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Locker Room Cleanout Part 5: Tyrone Corbin and Dennis Lindsey

April 18, 2014


** On management’s decision to go young
You wanna have a fair shake, and you want the best opportunity you have, can have, to win. We just, the organization decided to go in a different direction from the guys we had the year before. I knew it would be difficult. I said right from the beginning, is, in no way when you change the roster like we changed, is good for a coaching staff, especially in the last year of their contract. And it brings a lot of questioning and everything to do with young guys…You see why coaches that’s been in it a long time won’t put themselves in a situation where they have a young team because of those things. It doesn’t matter how you scheme things when you have young guys. Young guys make mistakes in this league. And the consistency of play, and that’s why they’re young in this league…I would have liked for things to be different and have been handled differently, but they weren’t. So, it is what it is.
** In your heart of hearts, do you feel like you’re going to be back next year?
I always feel like I’m gonna be around where I am.* Always.
** Who were you most impressed with or most happy with this season?
I won’t single out one guy. I think the growth of most of the young guys, I think, were good. Marvin Williams and Richard Jefferson did a great job of, and the veteran, John, even John Lucas and Brandon [Rush] at times, man, did a great job of helping this young guy, young group of guys grow and staying focused…When things get bad, guys tend to go in different directions. They get smaller groups. This group of guys stayed together and continued to work. I’m proud of that.
** Can Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors successfully co-exist as starters?
There’re times when it works. I think the way the league is now, there be times when you can play two bigs, and there be times when you have to adjust to the other big big and big, small big or whatever you wan–stretch big or whatever the term you have for the guy now. But they can function on the floor together, whether it’s starting roles or coming off the bench. One or, and the other starting, or starting the two together.
** Was Richard Jefferson’s size one of the reasons you chose to start him over Alec Burks?
No, Richard deserved it. I thought Alec gave us a chance coming off the bench…We wanted to look at both ways, and I think Richard settled us down at times.
** Was it hard to take the negativity?
You know what? Misery love company, man. You know, I, you know, there are some miserable people, and they love talking about what somebody else is doing or not doing…People like to criticize, and that’s what it is. People like to read it. I don’t give a lot of energy to it myself.

* Thanks to @DJJazzyJody for the correction.


** What’s the timeline for the coaching decision?
We won’t have much of a further comment, you know, past this initial thing. When we spoke to Ty and his representation during the year, we laid out we wanted to take the full season. We wanted to take a small period for all of us, you know, Ty included, to decompress, you know, so we’re not making a decision based upon the last possession, the last game and make an emotional decision. So we laid out the process that Ty and [Corbin’s agent] Steven [Kauffman] agreed to. We’ll take a short decompression, you know, period, you know, to reflect, you know, on the season, and what we saw. And then, in short order we’ll come together with Ty and talk it out.
** You said before the season defense would be a focus. What did you see in the team’s defensive development?
Yeah, so we ranked 30th and we all have to own that. You know, there was a young playing group, to be fair to Ty and the coaches, and a new playing group that we threw together. You know, young players taking different roles, different minutes. So, we’ll reflect on that.
** We didn’t see the five young guys start together until the last few games of the season…
Look, there’s only one ball…I think Manu Ginobili’s a Hall of Famer, just like John Havlicek was, and they did it in sixth man roles. So you know, I know there was a little angst that they, the five [young guys] didn’t play enough time together. There’s a lot of ways to look at that, but just using Alec Burks, you know, when we played him with, you know, Gordon [Hayward], he didn’t get the ball as much. So I think Ty made a great decision, and you know, Alec I thought was one of the better offensive substitutes in the league last year, or this past season, because of it. And you know, there’s, it was such an uneven season, to begin with, with injuries, with the schedule that we played, with the newness of the team.
** Can Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors play together?
There was some, I think, premature opinion, you know, can Enes and Derrick play together? And frankly, that’s nonsense. You know, Enes can really shoot the ball, and Derrick can really anchor a defense from a rebounding and shot-blocking standpoint. And I think in combination going forward, they’ll be fine.
** Will Enes Kanter be shooting 3-pointers next season?
Does he have the ability to step out and shoot the ball? Absolutely. You know, his, for such a young player, his long twos are very impressive. You know, do you move him to the corner, you know, and let him start there and progress up to the arc? All I know is, is one of the toughest situations to guard in my 18 years in the league was, you know, Deron Williams coming off a Carlos Boozer pick and roll right, you know, just above the elbow, and having Mehmet Okur lifted, you know, all the way at the arc…You couldn’t get that situation covered. So, in the right context, you could see it.
** On Utah not being a free agent destination
Who knows when, you know, that tide could change and you know, we can get our Reggie White of Green Bay? You know, he left the big market to go there, and so, you know, I go to bed dreaming about that scenario a lot. And you know, if we commit to someone like that, they need to be the right guy and the right player. And, but we have that wherewithall.

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