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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 3/26

March 28, 2014
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Which Jazz player has impressed you the most this year?
I will say this, that I’ve been impressed with, and he’s, but again, he’s not one of our younger guys, and I think that’s how you learn how to do this. I felt Marvin Williams has been a stronger player for us this year, and provided more leadership for us, which I’ve appreciated this year.

But he’s a veteran player, and I think he realizes that he needs to also provide that role more, ’cause of these younger players. And so, you know, our younger guys, still, I think they need to continue to see some, I want to continue to see some maturity from them, and we need to see, continue to see some more toughness.

I want, I’m hoping we can s–keep seeing some more toughness from our guys. I, you know, I talked with our coaching staff a little bit after the [Detroit] game.

I wanted to see, I thought there was a hard foul in that last game when Gordon [Hayward] got almost a breakaway call, and then got a hard foul underneath the basket. And he, and it was a hard foul from the Pistons.

And I was hoping to see a little more toughness as Gordon got up and, wou–I’d’ve liked to see him in their face, where, or our other players get in their face a little more and say, “Hey, you don’t do that to our players, in our building, you know, like this.” And it’s not, it hasn’t happened yet.

How do you delineate between blowout losses to bad teams and competitive losses to good teams?
[The Detroit] loss was a hard loss, and I’ll tell you what. I know it left a bad taste in all of our mouths. And you know, I ran into Gordon [Monson], in fact, out in the hallway after that, and Gordon says, “Man, it looked like a morgue in there.”

And you know what? I’m glad that our, it, as I thought about it, by the way, all night, I’m glad it felt like a morgue, because I want our players to leave those bad feelings in their stomach, and hopefully all of us say, “You know what? Now let’s see how we respond and come back from that thing, and compete a lot better.”

That’s not Jazz basketball. That’s not who we are. Our fans, you know, deserve better than that And you know, unfortunately, I think you, sometimes you have those type of games…

You know, and you can make excuses. But they’re excuses, and we, you just have to say, we’re gonna, we’ve gotta learn from it, and get better, and do better.

Are you watching to see which players are checking out, with off-season decisions in mind?
I have not seen, really, any indications from our players that, from any of our players that they’ve checked out. I, did they stumble hard [against Detroit]? Yes, but I have not seen an indication from any of them that there’s a sign of checking out, a sign of disconnect with our coaching staff, and any of those type of things.

It was just a loss, and I think, I will say this. Again, we have a young team. This is a long, grueling season. And I think, particularly, as you get closer to the end of a season, it can get hard and wearing on you, and it takes a real, not only physical toughness, and, but a mental toughness as well. And if you haven’t been conditioned to playing it to that level, it’s, I think, it can hit you pretty hard…

I think, you know, and if you’re not watching it every game, it doesn’t take much for, all of a sudden, you to f–to be off-kilter a little bit. And I’ll tell you, this league and these teams can get after ya, in an easy wa–in a quick way. And I think that’s what we saw happen [against Detroit].

On lessons to be learned from the ’83-’84 team
It was fun for me on Saturday night to introduce to our team these players from the ’83-’84 season. And I was very emotionally touched when I introduced them to ’em, to make them, those players realize, what these men, coaches and players, had done for this community and for this franchise, to really make us from being pretenders to contenders, and to really establish us as, we’re here in Utah to stay, because of the efforts that those men had provided as a team, and come together as a team.

And the messaging I wanted our players to also hear from them, is a gratitude for them, number one, and it’s saying, “Now it’s, now that mantle is on us.” But number two, to also say to themselves, “They did it, and so can we. And we’re going to do it.”

And to really s–feel that rich tradition and history and be proud of it, and be part of it, and really take it inside their soul, and have ’em add to their spirit, to want to be better.

We’ve been talking on the show about how some judges have a middle initial that they use. Do you have a middle initial?
Well, I’m honored that it’s, my middle initial is “L,” f–as it’s, I get it from my father, who was named, his name was Lawrence “Rex” Rigby. So it’s, the “L” comes from Lawrence “Rex” Rigby…Randall L. Rigby.

Gordon Monson: That sounds very judge-like.

Spencer Checketts: Or very president-like, quite frankly.

Monson: Yeah, yeah! Or very general authority-like…Now, I don’t want to take it too far… (1280)

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  1. bebop permalink
    March 28, 2014 1:18 pm

    Randy is just trolling us by saying Marv has impressed him thus far.

  2. Alec permalink
    March 28, 2014 7:56 pm

    Randy Rigby is such a fraud. I really like Marvin, bit this answer is ridiculous, maybe even disrespectful towards the younger players, because the question obvioulsy headed into that “core” direction. You can name him, but not as the one and only.

    But it may be the confirmation, that Marvin will get a similar role the next years, because Lindsey famously turned down an offer for him for a (probably) late first rounder.


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