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Game 72 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Memphis Grizzlies (23-49)

March 27, 2014

Tyrone Corbin, spicing up the game for the national audience with his famous Michael Jackson impression:


Pre-Game Quotage
** Gordon Hayward, asked whether the last few games have been a product of physical, mental and emotional fatigue
I think it’s just poor performance. So I don’t think it has to do with, at least me, physically or mentally being tired or anything, so. Just not playing well.
** Derrick Favors on the box score from the last game
Yeah, I want to throw that away, man. Get it out of here, man. Shot 2-8 from the free throw line. That’s embarrassing.
** Favors, asked what he takes away from games against teams with a defensive culture
It’s not just one guy. You know, it’s a whole team. You know, all five guys on the court is on the same page. All five guys, you know, they give energy on the defensive end; they communicate on the defensive end. And you know, they take pride in it. It’s a team thing. So you know, that’s something we can learn from.
** Trey Burke, asked what he takes away from games against teams with a defensive culture
Their team defense, you know, when the, when somebody’s man doesn’t have the ball, where he’s at. And you know, the small things on the defensive end. You know, talking; communication; being in the right spot when your man doesn’t have the ball. You know, just, it’s all really about communicating and you know, being where you need to be. And everybody on our team knows where they need to be when their man doesn’t have the ball. It’s just a matter of doing it.
** Burke, asked whether he ever ran into Mr. Ohio Basketball 2007 runner-up Kosta Koufos when he was growing up
I never played against him besides, you know, the, you know, the couple times I played against him this year. I know he’s an Ohio guy. But yeah, he’s a couple years older than me, so I didn’t get to play against him in high school. But I’m definitely familiar with him.

enes dunk

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the game
Yeah, yeah, it’s a loss. We had an opportunity to win the game. You know, didn’t make the plays down the stretch. Give them credit. They had 29 points in that fourth quarter, and they made the plays they needed to down the stretch.
** Corbin, asked whether the short rotation and fatigue had anything to do with the Grizzlies’ comeback
Could be. I mean, I, you know, you’re a pro. It’s 70-plus games into the season. Heck, you wanna play 48 minutes, so. You get an opportunity, I mean, you could use that and say, “I was tired.” That’ll say who you are, my opi–as a player, I never tell the coach I’m tired. But, some guys might.
** Corbin, asked if Burke talked to him before the game about passing more since he had six or seven assists in the first quarter
Talked to me about six or seven assists?
About starting the game with a passing approach, rather than a–
Just talking about getting better, whatever that is. He just talked about getting better.
** Corbin on closing games
Well, young guys, man. That’s what you, you know, you have to learn. I thought we executed, we got the ball in the right spots. We didn’t make the shot, you know, they made a couple turnovers there…We’ll watch some film tomorrow, and look at it, and try and make sure the guys are visually seeing what we’re seeing, and can stay fresh in their mind.

** Trey Burke, asked if, with six or seven assists in the first quarter, he was looking to get his teammates going
Yeah, absolutely. You know, I think that’s how I need to play, you know, more consistently, is, you know, getting guys going. I think that’ll open up things for me…I think that’s definitely how, you know, I need to play. You know, get guys going early on. You know, that’ll help our offensive flow, you know, down the stretch.
** Burke on the game
We all made that extra pass. You know, that’s when we play best. You could see we can play with, you know, one of the, some of the best teams in this league when we, you know, when we do play, you know, that type of ball. When we don’t, that’s when we have some of our bad nights. But you know, we were right there. You know, I think we definitely could’ve won this game. You know, we just had too many mistakes down the stretch.
** Derrick Favors on Enes Kanter’s performance
He played a big game tonight. You know, had, like, 15 rebounds. He did good on the defensive end, had that little weak dunk (laughs). You know, it’s, he played a good game tonight.
** Gordon Hayward on the game
I thought we played hard, and competed. I think everybody could see that. It’s just a frustrating loss because we had, seemed like we had the game, you know, throughout the whole first three quarters and half of the fourth. So, we just let it slip.
** Richard Jefferson on the game
We didn’t do a very good job of closing out the game. They’re a veteran team; they’re a good team. They’ve played together. Late in the game, they hit the shots that they want, when they want ’em, from the people that they want ’em from. And they did that, and won the game…We’re seeing [progress]. That being said, it’s still a game we should’ve won. You know, this one should hurt, you know, if you care about basketball. You know, this one should hurt. It doesn’t, you know, we should’ve won this game.
** RJ on his hot streak of late
I’m not a guy that gets a lot of plays called for him, so if I’m shooting the ball well, it’s normally ’cause my teammates are doing a good job of finding me. So you know, most of the credit goes to them. You know, they’ve been finding me and getting me some good looks; I’ve been able to knock ’em down.

ty 326

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Trey Burke “Trey Burks”: Hubie Brown
** People calling Alec Burks “Professor Alec Burks”: Matt Harpring or Craig Bolerjack (H/T @davidjsmith1232)
** Burks was apparently sporting a snazzy purple bow tie. ESPN did not see fit to allow fans/me to see this.
** The Holy Trinity of Dancing Jazz Fan is now the Holy Quadrality of Dancing Jazz Fan. Original video via @sput_nick:


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Hubie Brown: Hayward, aggressively to the hole!
** ESPN guy that’s not Hubie Brown on Enes Kanter’s hybrid hook shot/jumper: It goes in, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. Right, coach?
** Brown or the other guy: Johnson hangs…and able to put it in. (H/T @Jake_J_W)
** Brown on Kanter miss: That was a bad release. I mean, he had the ball so tight to his body, there was no way he could get up into a hook.
** Not Hubie on deflection out of bounds: Maybe Marvin Williams got his hand on it to knock it out?

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