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Karl Malone on the call in Jazz vs. Hawks

March 11, 2014
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Karl on the Jazz broadcast first and on the Hawks broadcast second.


Thanks to @KennChapman1 for the heads up that Karl was on the Hawks broadcast as well.

I have to say, I completely lost track of what was happening in the game while while Karl was on. In classic Karl fashion, he covered about 136 topics in 10 minutes (and proudly showed off his flip phone, which he called “a masterpiece,” on the Hawks broadcast). Due to my Karl high, the rest of the game, even after he went back to his seat, is a little fuzzy. :)

For those keeping track at home, Karl, in classic Karl fashion, dropped a “hell,” “damn,” “hogwash,” and for the grand finale, an “oh shit!” As @wolfcostume pointed out, however, there were no third-person references.

karl flip phone

Some highlights:
** Karl loves the Favors-“Katner” combination.
** “What the hell is a stretch four? You just a damn four-man that can shoot. You ain’t stretching nothing. Get outta here.”
** “I want that kid [Gordon Hayward, who dunked to end the quarter] to play like that the whole time.”
** On analytics wanting to get rid of the mid-range game: “Leave the damn game alone.”
** Every kid need to be in college (or Europe) for two years.
** Would Karl rather be rich and ugly or poor and good-looking? “Poor and good-looking.”
** “Oh shit!”

Trey Burke’s mom, making Jazz Nation love her even more:

ronda karl tweets

A couple gifs to close. First, Karl and Greg Miller getting along (yay!):


And Karl with his new good friend Dominique Wilkins:


Finally, Blake Griffin paid homage to Karl tonight with the following dunk. Yeah, I like him a little now.


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