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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 3/12

March 14, 2014
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Are you worried about guys checking out over the last 18 games of the year when the playoffs are out of reach?
Well, you know what? I’m very impressed how Ty Corbin has been running our team…Ty is on our players constantly, and he has a rapport with the players, and has the respect. And he’s been able to really say, “Guys, we’re about development, and improving your game, improving your opportunities here in the NBA, and we’ve got to keep getting better.”

He’s focusing on the idea of, as a team and individuals, of getting better. Because as you get better, you have better opportunities, individually and collectively, as an or–as a team. And so, he is very committed in sending that message. And our players are responding to it.

What’s your evaluation of the development you’re seeing?
I think we’ve learned a lot of things, and I think these young players are learning, and I’m really expecting to see them coming during this reg–off-season having improved, because I think they now understand what it means, of what it takes to really be, a really top-echelon player in this league, and being able to come back and play it to that level for the whole season.

And then you’ve gotta be ready to not only finish through the season, but take it up and be ready for also the post-season. And so, I think we’ve learned some things.

I think they’re learning some things about themselves, and, but I think we’re seeing some good growth opportunities, and that was one of the key elements that we wanted to do as an organization, is identify and give these players an opportunity to grow and develop, and I think we’re seeing that opportunity.

We are committed, and I’ll tell ya, the Millers and this organization is committed to building a championship-caliber team, and we wanted to see growth and development, and we want to see the commitment from these young players as well, in their personal growth and development.

What was it like seeing Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll back in the arena on Monday?
Three great individuals who really contributed and play Jazz-style basketball, and have very strong feelings about the Utah Jazz, and their time with the Jazz. …

One thing in particular, for example, is, is that, and we, I talked about the commitment that the Jazz has of really improving and growing. We’re one of the cutting-edge teams who have embraced, really, some technologies and some improvements for our players. One of the things is being down at a program called P3 in Santa Barbara.

The, we really done cutting-edge, Mark McKown, our strength and conditioning coach, has done a great job. We’ve embraced it. We’ve put, then, force plates in, in our practice facility, to literally carry that program that’s at Santa Barbara, and carry it through so that we can continue to work through that during the regular season, as well, for the players.

And then I talked, I was talking with Kyle Korver about it. He’s actually bought a home down in Santa Barbara because of his love, because of us introducing him to that. His game has improved dramatically because we identified some things that he needed to work on, and that they could help him with, and, to improve his game.

His lateral movement, his move so he can move laterally, and get up immediately. And unfortunately, we saw the results of that on Monday night. He is moving and shooting the ball better than when he was even here, and again, I think it’s reflective of his commitment, but also shows you kinda the commitment we’re using and some of the things that we’re doing.

Paul Millsap is in, was in great shape, and I was happy to see Paul. I was happy for Paul being able to make the All-Star team. But I’m also happy to say that we made the right decisions,* is, in our moving, to go young, in order for us to really, we identified what we would be, and unfortunately, with all the analysis, we would’ve been a team that stayed somewhere in that middle. And the Millers, and all of us, said we don’t want to just be a team that stays in the middle. …

We don’t want to skip any steps at the same time. And so, we’re going through those kinda growing pains but the plan is working. We are seeing the growth that we need to do. Now, we’re far from being done. We still gotta make the moves, some additional movement. We still gotta add some m–some more pieces. We, and that’s why we’ve done aslet acclu–accumulation. But it’s, the plan is working. (1280)

* As noted by @MarkPeacock11, the Jazz offered Millsap a 3-year extension that he turned down. So the Jazz only decided to “let him walk” after the fact.

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  1. March 14, 2014 4:00 pm

    The whole “Paul turned down a 3 year extention” reference seems like it needs a bit of clarification.

    First thing to note is that happened right at the start of the season, and the Jazz did have not only the opportunity but money and time to give it another go after the season was over.

    Second thing to note is that his current 19 mil deal was more than he would have made in the first two years of the extention, and he gets to be a free agent again before he turns 30.

    Under the new CBA it will be very very rare to see any quality player under 30 take a non-rookie extention, Millsap was not an exception. It’s just rarely a good deal for the players.

  2. Steve permalink
    March 16, 2014 8:49 pm

    Apparently telling your players to “Get better” is a good coaching method.


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