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Live from New York, it’s the 2014 NBA draft lottery

May 21, 2014

via @utahjazz

One. Randy Rigby on how the draft lottery works:
When you’re in that back room, what they do is literally every team, based on the statistical numbers, are assigned certain num–a number of matchinations of kind of numbers, and so basically what they then end up doing is they will then put in ping pong balls into a air container, and, that literally has all those different options that, potentially that could come up.

And the first numbers that come up are that, is gonna be the number one draft pick. And so, it’s literally a statistical, you know, game that’s going on there.

And all the team representatives are in there watching what those numbers, at what, how the ping pong ball basically pops up and it’ll pop up certain numbers, and then they’ll look on that, they’ll look up on the board and see that number is assigned to the Utah Jazz. That’s what, that’ll, that’s who’s getting the number one pick.

And they keep those people all sequestered back in their own room so they can’t even come out into, then, the audience, that, when they, then, so once those three numbers are identified, that are the top three picks, then they put those in a card, in the sleeve, with the teams that got those three picks, and then they go out and actually do, then, a, the, then the show that happens is really more for performance of, then, announcing the order of which those, one through 14 lottery picks are then selected.

Two. Per Rigby, the good luck charms brought by Jazz brass to the draft lottery include:

1) An item from a sponsor that was useful during the Olympics;
2) a picture of Rigby’s good friend’s recently deceased mother who was a big Jazz fan;
3) a memento from Rigby’s late mother, who was also a big Jazz fan.

Three. Rigby on the Jazz’s last win against Minnesota vs. ping pong balls:
A lot of people said why did we win that last game [against Minnesota], you know? And that’s who we are. And that’s, we believe we need to stand for who we are.

Four. Jazz draft lottery rep Bryan Miller, pre-lottery (via Facebook):

9 was the number my dad wore when he played softball. I had a number 9 jersey made with “Miller” on the back that I’ll be wearing today in his honor.

My mom said he never washed his uniform as long as he was winning. I haven’t washed this baby yet.

Wish me luck at the #NBAdraftlottery tonight!

Five. Miller with Rigby and Dennis Lindsey (left), and Miller in his lottery seat (right) via @utahjazz:

jazz at draft

Six. Jazz will pick fifth:


Seven. H/T @Jazz_Spain:

corbin tweet

Eight. Bryan Miller, post-draft lottery:
Overall, you know, it’s a great opportunity just to be here. I mean, you don’t wanna be at the lottery, but to have a seat at the table and to have the opportunity to move up, you know? I would’ve loved to have done something for the franchise that’s never happened before [getting the No. 1 pick], but in the same way, could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. So, positive overall. And fortunate that it’s a deep draft this year.

Miller on whether he’d have torn his shirt off Hulk-style if the Jazz had gotten the No. 1 pick:
If we’d had the No. 1, I would’ve. I even asked my wife before the draft lottery, I said, “You gonna mind having to sew all these buttons back on?” And she said, “I would be glad to if I need to. So don’t worry about that.” But yeah, unfortunately, this was not the year for that.

Nine. Dennis Lindsey on getting the No. 5 pick:
We’re ecstatic with five. Now, certainly, you wanna move up when that potential’s there. But you know, we’ll resolve that we didn’t move up and look about, look towards what five means to us, and relative to our roster, you know, whether we select it or trade it or trade up or trade back…

Our job is to make a great decision no matter where we pick, whether it’s five or 60. And we’re very confident in our diligence and we feel like the fifth pick is a good young player and a very valuable asset to help us improve our team.

Ten. Dennis Lindsey, Unintentional Dirty Quote Machine (UDQM)
** On roster needs: Any time you have a glaring hole, is where you can get leveraged.
** On potential trades: The interesting part is, is all the conversations that we’ll have relative to, you know, moving up, moving out, moving back.
** On the draft process: The back room, you know, is pretty ugly when you’re making sausage.
** On whether he wishes the Jazz had lost a few more games: Oh-ho-ho-ho. I’ll never go there. I’ll never go there.

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  1. May 22, 2014 6:24 am

    Stupid cavs


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