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Game 69 of 82: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies (22-47)

March 20, 2014


Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin, asked whether it was a little bit of a hangover from the last game
I don’t, I, you know what, I just think that we, you know, this is a good team, and they came out and they put their hands on us early. And we didn’t respond to, I thought in the second half, we played with a lot more energy.

fouls vs minutes

** Gordon Hayward on the game
It’s hard when you get down on the road to come back and then hold off somebody. And you know, they’re good at what they do. They have two extremely big guys that are, you know, special players. They pass the ball well, and they feed off each other, so. They had, what was it, like, four or six quick points on us after we tied it, and you know, we just couldn’t come back after that.
** Trey Burke on what the Jazz can accomplish in the final few games
I would say it’s just, you know, developing, you know? Not only as a team, but individually. You know, we understand that, you know, the playoff picture is out of it, out of reach, you know, but you know, in this game you gotta go out, and you know, leave it on the court for 48 minutes every single night or you’ll get embarrassed. So, this is our job and you know, we know what we signed up for. We just gotta be w–be ready to play every night.

Random Stuff, etc.
** Craig Bolerjack asked Hayward in the post-game about a “half-dollar or a dollar-size strawberry on your hip.”
** Matt Harpring’s (@mharpring15) successful #JazzTV submission:

** This Alec Burks shot happened during Trey Burke’s post-game interview:


It was so amusing to Alema Harrington and Thurl Bailey that they replayed it after the Burke interview.

Harrington: He’s trying to get the waves going there!
Bailey: Waves, baby! Making me seasick!
Harrington: Hahahahahaha!
Bailey: Hahahahahahaha!
Harrington: Alec’s gotta know where the camera is!

Geography Mis-Education of the Night

geo misedH/T Diana Allen

To close: A gif for old times. THE KOOF!


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