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Bits from Randy Rigby Interviews, 6/9 and 6/10

June 12, 2014
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Quin Snyder is 47 years old. Why do you think teams are going young with head coaching hires?
Well, maybe we were trendsetters because Jerry Sloan was with us for 22 years, right? And he ended, I think, when he was about 70 years old, 69 years old. So, he actually started with us at 47. So, we’re counting on Quin giving us another 22 years.*

So, you know, I don’t know that age comes into play in it, but I will say this, that what we do like and what we saw with Quin, is we had a very young, questionable mind about the game of basketball.** And I think that’s very important in today’s world, that this is a very dynamic game, and there’s fundamentals that you wanna have and a solid knowledge and mindset about basketball.

And Quin has it. He’s had good basketball experience, under some of the great coaches of the game…but then, he also is very inquisitive and very progressive, and that was very important for us as we looked at a new coach for the Utah Jazz, that we hope, then, will be with us, though, for a long time.

So, when hopefully he’s done with his era, hopefully he’s one of those older guys that you referred to, but I think is young, always young at heart.

* Kevin O’Connor said at Jerry Sloan’s resignation press conference, regarding Tyrone Corbin, that the Jazz’s next head coach introduction would be in 2034 and the Jazz having the same coach for 22 years “will happen again, because Ty will do a terrific job.”
** Quin Snyder has a “questionable mind about the game of basketball.” Haha.

What’s your free agent pitch?
Our pitch is very simple…We invite players and individuals to look at what the Utah Jazz has meant in the NBA. Who we’ve been, our credibility, our quality of life, and when, as players come in and realize what we have in Salt Lake City, they really realize, “Hey, this is a special place.”

Let’s take, case in point, Deron Williams right now. You know, sometimes it looked like the grass was greener for the oth–on the other side of playing in a big market, right? And Deron’s playing in Brooklyn, a great market.

Deron is living in Salt Lake City with his family.* And I think it speaks to the quality of life. I look up here in Boise. What a great quality of life and a lifestyle and great sports community. And Salt Lake City is so, almost mirror image of that very thing, and that’s why it’s a great place. (KTIK)

* I guess that explains this (originally via @michaelcummo):

deron sign

On Quin Snyder’s “we” mentality
He has a real “we” mentality. And I’m very impressed with him. And by the way, so did all of our candidates that we had.

But Quin comes across in a way that he is, he’s looking, this is his first big opportunity in the NBA, and on the top of, really, of basketball. And he’s appreciative of it. And he doesn’t want to let himself down, his family down. He doesn’t want to let the Utah Jazz down, and he wants to be a part of something very special.

And you can see him talking about what we can all do and what, and we’re in this all together, and so I really see this as a great opportunity for Quin, but I think to see him, I think he’s going to be a perfect fit for us, really. …

Here’s a man that, we gave him notice on Friday night, had, sorry, on Saturday, on Friday afternoon, and by Friday night, six hours later, he and his wife were, and Amy is expecting and great with child, but they, they’re on a plane. By the time the plane got here, it was four in the morning, by the way, for the press conference.

So, but then, they were gonna be here for a day and a half. Just had hip surgery, replacement surgery, I believe four weeks ago. But he said, “You know what? Instead of traveling back and forth, you know what, while I’m here, I’m gonna stay here.”

And literally, so he’s, he is actually, instead of going back home, he said, “Hey, there’s a lot going on here. I’m staying here. I’m gonna work on, I’m gonna look at homes for us, but I’m also, we got mini-camps, we got a lot of decisions right in front of us. I’m here. I’m here to really get right to work.”* And I, it shows, to me, that hunger in him, that drive to say, “I’m not gonna pass up one moment to help contribute and be a part.”…

He has jumped in with both feet, and running a hundred miles an hour.**

* Snyder said on the day of the press conference that he would be traveling back and forth between Atlanta and SLC.
** “He has jumped in with both feet, and running a hundred miles an hour.” Classic Rigbyism. :)

Did you put the screws to Snyder in the contract negotiation?
I always have viewed myself as being very direct, and honest, and you know what, I don’t play a lot of games in my negotiations. …

I look at Derek Fisher’s [contract], and you know what, I’m very happy of where our contract is.

So, how should Jazz fans feel about Derek Fisher?
Well, you know what, I think we need to say “Let’s all of us move on.” It’s, it is in the rearview mirror.

There are a lot of good things Derek Fisher did good and did well for the Utah Jazz. Worked hard, played hard, was a good leader in our locker room. We can all question what took place, only, really Fisher knows what really took place.

Randy Rigby, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine
** On Rudy Gobert’s appendix and appendectomy: They got it out. The methods of them now, getting in, is a lot easier and a lot less invasive. And he looks very good. High spirits.
** On the draft party: Locke’s gonna be coming live from, also, Madison Square Garden, or somewhere in New York.
** On what would happen if Gordon Monson were to call in the middle of his granddaughter’s birthday party: That would be even worse, because then you’d have Sandra Rigby on ya. (1280)

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  1. June 13, 2014 5:03 am

    Ha! Confirmation that it was a laparoscopy! (Goes back to not seeing patients, and wasting my medical degree…)


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