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Utah Jazz Introduce New Head Coach Quin Snyder

June 8, 2014
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snyder presser

gm Greg Miller: I just wanna express publicly, Quin, how thrilled I am that you’ve accepted the invitation to be part of the Jazz family, and I’m very excited about what the future holds for us, and can’t wait to get to work…

It’s my privilege now to turn the microphone over to my boss, and my mother, Gail Miller.

gail sm Gail Miller: It’s my privilege also to welcome Quin to the Jazz family, and we’re very pleased. I’d just like to say as we went through the interview process, how impressed I was with several things. Number one being Quin’s humility; another being his intelligence, and how well-educated he is. Not just in the academic world, but in the basketball world.

I also was impressed with his desire to be the head coach of the Utah Jazz and lead this team to a championship…No pressure, Quin. But we’re grateful you’re here. We’d like to welcome [wife] Amy and you to Utah, and know that you’ll find a really good home here. I’m sure you’ll be well-accepted. Your children will like it. And we’re just very pleased to have you.

dl sm Dennis Lindsey: We came across many fine candidates, many that we, as I said before, interviewed but never spoke to. We did an exhaustive search relative to who we were looking at, and really, as you know, when we made the decision to open up the position, we didn’t want to box ourselves in prematurely. And so, by doing that, I think it allowed a lot of the better criteria to move to the top. … But ultimately, we had to make a decision, and Quin’s our person. …

When I joined the Spurs organization, Quin was hired a few months before me and R.C. Buford, our boss and mutual friend, asked me what I thought relative to Quin and the position, and you know, I think I’m pretty good at sizing up situations relative to coaches and teams that had some experience, and I said, “R.C., I’m skeptical. I just, Quin, the background, the pedigree, the education, relative to the D-League.”

And frankly, I didn’t know either situation really well, so I spoke out of ignorance relative to Quin, and understanding the D-League and what that meant. …

There’s some real coaching analytics, if you will, that if you have very successful minor league coaching experience, it can set you up for a strong platform to work from if you’re able to get to the NBA as a head coach, for many reasons.

You’re, at one point and time in the season, you’re either catch–coaching the worst team in the league or the best, just ’cause of the nature of the turnover of the roster. You have to coach many players with different talents, and so you have to adjust.

And what I found out is, and really what was central to this decision, the head coach in minor leagues is the de facto, at minimum, director of player personnel, and many times really the acting GM. So they have really good experience working in personnel and making those personnel decisions, and that was really key.

So, as attractive as Quin is in many ways relative to the education, and Duke, and experience with Coach [Mike] K[rzyzewski], and Ettore Messina, and CSKA Moscow, and Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford in San Antonio, I know it sounds simple, but maybe the most humbling experience in his career was the best one, and really central to our decision.

qs sm Quin Snyder: I’m incredibly honored to have this opportunity to coach the Jazz. … I wanna thank Gail and Greg for this opportunity. It’s one of the things that I’ve, over the course of the last two years, you, when you look, you think about jobs, you think about your opportunities, and this is the one that I wanted as well. So, like I said, I’m thrilled to be here. …

I love this game. It’s been good to me. I’ve got a passion for it, and to get to do it for a living is a great opportunity. I love player development. One of the things that’s central for me to this program is having a chance to coach these young men and help them develop both as individual players, but also, you know, in the s–in the team setting. I think that’s gonna be crucial to our success.

One of the other things we talked about in the interview process was having a vision, of “What’s your philosophy? What do you wanna do with this team?” And I think a number of things kinda crystallized for me.

First, we wanna be unselfish. You know, we wanna have a group that makes each other better…

It’s a team here, and an organization, that has always put out competitive teams, and we wanna continue to do that. We wanna do it on both ends of the floor. We wanna compete offensively, and compete defensively. We’d like to have a defensive identity. I think that that’s an area where we can try to take a stand. It involves habits; it involves energy, effort, focus, but that’s obviously something that we wanna do.

A couple other things that I’d like to see our team start to show and develop is attention to detail. I think if you have attention to detail in all these situations, it just makes you better.

And the last thing would be accountability. Us holding each other accountable; both players and coaches. That’s kind of the clay that you use to mold the team.

So, again, this is a process. The building process is one that I love. I think the fit is just terrific for me…I’m a little nervous, to be honest with you, and I think that’s okay. You know, it’s okay because it’s that important to me, and I’m just really happy to be here and be the coach.

** The Jazz’s chief revenue officer’s name is Don Stirling.
** Lindsey thanked Kevin O’Connor for his “mentoring from afar.” You know, because he’s NOT retired.
** Snyder once traveled from Seattle to Utah by bus during his sophomore year of high school for a basketball camp and wife Amy studied at Utah State for a year and a half, so “for me, I knew the area.”

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  1. Stephen permalink
    June 8, 2014 1:43 pm

    ” I love player development. One of the things that’s central for me to this program is having a chance to coach these young men and help them develop both as individual players, but also, you know, in the s–in the team setting. I think that’s gonna be crucial to our success.”

    I love this guy already. Compare his words to Corbin, who loathed player development and openly complained about it.

  2. Erich permalink
    June 9, 2014 3:22 am

    I really like the layout of this post. Having the little icons of the people is super cool!


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