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Bits from Practice, 4/2 and 4/3

April 4, 2014
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** Tyrone Corbin, asked whether he’s given thought to playing the younger guys with the Jazz being out of the playoffs
We’re playing younger guys already.
But Rudy [Gobert] hasn’t played many minutes. More minutes?
We’ll see. If the opportunity presents itself, we’ll see.

** Corbin, asked what it’s like to coach this team at the end of the season
You know, it’s, you know, one of the things that we understood from the beginning where we were, and I played in this league, man. It’s, you know, you’re playing with young guys. I played on an expansion team when I was one of the young guys, and it’s a difficult thing, every game, trying to understand what you’re working for.

And you know, even if you’re not winning games, you’re playing to get better. But you wanna be as good as you can be. So, the message has been all year, it’s, “Look. You know, everybody’s gonna talk and have an opinion about where we are. We have to have an idea of where we are, what we’re doing and what’s best for us now and going forward.”

And you wanna cry and, try and create a winning attitude in where you are, and you play to try and win, not just being on the floor. Some guys have expectations just because I’m young and we’re developing, I can just be on the floor. Well, we wanna work the right way to create good habits, and it’s not gonna be every night…

And it’s not easy. You know, and a lot of people said and these guys at times think that they should be out there. They should just be on the floor and make mistakes and continue to make mistakes and learn. And that’s not necessarily the best way to handle it.


** Corbin, asked if Enes Kanter is becoming more of a professional
He’s still a young, young guy, man, and young guys are gon, they wanna have some fun. And they don’t realize at times it’s work and it’s a job. But I think he have a better understanding now than he did a year ago, of what it takes and as his role increase, how his play have to become more consistent, beca–so he can be a great pro.

** Corbin, on what he wants to see from Enes Kanter on the court
Well, consistency on both ends of the floor. You know, defensively, he understand wher–he’s gotten better, especially of late. And playing his guy, the weak side rotations, trying to be a big body where he’s not as athletic as some of the other guys may be, but his positioning, getting there quickly, and then using his size, not bailing out on plays, being the guy, learning when to take a foul and not let a guy go to the basket, because you’re there, and just to sit and set the tone that way.

** Corbin, asked to evaluate Trey Burke’s rookie season
It’s still going on. So, we’re still working to get better. Well, he’s had some experiences. He’s learned a lot, you know? After the summer, and then the beginning of the year, and being hurt, and coming back, and having some successes, not playing so well, at stretches, and fighting back, and playing well again. So, it’s the NBA season, and he’s still focused on working to get better.

** Corbin, asked if Diante Garrett has been his nicest surprise
He’s been one of ’em. You know, he’s been one of ’em. We’ve had some good stories this year, man. I mean, you know, from a guy like Rudy, who we didn’t know if we were going to have a chance to get him into games this year, he’s worked his way in to play a few games this year, and getting better with us, instead of spending extended amount of time down in the D-League [although he’s] been down a few times.

Ian [Clark] is a young guy that’s worked his way, we haven’t had a chance to get him a lot of time on the floor of late. We’re trying to get him in a little bit more, but he has a better understanding of what we’re looking for, what he has to work on to get better in this league. And so, along with Diante coming in from where he was, and working his way into the rotation, and playing valuable minutes for us.


** Trey Burke on what he’s learned going against the top point guards in the league
I would say, it’s just, you know, not ever getting discouraged. You know, some nights, guys are gonna have really good nights on you. And some nights, you’re gonna have really good nights on other guys. You know, it’s just the reality of the league, you know? There, these are the best players in the world, and for me, being a young point guard, I have to continue to get better so you know, I can be, you know, one of those top guards someday. That’s my goal.

** Burke, asked what he likes best about living in Salt Lake City
I say the moun’uns*, and just the people, man. I think the people embraced me as soon as I got here, and that’s the best part about it, man. You know, I didn’t know how I would adjust when they, when I got drafted here, but I adjusted pretty quickly, and I’m glad to be here.

* That’s how Burke said “mountains.” He’s in Utah to stay, guys. Career Jazzman for sure.


** Diante Garrett on whether Utah feels like home
Yeah, I have an apartment right down the street [from the practice facility]. I stay in the same building with Marvin [Williams], Malcolm [Thomas] and Trey…My mom came out and they told me my place is all cozy and feels like home, and I’m like, “Yeah, you’re right. It does.” So, it feels good.

** Garrett, asked if he’d like to stay in Utah
Yeah, I think so, yeah. For sure.

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