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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 4/23

April 24, 2014
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On Tyrone Corbin
I wanna give my personal thanks to a dear friend, a great man in Ty Corbin, and his coaching staff. You couldn’t ask for a man with better character, with a better heart. And a family man; a good, God-fearing man.

A man who, in his best wisdom, and in wh–his judgment, gave us what he felt we needed and what he could do. And he gave it his all and he gave it day after day, and that I’ll be forever appreciative. And als–will always regard him as a dear friend…

I would hope that our fan base would also appreciate all that Ty, Sidney [Lowe], Mike [Sanders] and Brad Jones gave as a coaching staff and as a group. They had very difficult situations. You look at what Ty went through almost every season. There were really some real challenges and obstacles.

How will the coaching search be conducted?
We’re gonna take the necessary time to really, we’ve, Dennis [Lindsey] and I’ve sat down. We’ve got some preliminary information that we’re, are doing some research on.

We’ve got some, also, some things that we’re establishing, and wanting to also get weigh-in from the Millers and others, of making sure that we’ve identified every issue that we want on, as a requirement of a fa–of a coach that we’re gonna be looking for, and we’re gonna establish that foundation.

We’re gonna make sure, then, that we’re also establishing the criterias. We’ve already established that we’re going to have those preliminary interests funneled to Justin Zanik, as our, the assistant GM, so that, again, Dennis and myself can be removed from those initial, maybe, feelings. But we’re gonna use him as kind of the conduit that will, where people submit their request.

And then we will, once those come in, we’ll start, then, to determine whether our procedure’s going to be, of actually phone calls, maybe, is preliminary, and then going into more active interviews. And it’ll be an exhaustive search.

How exhaustive of a search is it going to be? A list of 20? Of 10? Of 5?
It’s gonna be, it’ll be much more than 20. I’ll say this. I think we’re going to look at, there’s a lot of different candidates I think we can apply.

You can look at existing coaches that have had NBA experience. You can look at assistant coaches in the NBA that are, you know, have been in, you’ve seen a number of teams that have gone with assistant coaches. You can look at iconic players that have, maybe, would be a potential. You can look at, also, international players that could, or coaches, that could maybe fit into that mold [and college coaches as well].

I think we’re going to exhaust and make sure we look at all the different areas, and so that no stone is unturned, of kinda the cat–of all categories so that we can, again, make the right decision.

Will your coaching search intersect with the coaching searches of other NBA teams?
If history proves itself, there’s gonna be other coaches that are gonna be released…You know, there’s been rumors of others. And so we’ll, you know, we’ll just gonna, we’re gonna do what we have to do. And you know what, we’ll let the chips and we’ll let those other markets and the other circumstances dictate other people, but we’re gonna do what we need to do.

Will the search for the new coach stop at the American border?
I think this is an international game, and this is a, we’re now, where we used to be, a national community. First a local, then a, and then a regional, then a national.

This is now, the world is now, the world. And we’re a part of it, in a big way, as an NBA and as a league. And so, I don’t think we will let borders of, interfere with that.

* “The world is now the world and we’re a part of it” goes with another Rigby gem from last April, “The world is now so national, and it also, international.”

Is there an advantage to hiring an international coach with connections to foreign free agents?
I don’t think so. We have scouts and we have a scouting core that have those connections, that, and we have not only kind of a lead international scout, but we also have regional scouts that are very well-connected, that are living in that world constantly.

Our coach needs to be in the world of, literally, focusing on the NBA, our team, and competing a, day after day, against each of those upcoming games.

Will you be looking for a head coach that believes in analytics?
The positive thing I think we have in a coaching staff is, I think, that’s an element that we are looking for, and we’re going to expect from that staff.

Does it have to come from the head coach? I don’t think so. But does it have to come, I, is that element going to be, I think, needed in that coach and his staff that he brings around him? Definitely yes…

I don’t know if you’ve read the book about [Abraham] Lincoln. It’s called Team of Rivals. And the magic of Lincoln and his group, is he actually hired around him, they weren’t yes men. These were men that would challenge his thinking and almost challenge political boundary lines so that they really came out of there the best decision. And I would hope and think that we’re going to see a coaching staff that would challenge one another.

Some executives prefer “yes men” for coaches. Are you saying the Jazz aren’t one of those teams?
Not at all. And you know what? I know Jerry Sloan was very comfortable inside his own skin, and had no problem with being challenged, and enjoyed the challenge that he would get from Phil Johnson, Ty Corbin, Scott Layden, you know, and others to challenge what he’s thinking, and, so that he could challenge himself.

Will any member of the coaching staff be retained?
We leave that to our head coach…

We may have th–we have, there are development coaches that are more hired quasi between the organization and the coach. They’re kinda jointly agreed upon, and those roles have been by Johnnie Bryant and Alex Jensen. And you know, we have had conversations with them, of dicussion whether they will continue on.

Again, we’re giving them the time to think about those things. There is a certain amount of respect that they have for the coaches they have worked with, and we wanna respect that. And they also have respect for, also, our organization.

But, because we still have a need, we’re gonna have a lot of players coming in very soon, and they’re gonna need some people to work out, work them out. (1280)

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  1. April 24, 2014 9:03 pm

    It’s nice to see international coaches being considered, as well as the comments on Johnnie Bryant and Alex Jensen.

    “You can look at iconic players that have, maybe, would be a potential.” This makes me think they’re going to talk to Stockton… as much as I loved him as a player I’d much rather him go the Hornacek route and get some experience as an assistant coach first.

  2. April 24, 2014 11:52 pm

    Maybe Rigby in fact is a disguised comedian: “This is now, the world is now, the world.”

  3. April 25, 2014 12:33 pm

    @cubsmodano Agree. It’d be probably awkward if Stock made the leap directly to coach (assuming he would do that) and it didn’t work out and the Jazz had to let him go.

    @Alec disguised, or unintentional comedian :)


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