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Bits from Utah Jazz Coaching Announcement Press Conference, Part 1

April 22, 2014
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Opening Statement
Before we get started, just want to thank Ty Corbin and his staff. You know, it was a very difficult decision-making process that our team undertook. There was a lot of deliberation. You know, we made the decision today at 11 o’clock. We met with Ty at one to deliver the news.

But before we get started with questions, you know, everyone should know that Ty’s a man of dignity, class, integrity and we’ll do nothing now in this press conference or moving forward that would disparage him, you know, or the coaches in any way. Today, we’re grateful for a period that they saw us through.

You know, and, you know, following Coach [Jerry] Sloan’s, in many ways, is like, you know, following John Wooden.

And Kevin [O’Connor] and Randy [Rigby] and Bob [Hyde] and the Miller family made a tough decision there soon after to trade Deron Williams. Decision from afar, you know, at the time, looked like was a good one, and now, as being part of the Jazz organization, something that, you know, helped build our new foundation.

There was a lockout year.

There was last season, with, you know, new parts and a changing team. And Ty and the staff performed admirably.

And then last off-season, we had a bunch of decisions to make relative to veterans and young guys, and a look forward to see how many guys, you know, at high-salary slots we could pay. And we decided to not go young, but extremely young.

And as Ty and the staff noted, you know, continuously, you know, that’s a very difficult position to put coaches in. But it was one that we still felt like, when we visited with ownership, management, our scouts, our coaches, it was the right decision.

And today, we, again, made a very important decision for the franchise, but as much as anything, again, we want to express our gratitude towards Ty and his staff.

How much philosophical difference was there between Corbin and the front office, if any?
From 5,000 feet, there were philosophical things. And sometimes you can have a philosophy that has great synergy but it just be the wrong time for a marriage or for a relationship.

And sometimes, there are going to be differences of opinion on, whether it be personnel or what you’re doing with the personnel. So, I think you have to assume that there was, you know, there were some different thoughts. And again, that’s one of the reasons why we made the decision we made today.

Are you looking more inside or outside the organization for a new coach?
Literally, we haven’t had one conversation in regards to other names [or] criteria…

Now that the decision’s closed, we’ll meet quickly. Internally, we’ll set some criteria. We’ll look at some objective measures. We’ll look at some subjective measures about coaches, and who’s going to be the new leader for the Utah Jazz, and then, you know, define some timelines relative to how we’re going to interview, and who we’re going to interview…

We’re not going to limit ourselves prematurely by definding the, excuse me, by defining any of, you know, people or objectives that we’re looking for, or criteria. We wanna go into, at least the early stages, for it to be a very objective process. And then as we move through the process, it will become very subjective and very criteria-based upon, you know, what we need moving forward.

How much did the team’s defensive performance have to do with the decision to let Corbin go?
I would say this. The, being a defensive program going forward is very important to who we are and what we wanna be. And we wanna establish that foundation.

What is the status of the assistant and development coaches?
The Millers were very generous in many ways towards the coaching staff. And, status going forward is, again, unknown. We’re going to get through this phase and then we’ll talk about whether, you know, there’s ability for guys to stay…We just don’t want to be bound by anything that we say, you know, in a press conference today.

What could you have seen that might have resulted in a different decision?
We were looking at a lot of different criteria over multiple years. And again, instead of getting into the details…we’re just going to stand by the decision and that it was a multi-year decision.

Was this decision made last year and just not followed through with for financial reasons?
Absolutely not.

Is there any regret the decision wasn’t made earlier to develop the bond between the young guys and their new coach?
None whatsoever.

Were there times when Corbin failed to follow direct orders on playing time from management?
In no way will ownership or management dictate [playing time] going forward, just like we didn’t dictate it now and in the past…Here, the head coach needs to be in charge of playing time.

Did you agree with Corbin’s playing time decisions for the five young guys?
I think the criticism that Ty took over the last few years relative to the young guys, more times than not, missed the mark. I think Ty did a fine job in determining who should play, and rotations, and we’re completely comfortable with the minutes that our young guys got last year.

What do you feel are successful qualities in a good head coach?
There’s a personal character. There’s a work ethic. There’s a competitive DNA. There’s, you know, coaching acumen. Strategic ability to think on your feet…

I think NBA players want honesty and the truth as soon as you know it. I think they want somebody that gives ’em a good game plan that they can rally behind. And I think they want a coach that will, you know, push them physically, but not push them to the point where, you know, the practice or playing environment becomes unsafe.

Do you have a timeline for the new hire?
Really don’t know…The only thing that Randy and Bob and Kevin and I could tell the Miller ownership group was, is however long it takes to get the best man in the seat.

Did anyone in management or ownership come to Ty’s defense? Was there a debate?
We’re not gonna get into the, you know, the mechanics of, you know, how we made a decision. I can say this, though. It was a collective decision.

Thanks to @NapoleonKFAN for the audio.

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