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Bits from Utah Jazz Draft Workout: Deonte Burton, Jordan Clarkson, Sean Kilpatrick, Alex Kirk, Artem Klimenko and Nick Wiggins

June 6, 2014
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** On Marcus Smart not having worked out for the Jazz
If we like him at [the fifth pick], and he doesn’t come in, we’ll still take him.
** Would Marcus Smart have been drafted ahead of Trey Burke in last year’s draft?
Probably yes.
** Are there similarities in Nick and Andrew Wiggins’ games?
No. They’re both athletic. Andrew’s probably a little bit more. Nick shot it very well today, matter of fact, from the three. So, that kinda surprises a little bit. But, the younger brother might be a little bit better.
** Perrin said that he thought some of the guys that worked out today would be better shooters, but then later said that Clarkson (“pretty well”), Wiggins (“very well”) and Klimenko (“extremely well”) shot the ball well. Guess the guys that didn’t shoot well were Burton, Kilpatrick and/or Kirk.


** How did the workout go?
It went well. You know, I didn’t shoot it like I wanted to, but you know, everything doesn’t go how you expect it to go.
** Are you used to the altitude, being from Nevada?
Freshman year was [harder], but you know, I adjusted to it. It wasn’t a problem here. You know, it’s definitely harder to get through, you know, workouts–you gotta catch your breath and everything–but you know, once, you know, 10, 15 minutes in, you’re good.
** What is your niche in the NBA?
I think I’m a playmaker. I think I make plays. You know, I get to the free throw line. I can shoot it. You know, I, like you said, I do a little bit of everything. Whatever the coach needs me to do, whatever role I need to play, you know, that’s what I’m ready for. I’m ready to take that leadership role, and to step into a team and do whatever the coach needs me to do.
** Do you feel like you could play with Trey Burke? Do you feel like you could back him up?
You know, either way. I would love to play with Trey. That’ll be a great combination, I think. A great one-two punch. But even if I, you know, get in behind him, I think I’ll just provide quality minutes. Just do what I need to do, be a defensive ball-hawker out there, and just play.


** Fourth workout
** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
It went really well. You know, got in here and worked, competed. Altitude a little different, but fought through it and feel like I had a good workout.
** What were you trying to highlight?
You know, just shoot the ball. Run the point, make smart decisions. I feel like I did a good job.
** Do you know a lot about the organization and do you feel like you’d be a good fit here?
Yes, sir. No doubt. You know, you got a young team here. You know, you got Trey Burke at the point guard position. I feel like I could play with him, and, or play behind him. You know, and I feel like you have a good young frontcourt. Gordon Hayward. You know, I feel like this is a place to be excited about.


** How did the workout go? / Comment on the altitude
It went well. I mean, being able to come out here and compete with some of the top guards in the nation, and truly being able to come out here and get a feel of how it is, like the altitude and everything, it was pretty well.
** How was this workout different than others?
A lot more shooting. That’s something that I expected though, because that’s what the Jazz is really about, in they perfect, like, great shooters on top of that. So, I’m pretty sure that they is looking for another shooter in hand, and being able to just, like I said, just try to compete. And the altitude part, I mean, it was something that was totally different from the rest of ’em.
** What can you bring to an NBA team?
Everyone pretty much know that I can do everything with scoring and being able to shoot and handle the ball a little bit, but I wanna continue to keep showing my growth with rebounding. I mean, there’s a lot of guards in the NBA that I say doesn’t really show their strength in the rebounding department, and that’s something that I think the Jazz, especially, can also help them to their arsenal as well. So, being able to just try to rebound and continue to keep getting better and aggressive on the rebounding, and that’s something that I wanna continue to keep doing.


** How did the workout go?
I think it went all right. I mean, definitely, I left that elevation to go train in Florida and it kinda came back to bite me today. I felt that, but nah, I think it was good. Got to go up against a kid that, I mean, from Russia. It was a great experience to be able to be able to challenge him and see where he stands, in, over here with some of the bigger guys, and overall I think it was really good. Could’ve shot better, but still, I mean, it was fun just to be out here. And I mean, this is the Utah Jazz, so to be able to even be in the practice facility was pretty awesome.
** Are you confident in your jumper?
That’s something I’ve always had, since I was little. And just continue to continue to work on it. I mean, yeah, that’s, I’m gonna have to work on adjusting to deep in my range for the NBA three, but that’s something that I’ll just work on. And so far, I mean, my shooting has gotten me through a lot of workouts, and I’d say all of ’em have gone really well. Not only because of my shooting, but that’s been a huge advantage to me among the other players.
** How cool is it to work out for the Utah Jazz?
Well, I mean, it’s kinda cool for me, ’cause definitely when you look into an arena, and I mean, there’s not too many teams that have a [No.] 53 retired jersey. And like, I mean, Mark Eaton wore that here, and that was my number in college and high school. And I never knew a ton about him until Coach [Steve] Alford one time told me, like, “You need to look up him. He wore 53 in the pros.” And that, so I mean, I kinda looked him up there, but I mean, it’s kinda cool just to see, like, “Hey, someone wore 53.” And I mean, ’cause it’s a really rare number in basketball, college, high school, all that. So, that was pretty cool. And then, I mean, overall, like, this is a great franchise.


** Klimenko answered questions through an interpreter.
** How was the workout?
He’s a little bit tired, but that’s how it should be after a lot of workouts like this.
** What is your most NBA-ready skill?
He can move around well on the court and he can also dunk it pretty well too.
** Which aspects of your game are you working on?
My individual plays underneath the rim, is what I’m working on.
** Does he know Andrei Kirilenko?
Nyet, something something something. Translation: He’s never met him before, but he’s followed him and he’d like to meet him.
** What does Kirilenko mean for Russian basketball?
He’s very proud that a Russian player has made it to the NBA, and that gives him a lot of pride as well.


** Spent most of the interview answering questions about his brother (Andrew Wiggins) and Cleanthony Early.
** How did the workout go?
It was a great workout, man. It was my first workout, and I got the opportunity to work out with the Utah Jazz, and it was a great opportunity.
** Which aspects of your game are you working on right now?
Just getting quicker. Getting quicker, building on my defense. I feel like my defense improved a lot my senior year at Witchita State, and just keep improving on that. My ball-handling, try to play the guard position at the next level. Hopefully, the one, two or the three. And you know, just keep improving.



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