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Locker Room Cleanout Part 4: Enes Kanter

April 18, 2014

Note: No locker room cleanout interviews with Brandon Rush or Malcolm Thomas available.
Edit: …though @tribjazz did provide this:

falk rush


Interview with the media
** Do you think you and Derrick Favors can play together?
Some people think that we cannot play together. I think it’s crazy. You know, I think we can play together…The people out there who thinks that then, it’s wrong.
** How tough is it going into the off-season not knowing whether Tyrone Corbin will be back?
It’s not really my business, you know? … We been through a lot with coach Corbin; good, bad, whatever. And I think, I like him as a person. And I mean, he’s a, still, I mean, he’s still a young coach too, you know? He’s still learning and stuff. This is what, third, three and a half years in the NBA? I mean, he’s learning too. And I think he made some really good moves, and you know, last summer that the moves he did that shows that he wants to go with the young. So I think, I mean, it’s not my really business to talk about it. But I think, you know, I like him as a person.
** On his minutes this year
It’s kind of a little, like, surprise me. And, ’cause I thought I was gonna be playing more minutes. And because, like, I’m taking after my first two years and this year’s minutes, so I think it’s, like, average, like, 18-something minutes. I’m like, I’m looking at the, my [draft] class year top five picks, I mean, it’s, they all playing, like, big, major minutes. So, I mean, like, this year is over now. I don’t really wanna talk about it. I know I have up and downs too, so, but next year I would like to, you know, see more minutes and get more responsibility.
** What does this team have to do to improve to be a winner sooner rather than later?
I think playing minutes. I think that’s all about it. I think playing minutes together, and we didn’t really have that that much this year. And, but I think in the next year’s, whatever, in the pre-season or the normal season, to play, you know, together that five that coach Ty put in last [three to four] games. I think if we keep playing like that, that this team’s gonna be, you know, future is bright.
** Is a 3-point shot something you want to incorporate into your game next season?
Yeah, definitely. I mean, I been working on my, you know, my three the last two years, whatever. And you know, the, I haven’t told coach Ty, you know, about the threes…I think next year, I’m gonna start shooting. We’ll see.
** How happy are you to see Al Jefferson’s success this year?
Oh man, Jefferson is, you know, I’m, every time I see him on the TV, I’m just saying, you know, “That’s my boy.” You know, I saw he, I think he won the Player of the Month in March, and I think, I’m really happy for him, man. You know, I’m really happy for him.
** Summer plans?
I’m gonna go to Chicago first. And then I’m gonna go see my family for, like, probably, like, over a month [in Turkey], ’cause I haven’t really get to see my family during the season, pretty busy. So I’m just gonna go see them a little bit, and just spend time with them. Then I’m gonna just come back and work.

Interview with David Locke
** How will you improve your game next year?
Maybe start shooting threes? … We’ll see, man. I mean, I don’t know. I, we’ll see what coach want me to do. But you know, I’m really gonna work on my threes this summer.
** Your post game has improved. Would you have spent as much time working on your post game if you’d been shooting threes?
I think so. Definitely. I mean, post game is just my, you know, my go-to move. Like, back to basket’s, you know, just my go-to move. But you know, you cannot just back up every time. I’m, like, let me give you an example. Like Big Al [Jefferson]. Facing up, shooting, or, like, backing up. So you have to have both. But I think if I work on threes, I wouldn’t lose my, any post game, really.
Because what happens in this league is, people start shooting threes and they get soft and don’t want contact and then they just stay out there all the time. You’re not going to get soft, are you?
I kind of live in the paint, man. Come on. I won’t get soft. Don’t worry about that.
Yeah, I am sure.
It’s easy out there.
If it gets easy, I’ll still go in. I like the post. I like, you know, all the post moves, and you know, footwork. I like it.
** The Jazz PR guy just walked by shaking his head at you. What did you do?
I dropped a bomb.
What did you say?
I cannot just say it again.
You have to tell me what you said. What did you do?
I cannot say it second time, man.
Did you make a mistake?
I didn’t make a mistake. I say the truth.
What is “the truth”?
Truth is that the five young guy needs to play more minutes.
[pause] So you need to play more minutes?
Me, and other five young guys [Alec Burke,* Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans] too.
But the team’s record is better when other people play. So why should those five play?
Let me put this way. This year’s has to, this, they told that we were future and they said that they were rebuilding. So, I mean, if you’re not gonna win a championship, that, which is, you didn’t…This year was rebuilding. This year was development of the young guys. And I’m trying to say is, just like, I mean, if you’re not gonna win a championship, why not just play the other guys?
But what happens when Derrick is better when you’re not on the floor?
It’s about, we’ve been playing, if we play together or not. I mean, it, I believe that if we play together more and more minutes, we get used to each other more, I think we’ll get better.

* People calling Alec Burks “Alec Burke”: Enes Kanter.

** You have become a nice player. How do you parlay that into a player whose team wins? Because right now you’re putting up numbers, but your team is better when you’re on the bench.
Well, I think offensively it’s there, but I think most importantly is, like, defense too…We have enough talent to score the, like, somebody’s gonna score the ball. But I think the most important thing is just defense.
Do you know defense yet?
I mean, I’m, like, my body was in better shape last year. But this year it’s not that, like, good of shape as, like, as last year. But this year I know where to be. I know, like, what the, where the help side is, where the ball side is. I know where to go a little better now. So, I think when you play even, like, more minutes, that you get in that experience.

Note — Possibly relevant quote from Dennis Lindsey on Jan. 3, 2014:

I think in due time, also, that Enes, with his touch and his range, you know, if he doesn’t shoot the three out there eventually whether it be in the corner or in the slot, he can certainly shoot the long two.

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  1. SurlyMae permalink
    April 19, 2014 1:48 am

    HOLY SHIT. Sorry for the language but I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike Locke any more than I already did. Was he drunk? Is he an idiot? Generally clueless? Why does he still have a job? Because he “works hard?” Son, people all over this world work their asses off and it doesn’t make them any better at their job. Every season he stays on lessens my liking of the FO.

    • Diana permalink
      April 19, 2014 10:19 am

      I could not agree with you more, Ash!


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