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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 5/8

May 10, 2014
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** The Jazz brought in 72 players last year in their draft workouts. This year? “We’ll be increasing that number even significantly more. We’ll probably be well over 80 workouts that we’re gonna be seeing throughout the next 45 days.”

Where are you with the coaching search?
We have not started the interviewing process. I’m really excited about this process, I’ll say that, that, you know, when we actually made the selection for Ty Corbin, the situation was much different. And it required us to move very rapidly and we feel very good about the choice and the approach that we did, and, with the Ty, at the time.

This, we now have a different situation, where we have the time. Now, we’re not casual about this. We’re not being slow. We’re ve–being very precise. We’re ve–being very, dynamic is the term I continue to use, because we really want to be very aggressive at what we’re doing here, but we wanna be thorough.

And so, as you look at the coaching pool, in many ways it’s a very finite, definite pool. I mean, and when we start looking. Now, it’s broad in it, in that it’s collegiate, in that it’s existing NBA coaches, previous NBA coaches or assistant coaches, international coaches.

But we have been very methodical at being able to identify the pool that we want to look at, doing a lot of interviewing and data analytics as well, and gathering of information about these potential candidates.

So as we start narrowing down, then, the selection process and who we want to really talk with, we’ve really analyzed the information that we wanna have and who’s met that qual–those qualifications.

So, we are, we’re moving that process along very rapidly, and in the very near future we’ll, I think, we’ll be actually starting to, then, do the process of the interviews that we’ll want to be reaching out.

** Spencer Checketts to Rigby, talking about all the coaching offers he’s received, UDQM
I may leverage an offer, you know, and come back to you and say, “Hey, I got this on the table. So, if you really want it, you know, you’re gonna have to come hard.”

Why do we hear so much about candidates for other openings, but not for the Jazz?
You know, I can’t speak to the other teams, in their philosophy and their choice to use the media or the community to kind of be part of their, the process of what they’re doing there. I think it’s been very apparent that, as the Jazz, we’ve tried to keep things very close to the vest, and, for a number of reasons.

Number one, I think, it’s, we want to also be respectful of those individuals that we’re considering, and that we’re looking at, and not wanting to interfere with their existing, maybe, coaching careers that they’re dealing with. And so, why create a problem if there really isn’t one if that is a legitimate person?

Number two is, we felt like it’s best that we are, you know what, not trying to create unwanted story lines and gossip that isn’t right and fair. …

The people that know and the people that we respect in the process, who have expressed to us interest, and when you get key agents, for example, who are talking with us, individuals that we know are talking with us, and we know the caliber of who they are and what they represent, and it’s become very apparent to us that the opportunity to be the head coach of the Utah Jazz is an extremely attractive position for the coaching candidates out there.

What do you talk to draft prospects about? What do they ask you and what message do you give to them?
[It’s an opportunity for them] to understand the questions that you’re looking at and the depth that we’re looking at from a player, and it gives us an opportunity to also talk to them about the standards and kind of our, and to understand what the Utah Jazz mean, ’cause we hopefully that they will come away from that, as they talk with friends, and other people, they could also say, “You know what? There’s an organization that people ought to be proud to want to play for,” and hopefully then be ambassadors for good of what the Utah Jazz mean.

What would you say to fans that feel you chose Alex Jensen and Johnnie Bryant over Tyrone Corbin and his staff?
You know, you have a, when you select your coach, you always allow your coach to bring in his coaching staff. Which is, traditionally, a first assistant, and then two other assistants.

Second or third, if you want, and you know, in our case, we always viewed them as just co-kind-of-assistant coaches and don’t put a brand of second or third, necessarily. But usually there’s a primary assistant coach, and then two other coaches.

The development coaches are designed specifically and selected not only by the coaching staff, but also by the team for the specific purpose of really doing what we, what their job title says.

Developing the players, and primarily those players that will not be seeing much playing time on the floor…[and] helping them to find other ways to replicate what playing time would give to them.

On the draft lottery
We want all the good luck we can, because you know what? I just have a feeling that luck is gonna be shining down on us, and won’t that be exciting to go from [the number] four [draft pick] to number one?

What is Adam Silver like?
Adam Silver is a, he is a class act. He is a very kind individual. He is a very intelligent individual. He is a man that is, his word is his bond, which I’ve always appreciated.

He is very, when I’ll send Adam a text or an e-mail, it’s responded within, you know, half-hour to an hour of time unless, you know, there’s a major crisis going on. So he’s very thorough and complete.

But he’s a progressive individual as well, which I really like. And you know, he’s willing to think outside the box, and look at opportunities, but at the same time very respectful of history and foundational principles of the basketba–of the game of basketball.

But he’s, wants to be progressive to also see that it goes forward in a bigger and better way for everybody.

On Jazz CFO Bob Hyde’s impending retirement and who will be fulfilling his duties as the first runner-up
Bob has done a great job for this organization, not only as a capologist and what he’s done for the basketball side of thing, he’s been one of our quiet heroes that has worked really hard behind the scenes…Bob is a great individual.

I’m happy that he’s committed to help us go through this, that, through the draft. So he’s staying with us through June 30, and I’m happy that he’s not moving out and he’s gonna be close by.

I know Bob’s, all of his numbers. So, he’s not leaving anything. He’s made a commitment…And he deserves the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life and find fulfillment in a lot of other ways…

We have some very good people on staff, with our attorneys Robert Tingey, who, he’ll continue to carry the load on a lot of our legal work.

But also Justin Zanik, who’s our new assistant general manager this last year. Justin has some very good knowledge on, coming from more the side of a agent, but Bob’s been working very closely with Justin and some of our other basketball people in really giving that information and knowledge and getting them hopefully up to speed. (1280)

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  1. Diana permalink
    May 10, 2014 8:44 am

    so confused again

    “We have not started the interviewing process. ”

    and then a little later

    “But we have been very methodical at being able to identify the pool that we want to look at, doing a lot of interviewing and data analytics as well, and gathering of information about these potential candidates.”

    who are they interviewing if they haven’t started the interviewing process. Are they practicing on each other?

  2. James permalink
    May 11, 2014 3:53 am

    I think when they say interviews, they are interviewing those close to the coaches to get even more background info. Kind of like when you apply for a job and give references.

  3. May 13, 2014 11:36 pm

    Diana — just like they pair off and practice french kissing. This is a very close and secretive organization.

  4. May 13, 2014 11:37 pm

    Also, I love how this Bob Hyde thing became a story because of specific people doing journalism things. Only one of which went to school for it.


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