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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 6/4

June 5, 2014

randy rigby

What is the state of the Utah Jazz right now?
Well, I’d characterize it as exciting and dynamic. …

I’ve never approached an off-season with so much excitement and anticipation as I’ve had this coming season, because of what’s in front of us. And I’m really excited about the opportunities. I think we have positioned ourself extremely well.

You know, it started with Kevin [O’Connor], when we had to make the trades with Deron Williams, and we knew then that we were gonna most likely be in the process of, and we started right then, saying we’re gonna be looking at new, a rebuild here.* And we have gone into that mode and aggressively went into it last year in full understanding, from our fan base, from our ownership, from our front office, and it’s moved, we’ve moved very well.

And now when you look at what’s in front of us, with the excitement of having a new coach, and as we’ve been doing interviewing with those candidates, I’m excited about the mindset of those, of the candidates, of what they’ve all proposed; their excitement about this young team, about the opportunities that we have with assets, with picks, with assets we have financially; all those tools with, when you then have a foundation that we have from ownership to values and principles that, all of these people also adhere to; but yet a newness, a freshness, a dynamic, and then you add the freshness of these young, developing players, draft picks, and then, when we can then add, because financially we’re in a position to add, we can then add additional veteran players, we have an exciting future.

It’s in front of us. Now, when I say “in front of us,” I’m not saying it’s all gonna be right in front of us for this year.

I think we still, I’ve said it, and again and again, and Dennis [Lindsey] constantly says it, we need to be patient in an impatient business, and we need to make sure that we are also building this thing the right way and not skipping steps. But we’re going, we’re keeping to, adding those building blocks, and what’s in front of us, then, I think, is gonna be something very exciting.

And I think we’re gonna be able to, if we continue to do it right, have a team that this marketplace can again come back to where we were in the late ’90s, or late ’80s and ’90s, and having a team that everyone, this place is going wild for Jazz basketball.

* So the 2012-2013 season was a rebuilding year?

On a scale from 0-10, how confident are you that one of your three final coaching candidates will get the job done?
Well, you know, there’s nothing that said that there’s three candidates, or there’s 10 candidates…

But I will say that I know that the, in the candidates that we’re talking with, I’ve been very impressed that, with the commitment level and the intensity and the vision that our candidates are bringing to the table.

Is the candidate list growing shorter? Do you have a better idea of where the search is today than you did last week?
We have a much better idea today than where we were last week, and I think we’ll have even a better and clearer vision, most likely, in a ye–in a week from now. So, I think the process, I said, was moving well last week. It’s continues to move forward, this week as well.

And we feel very good and very comfortable, and it’s feeling very right inside my heart.

And that’s what, and I know, as I talked with Dennis and I visited with Steve and Greg [Miller] about the feelings of how this process is taking place, we’re feeling very good about it, and it is feeling right to us, so. (1280)

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  1. June 5, 2014 9:52 pm

    “Well, you know, there’s nothing that said that there’s three candidates, or there’s 10 candidates…”

    This may be the first time I actually was relieved for the “no comment” Jazz policy. While I’m not against any of the three guys being discussed for the job, I’m hoping secretly there’s a fourth guy we haven’t heard about that is a better option.


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