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Game 64 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Atlanta Hawks (22-42)

March 11, 2014


Fun game, good effort (after halftime).

Pre-Game Quotage


** Paul Millsap, asked what was Tyrone Corbin’s role in his development
It was good, you know, even in the short time that he was here coaching with me…Still, he felt like I’m a young guy, and I’m still learning, still some things I gotta work on to get better.
** Millsap on whether he expects the game to be emotional
I’m sure it will. You know, I feel like I’m a tough outer guy, you know, but I’m sure it’ll get to me a little bit. … This was my home, you know, for seven years. You know, I love this place. It was a perfect fit.
** Millsap on what it was like walking into the building for shootaround
Different. I almost mistakenly walked straight, you know, to the locker room, to the main locker room,* you know, but it’s a little different. I gotta have a little different approach to this game.
* So did DeMarre Carroll.
** Millsap, asked whether Gordon Hayward can be a number one option
I think he can. You know, it’s up to Gordon, you know, what he do with it. But for him, you know, he’s more of a, you know, he’s a quiet guy. You know, he’s a facilitator, you know, he’s a playmaker. You know, so I, you know, this all depends on how he feel about it, how he want to approach it.
** Kyle Korver on Paul Millsap’s return to Utah
Paul, he’s gonna play it off real cool, you know, and act like he’s okay, but you know, there’s gonna be a lot of emotions for sure, coming into that locker room, the other locker room, for the first time. And then coming out here, I’m sure the fans will be very, very kind to him. It’s an emotional thing, you know? So he’s just gotta, you know, do his job and play his game. And I’m sure he will. I’m betting he has a pretty good game tonight.
** Korver on his favorite memory of playing for the Utah Jazz
I just loved playing in this arena. The fans were, I mean, they were amazing…It was just a fun place to play. It’s a great city. You know, I think it’s just the overall experience of Utah, is probably my favorite.
** DeMarre Carroll on what he expects the crowd to be like
Oh man, it might be like, we’re playing, might, we might be the Utah Jazz the way the crowd reacts. But you know, it’s probably gonna be emotional, and you know, especially for Paul. But for me and Kyle, you know, we was only here two years. Paul was here his whole life. So we just gotta try to stick with him, man, go out there and play as hard as we can.
** Carroll, asked whether Gordon Hayward can be a number one option
He’s a phenomenal player…If he can get on a team where he’s not the first option, where he’s the second option or third option, you know, he will be, he’d probably be All-Star.


Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the game
I liked the last 24 [minutes] a lot better. You know, after, you know, we talked about, a little bit about, you know, the first game back after a long road trip and the last game [of] a road trip for them being a tough game to get yourself ready for. But I thought we were a little bit sluggish in the first half. But I thought in the second half, we came with just as much energy as we didn’t have in the first half.
** Corbin on how the Hawks won the game in the end
They made shots. We missed ’em. I thought Marvin [Williams] had two great looks, shots he usually make…Got a good look for Marvin [Williams]. He missed the shot, but it was a great look, on the play we ran, and he missed the shot. So we’ll deal with that.
** Corbin on Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter playing together
They’re getting better. They’re getting better. And you know, we gotta make sure the matchups on the other end work for us…We’ll continue to watch and grow and see what, how we can get better going down the road.

** Derrick Favors on what the Jazz could’ve done defensively to combat the Hawks’ ball movement
It’s just tough, man. You can’t outrun the ball, you know? You play good defense and you know, they swing the ball around the perimeter so fast, you know, and they added good shooters out there, you know, nothing you can do about it.
** Favors on Paul Millsap
I mean, he’s a good player, and you know, the Hawks a good team. They came out and did what they had to do…He’s gotten a lot better [since he left the Jazz]. You know, he’s knocking down the three a little bit more than he did the years I was here. Knocking down the 3-ball a little bit better and his ball-handling gotten a lot better. You know, he’s a better player.
** Favors on the string of losses
We gotta do a better job of coming out with more energy, man, more enthusiasm, and more passion…and play with a purpose.
** Gordon Hayward on the first half
I think we were sluggish. For whatever reason, didn’t come out with energy. I mean, it’s tough to come back from a road trip like that, and especially with only, you know, half a day’s rest or a day’s rest or whatever we got. But you know, no excuses.
** Trey Burke on the next step for this team
Just keep playing for pride, man. Keep growing. Everybody needs to develop individually and as a team. So you know, we just gotta go out there everyday in practice, you know, continue to work hard. And any time we step on the court, play hard, you know?
** Burke on [the 1280 narrative of the night of] growing pains
If you let it hurt too bad, then it’ll affect you, you know? You can’t let it hurt you to the point where it’s making you think about the past. You gotta move forward. You gotta learn from it and grow from it and then, you know, make changes, you know, from the mistakes that you’ve made.

rj-dunkAir Jefferson

** Paul Millsap on getting a nice reception from the crowd
In the back of my head, you know, I knew it was gonna happen. You know, I love these crowd; you know, they love me. So I mean, I was grateful for that. Really. Really.
** Millsap, asked whether it didn’t feel like a road game for him
Actually, yeah, a little bit. A little bit. You know, but, I played in this gym for seven years. Seven years. And when I got out there, you know, I felt real comfortable with the rim and stuff, real comfortable with the floor. You know, but it was a hard-fought game. Give them credit. You know, they fought their butts off. But I’m glad we came out with the win.
** Kyle Korver on his last shot
You know, it was just a good play that Coach drew up. And the guys set the screens, and I got open. I was wide open. So I just kinda lined it up and knocked it down.
** Korver on getting the opportunity to catch up with people around the Jazz
It’s like, once you’ve been a part of the Jazz family, it’s like you never leave all the way. You know, it’s just so many familiar faces and good people and good memories. And you know, it’s a bit of a challenge when you come back to play because there’s so many people you want to say hi to.

Random Stuff, etc.
** Posted by Brandon Rush (@brush_25)

Response post from Rudy Gobert (@rudygobert15)

** Love that Millsap got introduced with “…from Louisiana Tech, welcome back, Paul Millsap!”
** People calling Kyle Korver/DeMarre Carroll/Paul Millsap “The Angry Birds”: Matt Harpring. (This cracked me up. Do I need help?)
** People calling Trey Burke “Trey Burks” and Enes Kanter “Katner”: Karl Malone.
** Loved when the camera panned to Karl Malone (sitting with Greg Miller courtside). Great reaction shot and loved seeing Karl directing traffic (motioning to the guys to get back on defense):


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Craig Bolerjack: There’s a pill for everything now.
Matt Harpring: Oh wow. Too much information. TMI, Boler! (H/T Diana Allen)
** Boler: Hayward can’t finish.
** Harpring: That’s what Martin’s doing. He’s just getting into Hayward right now. I told you, he plays hard…Watch him get right into Hayward on the baseline down here. You see Hayward kinda trips and falls.
** Karl Malone on guesting on the broadcast: We can go all night, yes we can. All night. All night long. (H/T Diana Allen)
** Hawks announcer: Garrett got too deep, he needed to pull out. (H/T Jordan Cummings via Diana Allen)
** Gordon Hayward on the Jazz’s shots: I feel like most of the time we go down, and they just didn’t. And that’s, you know, one of the issues with building yourself that big of a hole.
** Trey Burke: Coach Lowe got into us at halftime, you know, about, you know, getting into your man.

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