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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Davion Berry, Shawn Glover, James Michael McAdoo, Dwight Powell and Trevor Releford

June 9, 2014
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** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
To see how I played, under pressure, under fatigue. And to see my energy, how I play defense.
** How did your D-League experience last year improve your game?
A lot. I mean, I had the opportunity to play with…a lot of pros who play now in the NBA, guys who play in the NBA, or draft picks who got, just got sent to the D-League just for a little bit.
Why did you choose the D-League over playing overseas?
Because I wanted to choose a route that’s gonna get me closer to the NBA. So, I think that was really good for me.
** What can you do to make the Jazz better?
I don’t know. That’s, I’m just a player. The only thing I can do is just play and give a lot of energy and do whatever the coach tells me to do, from playing for minutes to waving a towel, or to taking the last shot of the game.
** What are your strengths?
I mean, everyone says my wor–my strengths are, like, I’m a versatile player or I’m really athletic or I’m really good at open court. I would say, wow, my good thing is my, like, my, I think it’s my work ethic. I mean, I haven’t missed a practice. I haven’t missed a game. So, I would say that’s my strength.


** Third workout; has worked out for the Bulls, Lakers and Warriors. Next workouts are with the Rockets and Pacers.
** Comment on the altitude
It got to me a little bit, but I’m used to it. Obviously, I’ve been here for three years, so I was used to it.
** How did the workout go?
I felt like I did great. I made shots. I was vocal. My team won it three-on-three. I looked good in the shooting drills. I just tried to win everything. I tried to compete…My first two workouts was okay, but this one today, I felt like I blew it out of the water today.
** Have you talked to Damian Lillard about the workout process?
Every other day. You know, that’s my boy. We grew up together. We talk. We communicate…He give me feedback and he give me good advice. That’s my big brother, so any of the advice I can get from him, I soak it up and take it in.


** What do you remember of your time in Utah?
I remember it was a lot of fun. I remember playing for coach [Jim] Boylen. And then, you know, a lot of things fell apart so I had to transfer, so that’s pretty much…I’m always looking for [Boylen in Finals games], man. It’s like, “I know that guy!” So, it’s pretty cool.
** Comment on the altitude
Unlike the other guys, I pretty much knew what to expect, except for Davion. You know, he goes to Weber State, so. But I been here for a couple years, so I know it’ll hit you. So it’s coming, you just gotta be ready for it and get your second wind in.
** What are your biggest strengths?
I think my work ethic. Leadership. I’m a good teammate. I can, I’m a defender. I’m a great defender. I can knock down open shots, and I can just play. I can play, can bring good energy to the team. And I think I contribute to getting wins, getting W’s.
** Which parts of your game are you working on right now?
I mean, everything. I don’t think, I never think my game is perfect, so I’m always tryna improve every aspect of my game. Try to improve my shooting, ball-handling, everything. Be the best player I can be. You know, try to be great.


** Fifth workout; has worked out for the Clippers, Knicks, Sixers, and Bulls
** What can you bring to a team?
Definitely just trying to be a guy that can do a lot of different things. You know, my versatility, being able to be that forward, whether it be power forward or small forward that can space the floor. You know, run really well, and on the defensive end, just be able to guard multiple positions.
** Can you shoot the NBA 3-pointer?
It’s definitely something I’ve been working on, something that I never did in college. You know, something that I just, you know, wasn’t accustomed to, something that I did great in high school. So you know, definitely these past couple months, just been working on my shot. You know, tryna really become more consistent and you know, it’s definitely getting there and you know, but there’s always room for improvement.
** Did you talk to Marvin Williams before this workout?
Not specifically. You know, obviously, he played here. But you know, Marvin’s like a big brother to me. Obviously, you know, first meeting him freshman year. If anybody knows Marvin, you know how, you know, much of a awesome guy he is. You know, and you know, he’s definitely helped me through this process.


** Fifth workout; has worked out for the Bulls, Thunder, Suns and Timberwolves
** What did the Jazz want to see from you today?
I think they’re looking from everybody just to compete, to come here, go through their drills intense, intensity, and just show your skills. Show them what you’re good at, and show ’em that you’re working on things you need to improve.
** Do you know much about the Jazz, and how do you think you would fit in with this team?
What Imma try to bring to any team [is] just intensity, effort, and hard work, and just show them I’m willing to fit in using my versatility at whatever slot they want to put me in, and try to affect the team in a positive way in practice, in games, on and off the court.


** What did the Jazz want to see from you today?
I think they wanted to see me just compete, against the other guard I was going up against. And I mean, just show that I can shoot the ball well, and just competing, and guard.
** Did you follow the Jazz at Alabama?
I actually followed the Jazz a lot. We had two players from my hometown [Brandon Rush and Alec Burks] on the team, so I followed them a lot…Me and Alec got the same agent, and Brandon’s, like, used to live, like, 10 minutes from me back in Kansas City.
** What can you bring to an NBA team?
Just experience, being a four-year player in college. Just coming in with a little bit more knowledge of the game, and then just able to shoot the ball and defend.

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