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Bits from Quin Snyder Interview, 6/9

June 10, 2014
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Have you had any contact with the players?
You know, I’m very proud I learned how to text over the past few years, so I’ve traded text messages with a few of ’em. I’ll have a chance to hopefully catch up with Trey [Burke] here soon.

A lot of those guys are kinda scattered throughout the country, so when things slow down a little bit, I plan on bouncing around and trying to catch up with a number of ’em…I’ll talk to more of ’em over the phone in the next couple days.

burke snyder tweet

On how much progress he’s made in putting together a coaching staff in the past 48 hours
We feel like we’re on the right track of identifying people. It’s not gonna take as long as it did for Dennis [Lindsey] to hire me, but we’re gonna be really patient in trying to get the right guys that really fit.

So, that’s a huge thing right now for us, and it’s also something that’s, it’s challenging for the people out there in, you know, you try to get back to everybody and doing it in a timely fashion, and you know, let ’em know you have interest, and sometimes can’t do anything, and see where it goes. But it’s a lot of work right now for everybody.

With you and Dennis Lindsey here, how much will the Jazz look like Spurs North?
Hm. It’s tough to be Spurs East, North, West, or South. They’re such a well-oiled machine and we’ve got such a young team. I think part of what makes the Spurs special is their habits, and if you can have that attention to detail, no matter what you’re doing, you’re gonna do it pretty well. And that’s something that we hope to instill, just that level of focus and that level of pride in all the details.

I do think offensively there’ll be some things that we’ll try to do that are similar. You know, they’re a team now that really moves the ball up the floor quickly. We have a little different team. We have, you know, we have good size inside, but I would like to see us play even more pick and roll.

You know, the majority of the NBA now, you watch Miami and San Antonio, it’s a pick and roll game. And I think we’ve got some players on the perimeter–Gordon [Hayward], Trey, Alec [Burks]–that could handle the ball. And we’ve got some guys that are talented inside, that can screen and roll to the rim, and that’s tough to guard if you’re doing it well.

And we’ve got a long way to go in improving those things, but I think that’s, you know, one action that we’d like to really incorporate into what we do, and get good at it.

The Jazz defense was lousy last season. How do you fix this dead-last defense, and how quickly can that happen?
I think we’ve gotta start fixing it from the first day, and we’ve just gotta, we’ve gotta start to lay a foundation in it. I think for this group, they need to know that it’s a, it’s, this is a fresh start.

We know from some of the things that, you know, have happened in the past for all of us, we, you know, we need to learn from ’em. And we need to apply ourselves and first of all, just to make it important, to make each play important. And now to have it learning to, really, it’s concentrating. It’s, can you, we can all play hard, but can you do it longer, in longer stretches, and have more of a toughness mentally to play defense? And that starts with emphasis.

And then, we gotta work on it. You know, I think the habits themselves…defensive habits are incredibly important. And they’re, that’s another thing. When you get into a defensive system, you begin to learn habits and eventually those habits become instinctive, and that’s when you become good, because now you’re able to get places a little quicker and to anticipate.

So, I mentioned, you know, the emphasis and the habits. Those to me are the two primary things going in it.

I really think, too, to a certain degree, we’ve gotta keep it simple. That’s not to say we won’t be capable of making adjustments. You know, I feel like I’m pretty good in that area, and I think our teams will be able to make adjustments when we need to. But we’ve gotta be good at kind of our core coverages and our core values defensively and really focus our energy on that.

Salt Lake City is regarded as the Siberia of the NBA. How will you sell this market to people that don’t understand it?
I think that, you know, the Jazz, the organization, the, it’s a great place to raise your family. Salt Lake offers some things that are better than other cities in the league…It may not be as visible immediately, but I think there is guys that look beyond maybe the first level of how you evaluate a place.

What floats your boat, musically?
I’m not a huge grunge guy, although I have great respect for Alice in Chains and Nirvana. I do enjoy Pearl Jam. I’ve seen them a few times. I, you know, lately I’ve liked a little Jack Johnson, probably…

My wife loves country. I’m, I can’t say I’m a fan, but I listen to it. I’m not not a fan, put it that way…It’s more of a mood thing for me. If I’m there, I’m okay. I’m in the car. But I listen to it all the time with her.

Where do you like to go on vacation?
A little bit of everything, I guess. I, we’ve enjoyed, the beach in North Carolina was really nice. It gets so hot in the summer, though.

I, we’ve enjoyed the mountains. I like hiking. You know, I haven’t been able to do a lot of stuff outdoors ’cause I just had my hip replaced, actually…

My wife speaks Spanish, so we’ve been down to Central America and enjoyed that. Just kinda getting off the map a little bit. And she probably likes it, ’cause I can’t really find my way around. She gets to order everything and whatnot, so. But a little bit of everything. I like getting away when I have an opportunity and unwind. (1280)



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