring to the Jazz?
I know coming in as a rookie, it’s hard to display leadership. You know, but the, you know, the things that I can do on and off the court to help a team out, and I know how to play a role, you know, and do what I can to help a team win. And that’s something I think that’s important, of whether that’s bringing energy every night, defense every night, you know, if you need me to score. So I think, you know, I’m a unique player who can kinda display several different things, especially with a younger team, you know, and kinda on the uprising.


** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
I think it went really well. I forget what the altitude’s like here in Utah, but it was a good workout. We had a good group of guys.
** On his shooting
That’s my strength, so you know, any team that needs shooting, I feel confident going in that I can, you know, come in and contribute right away.
** When did making the NBA become a goal for you?
I would say seventh grade, when I really started to try to put the work in, and, not really knowing what work needed to be done, but you know, just putting in as much work as possible. And you know, from there, just kinda continuing to grind and get to this point.
** You’ve worked out with Johnnie Bryant. How much has he helped your development?
He’s helped me a lot. I spent two summers with him my freshman and sophomore year, and I made some big changes that time. And then he got picked up by the Jazz, so I didn’t get to work out with him as much. But he definitely helped me grow as a player…He checks in from time to time, so that’s really cool. You know, keep me motivated and focused.

Other players that worked out for the Jazz with no interviews made available: Kendrick Perry and Xavier Thames. P.J. Hairston was present but suffering from back spasms.

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