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Bits from Dennis Lindsey Interview, 3/21

March 22, 2014
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On Derrick Favors’ development
There’s still, to me, at least two more levels that Derrick can hit. You know, we’re gonna continue to push Derrick, you know, in every area. You know, he’s been literally, you know, touched by the hand of God with, you know, some of his physical gifts.

And you know, just 22 [years old], but I think of late you’ve seen a good stretch of Derrick’s post play that he’s been working on. I think as he continues to work, you know, at game speed, that will really continue to improve.

You know, I haven’t been around the team, but watching it from the road, I noticed there was even a subtle adjustment to his free throw shooting, where he’s starting the ball, you know, chest-high instead of waist-high, so taking the arm out of it a little bit. I know our assistant coaches and development coaches have been working with Derrick a great deal on that.

And I think we’ve seen some recent progress and, as well, and again, you know, he’s a great kid and he’s of the right makeup. You know, his mom and family raised him well, and we think, you know, the future’s great for him, and we wanna pull, you know, 100 percent of his potential out of him here going forward.

Do you already have a draft big board going, or do you wait until the last minute?
Yeah, yeah. A little bit of both. So, you know, Walt Perrin really leads our process. The Millers have allowed us to add significant scouting talent around the country, around the world as well. And so, we’ll compile a list, running list. What we don’t want to do is have that, those lists become circular and be regurgitated…

What we try to stay away from is a herd mentality. You know, don’t really like, you know, to share a lot of my thoughts with our guys during the year, ’cause you know, we don’t need the scouts to line up behind, you know, what I feel or Kevin [O’Connor] feels or Ty[rone Corbin] feels.

We need those guys to come up with the right points, the right arguments and fight us for, you know, something that they believe in because many times, they’re on the ground doing the work…You gotta listen to ’em, ’cause many times they’ve done the most work.

Will you be watching to see which players finish the season the “right” way?
I take notes on every game. Ty and I just met, you know, about these last 13 games, and you know, what we wanna accomplish. And you know, every game matters. You know, every practice, every shootaround, every video session, ’cause those are all building habits.

And you know, I’ve said it a thousand times…Enes Kanter’s 21. Four years from now, he’s gonna be a very, still be a very young player. Of now, we can, you know, we’re trying to instill, you know, good habits, whether they’re dietary, or you know, playing habits, or you know, how he watches video, or how he approaches his recovery.

So you know, really, all those lessons are learned now, and you know, and I think collectively, you know, I would hope that our guys continue to stay together, and you know, treat these last 13 games, you know, with competition respect that they should. (1280)

The news also broke today that the Jazz will be playing in the Vegas Summer League this year instead of Orlando.

This means either:

1) The Jazz have gotten over the Vegas Summer League supplanting the Rocky Mountain Revue*; or
2) Dennis Lindsey decided the Jazz should be over it.

[The Jazz] will field a team for the first time when the NBA Summer League tips off its 11-day run July 11 at the Thomas & Mack and Cox Pavilion for what will be its 10th anniversary season of competition.

Utah had been competing in the Orlando Summer League. …

Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey said it is important for the Jazz to develop its young talent closer to home.

“Having our training camp in Orlando was difficult for us, and we felt it was time to move forward,” Lindsey said. “We feel there’s a natural tie-in with Las Vegas, and it’ll be great for our fans to follow us and be able to see our young players. We’re very excited about the move.” (Review Journal)

Although the Rocky Mountain Revue has not been held since 2008, some within the Jazz front office are still holding out hope it can be resurrected.

Randy Rigby last July:

As I watch what’s going on here in Orlando, I keep saying, “You know what? People really liked our summer league.”

And so, I’m gonna make another run at this, in the next month or so, see if we can get a handful of teams to really come and enjoy our great state and our great fan base, and see if we can get summer league back in Salt Lake.

And Lindsey today:

lindsey rmr

* Via the Trib: “When the Rocky Mountain Revue folded in 2008, Jazz brass vowed not to play in Vegas, blaming its emergence for the RMR’s dissipation.”

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  1. KaBar6 permalink
    March 23, 2014 2:01 am

    I’m curious as to what Ty does during his meetings with DL. It would be nice to get transcripts, probably would just be a bunch of “You Know” back and forth, you know. I’m losing faith in DL, and I question, why didn’t we resign Paul, Kyle and DeMarre? Instead we get 2 and a half goons(RJ is a half) who are completely over paid.


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