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Trey Burke talks family, interview skillz and his off-season focus

April 14, 2014
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Has there been a most surprising night of the year for you?
[Stephen] Curry. The night Curry went for 44. It was just, like, he couldn’t miss. You know, and he was shooting mostly jump shots; it wasn’t like he was just breaking us off the dribble and getting in the paint. You know, it was, like, some of those shots he was making, was good defense. It was nothing we could do about it.

And I think that was the night they had acknowledged Coach [Jerry] Sloan, and you know, all the old players had came back. So it was kinda like, man, they just seen Curry just basically kill me, you know?

And that’s something I’m not really used to, is another guard going at me the way that he did. And you know, they won the game as well, so I keep that in the back of my mind. You know, but I’m a competitor, so I didn’t let it get, you know, get on, I didn’t let it get me down too much.

Why are you so good with the media and interviews?
Well, I think when I first got to Michigan, well, and Northland [High School], that’s where it started, where I was getting interviews, and we was, you know, getting national attention so a lot of the local media was interviewing us. And I would get so nervous before I did a interview, and it was just like, I don’t wanna mess up; I don’t wanna stutter.

And I think, just doing it so much, you get used to it. You start predetermining answers. You know kinda what you’re gonna axe, or going into that interview, you try to, you know, think about what you’re gonna say. And I’ve had a lot of practice with it too.

I can say that, you know, the Jazz has helped me out a lot with media coverage, and especially Michigan. My two years there, you know, they made sure we were, you know, on point when it came to media, and that we weren’t, you know, embarrassing ourselves.

What has been your defining moment so far this year?
I would say, if I could think of one at the top of my hair right now, would be the Miami game, because, you know, I don’t feel like I had a, the best game that game, but you know, when it came down to that last shot and it came down in the fourth quarter, you know, I was ready to take that shot. I was ready to, you know, whatever the team needed me to do, embrace that moment, just because I played on that stage before.

You know, this is defending na–or the defending, you know, champions in the NBA with LeBron [James] and all these superstars, and you know, a lot of guys wouldn’t take that shot. For me, I, you know, I wanted to embrace that moment and show, you know, show everybody that I’m willing to take that shot.

You’d shot 12-50 in the five previous game, but you still had the pelotas to rise and fire with the game on the line…

I learned that, you know, it’s all about confidence. You know, I think when I was shooting that way, I started losing confidence drastically. It was like, man, can I make a shot? You know, I went from National Player of the Year to not knowing if, you know, who I am now.

And you know, I think something that really gave me a lot of confidence, you know, coach [Tyrone] Corbin would pull me to the side, and you know, be like, “Look, just play. Just go out there and play basketball. You know, don’t, you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.” … I think that gave me, you know, an incredible amount of confidence because this was coming from my head coach.

What’s it like to have your dad as your agent and your mom so engaged?
Man, it’s actually giving me goosebumps right now, ’cause it’s, it means a lot, man. It really does. You know, my dad being my agent, you know, that’s rare, you know? …

Coming into the league, I didn’t really know who was gonna be my agent. I knew my dad, you know, had the knowledge and had the, you know, type of connections to be my agent, but at the end of the day, I felt like, you know, he was the guy I could trust more than anything. He had my best interests, so I ended up going with him.

And then my mom, man, she’s so supportive. You know, sometimes I have to even tell her, “Mom, just calm down on social media. Don’t say nothing during the game. Don’t say something about playing time. Like, just, you know, people are watching you too.”* That’s just her passion for the game. You know, she’s always been like that, ever since I’ve been playing. You know, you gotta love her for it. She supports me 100 percent.

Is that too much though? Wait, let me rephrase that. [reference to Trey’s pregnant girlfriend] Are the back-to-back 2-11 shooting nights worse than they would be otherwise because so much else is involved?

Yes, I think so, but they, even if I have a bad game, they’re gon be supportive, obviously. But for me, I think when I do have those type of games, honest, that gives me strength for the next game. When I go 2-11, or just shoot awful, knowing I can play better than that, you know, that makes me, you know, wanna really play good that next game or wanna, you know, show that I’m not that type of player.

* I hope Trey’s mom doesn’t take his advice. Love her tweets. :)

How will you approach your off-season differently based on what you’ve learned this season?
First and foremost, Imma take a one- or two-week break right after the season and just let my body fully recover, because, you know, I can get fast breaks now and just feel like I cannot dunk. In college, you know, I had legs to get up there and dunk. You know, I haven’t even had a dunk this year, and I can just tell that’s ’cause my lower body’s tired.

You know, I’m going approach it, after that little break I take after the season, you know, I’m gonna approach my lower body hard. You know, my explosion; getting quicker; obviously, shooting the ball. It’s gon definitely be a different approach for me. It’s gon be one of my hardest working summers, ’cause I know what it, you know, what you have to do to be a good guard in this league.

How do you plan to incorporate rim-finishing and the free throw line into your game?
I think that’s something Imma have to, you know, work on a lot this summer. You know, I feel like I got to the line, you know, much more in college. You know, but there are giants down there now. And it’s like, them refs are not, you know, even if you may get nicked, you know, me, I’m not gonna get that call. I’m a rookie, you know? So, it’s something Imma have to continue to work on, which is getting to the line.

You know, going off of one foot, you know, is critical. A lot of guys don’t under–or a lot of fans don’t see that. You know, if a small guard like me goes off of two foot, two feet, you know, the big has an opportunity to time it up. But for me, if you watch guys like Tony Parker, they go off that one foot, you can’t time it up. And that’s something Imma work on a lot. (Locked on Jazz)

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  1. bebop permalink
    April 15, 2014 10:16 am

    I love Trey. I think we’re going to see a big jump for him next year.


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