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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: David Stockton, Aaron Gordon, Jerami Grant, Adreian Payne and Jarnell Stokes

June 11, 2014
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** Was one of the better groups, conditioning-wise. Average group in terms of shooting. Payne had a tough workout, shooting-wise.
** What is your assessment of Adreian Payne as an NBA prospect?
I think he’s a very good prospect. I think, you know, ha–with his size and length and w–especially with his shooting ability, he’s got a very good shot of making somebody’s team and playing minutes this year. He’s not, he’s a good passer for his size also. He probably needs to get a little bit stronger to play some post defense, but I think he’s a very good prospect.
** What are David Stockton’s professional prospects?
He will play pro. Somewhere, but he will play pro. I mean, he’s got the Stockton genes. He knows how to play the game. He knows how to make his teammates better. He plays hard. I mean, he’s in great condition. You know, as a basketball player, we all wish that we had a Stockton gene in us somewhere.
** How did Aaron Gordon look?
He has really, really improved his shot…He handled the ball pretty well. So, he was able to do a lot of the dribbling drills. He was able to do a lot of the going-off-the-dribble-getting-to-the-basket, ’cause he’s so explosive…[His improved shot] shows he has a willingness and a desire to get better in terms of shooting…I think the thing that we, that impresses me the most is how well they get through a full workout on our court, with our altitude. That impressed me. I thought he was going just as strong at the end as he was at the beginning…With his work ethic, his ceiling can be really high…He’s a very intelligent guy, and I think he is mature for his age. But you gotta remember, he had a brother who’s gone through this league. So, he’s learned through his brother.


** First workout
** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
They just want to see me play hard. You know, show that I’ve improved, and show that I can, you know, handle the speed. So, I think I did that today.
** What are your expectations for playing on the next level?
I want to play at the, I mean, at the highest level. I think I’m capable if I get the chance, and I’m working hard to get there.
** On being back in Salt Lake City
Just a great opportunity to come back home and you know, play the game I love. So, this has just been a really fun time.
** You said “home.” Does Salt Lake City still feel like home?
Yeah, it’s, it is home. You know, I grew up here for most of my life, and you know, everyone’s just so kind to me, especially in the Jazz organization. And just to see the mountains again is great, too.
** What’s it like to put on the Jazz gear?
It’s an honor to, you know, put this jersey on, and come out here and you know, show your skills and you know, try to prove that you’re capable of being out here, and you know, just, you know, having my favorite team on the logo is pretty cool.
** Did you get any advice from your dad?
He said be in shape. And you know, for me, it’s, you know, not too difficult to be in pretty good shape. I got good genes, so it worked out.


** Third workout; has worked out for the Kings and one of the L.A. teams. Has workouts with the Celtics and Magic scheduled, but playing it be ear.
** Did the Jazz want to see how you shot the ball?
Definitely. Definitely. And I’m shooting the ball well. Uh, shooting the ball better than normally have, you know? I’m shooting the ball good. My shot looks fluent. It feels good. That’s the main thing. It feels good. … Making shots is addicting, and the more I make shots and the better my shot feels, the more I want to be in the gym.
** Are you a “three” or a “four” in the NBA?
I’m whatever they wanna play me. I’m a basketball player. You can put me out on the floor, and I know some people kinda are a little bit edgy on that que–on that answer, but I can defend wherever you want me to play. So that’s the main thing. I can defend and then I can give you what I can give you on offense.
** Are you more comfortable offensively facing the basket or with your back to the basket?
It’s really hard to say. I know, obviously, making a transition to the “three” in college was one of my goals, and that helped me out facing up. But you know, all my life I’ve been kind of a point forward, and so I’m just, I’m good at making plays. My post game is developing as well as my outside game is developing. I’m just developing as a player.
** Are you NBA-ready right now?
Yes, sir. That, I wouldn’t have come out if I wasn’t.
** Is there a player in the league with a game similar to yours that you look up to?
No, not really…I admire a lot of different offensive games in the NBA. So, I like Manu Ginobili’s game, and do I play anything like Manu Ginobili? Probably not.


** Is the son of Harvey Grant and nephew of Horace Grant
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
I think it went well. Took a little time to get used to the altitude, but once we got used to it, everybody got going. I think it was a pretty good workout.
** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
Definitely shooting. We did a lot of shooting today. I definitely think they wanted to see my shooting consistency, see how I can shoot.
** Have you watched the Jazz much, and how do you think you would fit in with this team?
Nah, I haven’t watched too much of ’em, but I’m sure I can fit in somewhere. I do a lot of different things, and I think I can be an asset on most of the teams.
** What are some of the things you do?
I think I play defense. I rebound. I run the court. And if I get the ball, I can attack the basket.


** Comment on the altitude
It was better than what I thought. You know, it was definitely tough at the beginning, tryna get used to it. Just tryna, you know, fight through it and get used to it as quick as you could.
** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
Just how well I could shoot the ball, my conditioning and especially my strength.
** Your stock has been rising. Do you think you could be a fifth pick?
Hopefully, yeah. That’s what I hope, I hope it can. And that’s what I’m tryna do out here everyday, and doing all my workouts, just show what I can do, and hopefully they’ll help me get into the lottery.
** How do you think you would fit in with this team?
I think I’ll be able to fit in, ‘specially, you know, what I’m able to do. Guard different positions, and you know, get up and down, and block shots and pick and pop.


** Has worked out for the Heat and Suns; has 10 more workouts scheduled. Grizzlies are next. Workout schedule is a little behind due to car accident/concussion two weeks ago.
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
It went pretty well. I think, I thought it’d be much worse dealing with this altitude, but I think I did a pretty good job of hitting shots and playing physical.
** What are you trying to show teams?
I’m trying to answer all the weaknesses that they have written on me. Just as far as, you know, being very mobile at my size, being able to talk to guys, and just being active. I think those are things, and I think I’m doing a very good job of showcasing skills that I shouldn’t, that I couldn’t show in college. So, today I think I made some pretty good moves. I didn’t shoot the ball as well as I wanted to, but I think just my moves and my footwork were pretty good.
** What couldn’t you show in college?
In college, you know, a guy like myself, I almost demanded, like, a double team or a triple team. So, as soon as I catch the ball, it’s three or four guys coming, two or three guys coming at me. And in these workouts, so, just one-on-one. So I’m able to do a lot more. Put the ball on the floor, make double move–counter-moves. And I feel a lot better playing one-on-one…You also got the 3-second rule in the NBA. So, in college, that’s why you see a lot of bigs aren’t as effective, because they can’t really use their counter-moves.
** What can you bring to a team?
I think I can bring toughness. I think being able to shoot the ball. I think I can extend my range a lot more, but right now I feel pretty comfortable about 17 feet…For the most part, toughness, a big body that can rebound the ball. I think I’m the best rebounder in the draft. You know, I think just production shows that I can bring a lot to a team. And I can score a lot better than people give me credit for.

Other players that worked out for the Jazz with no interviews made available: Khem Birch, Cory Jefferson, Roy Devyn Marble and Patrick Miller.



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