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Bits from Greg Miller’s Undercover Boss episode

March 2, 2014

Major suspension of disbelief is needed to believe that none of the Jazz/ESA employees recognized Greg Miller (unless there are Jazz/ESA employees out that have never seen even a photograph of Miller), but a good and worthwhile watch overall.

Loved the archive footage of Larry H. Miller saying “The Jazz can’t leave Utah” and of course, the end where Miller “reveals” himself to the employees and tells them how he will be helping them and their families.

Some bits for those unable to watch:

greg ucbSeriously unrecognizable

Greg getting his hair, eyes and teeth did, and strapping on the belly:


Greg Miller’s house:

gregs house

And Greg Miller continuing to work to get better™:




Missed the in-game dunk by just a smidge:


bear confetti gun

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