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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Jahii Carson, Drew Crawford, Jerry Evans Jr. and Jarred Shaw

June 9, 2014


** How did you shoot it today? / Comment on the altitude
I thought I shot it pretty good. A little tired, but, altitude, but I thought I shot it pretty good.
** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
People know I can score the basketball. Just being a team leader, going out there, making my teammates better. Knocking down jump shots. Guarding bigger defenders. I think that, those are the most things that stand out, and I have to show I can do ’em.
** What do you know about the Jazz and how would you fit in with this organization?
Definitely, you know, young team, you know? Great organization, great tradition, with [John] Stockton being here, and [Karl] Malone being here. [Trey] Burke, being here now. You know, Deron Williams in the past. So, they have a tradition of great guards coming in and making an impact, so it’d be definitely a blessing to come here and be able to learn under Coach [Jerry] Sloan and be a great basketball player here.
** You went over and introduced yourself to Coach Sloan…
Oh yeah, definitely. He’s one of the best of the best, and for him to be here, sitting here, watching me and evaluating for the first time in person, probably, you know, I just wanted to show him that I could be a leader out here. I’m pretty sure he knows I can score the basketball, but there’s other things that I like to try to stand out myself. Defensively, athletically and hitting down shots, so I think I did that today pretty well.


** How did the workout go?
I think it went pretty well. We had a good group, a competitive group with a lot of talent. So, it was good to play with these guys, go against and play with some of ’em. So, it was a good experience.
** Is your ability to rebound the ball as a guard something that differentiates you from other players?
Yeah, definitely think so. You know, that’s one thing I like to do when I’m on the court, is tryna, you know, do a little bit of everything on the stat sheet, and that includes rebounding. So, that’s something I really put an emphasis on, is crashing the boards offensively and defensively, helping my team that way.
** What did you try to show in the workout?
You can sh–definitely showcase rebounding [in 3-on-3 workouts]. Every shot that goes up, you wanna make sure you’re hitting your guy and crashing the boards. So, just making sure that you’re maintaining that. And then outside of that, I just wanna show the, my toughness, and my desire to win. Coming out and tryna get defensive stops.
** What do you know about the Jazz, and would you be a good fit?
Jazz are, is a young team with a lotta young talent, a team that’s fun to watch, and that’s got a lotta room to grow because there’s so much talent on the team. I’ve played against a lot of the guys on the team, so I think I’d be able to come in and fit in.


** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
The workout went very well. Guys competed on both ends of the court. I feel like this group was really energetic. Guys were out here talking and encouraging one another and you know, it just went very well. You know, a lot of people weren’t used to the altitude and it affected some of us, and, but you know, we got through it as a collective whole and we picked each other up when we were down.
** What can you bring to an NBA team?
I feel like I can bring a lot of different things. I feel like I bring versatility, being able to stretch the defense out. Be able to guard multiple positions, getting put in pick and roll situation and being able to just guard “one” through “three.” And you know, just being that glue guy, different guy. Creating extra plays for my team, if that’s a steal, block shot, tip-backs. You know, just doing a little bit of everything on both ends of the court to give my team the advantage to win.


** Has worked out for the Clippers, and Knicks or Nets, with a few more scheduled.
** On the altitude: I haven’t been here for a couple of months, so it’s kinda hard getting back to it. But I think once you get your wind under you and get your second wind, it’s okay.
** What did the Jazz want to see from you?
Just offensive, offensively, can I score the ball, and then defensively, if I make the proper slides and stop the guy from scoring.

Other players that worked out for the Jazz in this session with no interviews made available: Keith Appling and Talib Zanna.

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