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Bits from Utah Jazz Coaching Announcement Press Conference, Part 2

April 22, 2014
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Will you consult with Jerry Sloan on the coaching search?
[Coach Sloan] needs to be, in our opinion, a friend to Ty [Corbin] during this period. And then, if Coach is comfortable helping us through this process, then, as Randy [Rigby] and I expressed to him in the conversation, you know, we want, and in many ways need, his help.

Is there any room in the organization for Corbin to stay around?
[He’s] a good man who was a very good player, very good assistant, you know, that led us well, you know, through, you know, a tough three-plus years where there was significant change in personnel.

So, I wouldn’t rule anything out just ’cause he’s, you know, that high of character. You know, and I’ll say this, as well. I, you know, I think Ty is better for the position, or is going to be a better coach and potentially a better head coach for his experience.

How were the players informed about the decision?
Our player development staff…made the appropriate calls to our players to let ’em know that the decision happened. I will be following up. You know, I, Randy and I split up the staff. We had our player development staff divvy up the players.

Was Corbin part of the players’ exit interviews?

Was management tempted to compare Corbin’s performance against what Jeff Hornacek has done in Phoenix?
No. Totally different circumstances. And we’re proud of Jeff, and he did a very good job in short order, but nothing like that.

Does your opinion carry more weight than everyone else’s?
I think Greg Miller’s opinion means more. You know, and then I would say, Gre–Gail and Steve [Miller] would be next. And you know, I’ll throw Randy under the bus, and I’m a ways down on the pecking order.

And look, I respect the chain of command. I respect authority…It’s really, in all decisions, but especially the monumental ones, are done collectively as a team.

How much did wins and losses impact this decision?
It was a three-year decision. And you know, I think clearly, right after [the] Deron [Williams trade] is really, you know, a tough boat. You know, there was troubled waters, and Ty gets credit for steadying the boat.

And the two previous, or the two seasons after that, you know, those were solid NBA clubs relative to the talent. And this year, you know, there’s no hiding behind the fact that we went extremely young. Not just young, but extremely young…

And as Ty said, you know, that is a tough circumstance for coaches. But again, it was a three-plus-year decision.

Are there financial constraints in your coaching search?
We have not discussed that one.

Some of the younger players mentioned expectations of more minutes. Is that a fair criticism?
I don’t think so. That, rotations, and are the five young guys, you know, playing enough, you know, I would, I think Ty did an admirable job with that. I think year before last was very difficult ’cause we had so many productive big guys that, there’s only so many minutes.

So, and I think Ty managed that very well because Al [Jefferson] stayed happy. Paul [Millsap] stayed happy. You know, Enes [Kanter] got the minutes that he appropriately deserved, as did Derrick [Favors]. And you had Jeremy [Evans], who didn’t get to play much at all.

So that was a really, we were a little unbalanced relative to that, but all I know is, I go back to the locker room, and everybody was together last year.

And so, we cleared up that logjam, and I think the guys played the appropriate minutes and played the minutes that I think the coaches thought that they deserved. So, that’s not a huge negative.

Thanks to @NapoleonKFAN for the audio.

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