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Game 57 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns (21-36)

February 27, 2014

Jan. 21.

Feb. 21.

And on Feb. 26, the Holy Trinity of Dancing Jazz Fan was complete.


Pre-Game Quotage on Jeff Hornacek
** Derrick Favors on Jeff Hornacek
When I first got here, man, I used to talk to him a lot. You know, he used to help me out with my shot, with my free throws, and everything. You know, he helped me out a lot, and you know, I’m happy to see what he doing over there in Phoenix, so you know, I’m happy for him.
Good coach?
He a great coach.
What does he do well as a coach?
You know, he just teach you the fundamentals of things, you know, especially with your shot, with the offense and with basketball overall. Just teach you the fundamentals, and you know, just have you calm down out there.
Was it hard on the players still here when he left?
Yeah. You know, he was one of my favorite coaches and you know, Gordon’s favorite coach and everything. And you know, it was hard to see him go, but you know, you gotta understand it’s a business.
** Gordon Hayward on Jeff Hornacek
Definitely miss him. You know, he was my guy here, and taught me a lot of things about basketball…Just a lot of things that, you know, a younger guy like me needed to know, so. It was good for me.
What makes him a good coach?
He seems to always know what’s going on, what the next play is gonna be. He’s always usually a couple steps ahead. He’s pretty calm and collected. Like I said, he doesn’t get frustrated, or, if something happens, he kinda knows what the counter to that is. And you know, he’s pretty sharp at that type of stuff, so. I think that makes him a good coach.

Pre-Game Quotage, Other
** Trey Burke on what Alec Burks means to this team
Means a lot, man. He’s that guy that comes off the bench–I can’t even think if he starts now–comes off the bench, playing so well. He’s come, comes off the bench, he gives us that spark that we need, and we’re gonna need that from him all year. You know, sky’s the limit for him. You guys see it, just like I do, the way he’s able to finish at the rim, how he’s able to still knock down that jump shot. So, it’s tough to guard a guy when, you know, he can finish and shoot the ball, and defend at the same time.
** Diante Garrett, asked what were his perceptions of Utah before he got here, and have they changed
I thought about it before I left, and I was like, it’s gon be cold out there, and it’s gonna be, like, you know, kinda boring. But it’s been fun so far. It’s some places that I never thought I would go and see, like, the mall that’s outside. The weather’s pretty nice. The sun is always shining. And the mountains are kinda pretty to look at…It almost looks like, you know, a big picture, just driving and looking at it. It looks fake.
** Garrett on whether he sees himself as a member of the Jazz for awhile, or having a chance to test out free agency
I got a good chance of, you know, playing here for awhile if they give me the opportunity. It’s just, you know, just finishing this year off strong and you know, looking to, you know, build my career anywhere and if it’s here, I’d love to be here.

no 19

Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the Jazz’s offensive effort
Well, just sharing the ball. Trying to play the basketball game the right way. You know, not having an idea of what you gonna do, just letting the play develop, and making the right basketball play.

** Derrick Favors on being “in the zone”
Everybody can score baskets in the NBA. You know, it’s guys who gon do the little things to help win games, and sometimes, you know, I feel like I’m in that zone defensively where, you know, I can shut my man down or help on the weak side or block shots, control the boards. You know, just do all the little things. Set screens, and you know, when I get my opportunity to touch the ball on the offensive end, you know, I do a good job of scoring. So you know, I get in the zone throughout the whole game.
** Diante Garrett, asked if it was extra special scoring a career-high against his former team
Oh, definitely. Just playing against your former team that you played against, and some of the guys on the sideline that you played summer league with for two years and all year last year. Hearing those guys talk smack on the sideline was fun, and making some shots out there.
** Richard Jefferson, asked how Corbin changed the game plan when the Suns announced Goran Dragic wasn’t playing
Well, they’re still a fast-break team…We knew it was going to be similar to, the game plan was going to be very similar to before.
** Gordon Hayward on his parents being at the game
They don’t get to come out here as much as they would like, and so I try to do my best when they’re here. But it’s just always cool when they can see me play well.

Almost Triple-Double Quotage
** Corbin on Gordon Hayward’s almost triple-double
I left him in a little longer, you know? I wanted, but I, you know, even with the, he still played 37 minutes. And I, you know, maybe a few minutes when I was trying to let him get that last one, but I didn’t want to take a chance with him. And he’s good about it. He had a good game for us, and you know, we luh the guy to death.
** Hayward on his almost triple-double
It was close, but it just didn’t work out, so. Just happy we got the win. … All my teammates told me, you know, get one more assist. So I knew.
** RJ on Hayward’s almost triple-double
You know, there was still plenty of time. It wasn’t like, it was one minute to go and he was out there searching for it. There was, you know, five or six minutes, but, you know, I respect coach Corbin’s decision, as usual, to take him out.
** RJ on whether he missed any shots that could’ve gotten him the triple-double
No. I can think of a couple he missed, a couple times he missed me, that he should’ve passed it to me, that would’ve gotten him [an] assist.
** Favors on Hayward almost getting a triple-double
If I would’ve been out there, you know, he would’ve gotten that assist.

The Return of “Geography Mis-Education with Matt Harpring and Craig Bolerjack”


Harpring: “Ilgaukas.”* What language is that?
* Not a typo.
Bolerjack: Latvian?
Harpring: Ha ha ha!

Windmills of the Night
From the Phoenix Suns, Gerald Green:


From the Utah Jazz, Alec Burks:


For the Conspiracy Theorists, Paranoid, Insecure, etc.
1) Gordon Hayward listed Phoenix among his favorite NBA cities yesterday.
2) Derrick Favors said today that Jeff Hornacek was Hayward’s favorite coach (above).
3) Secret smiles.


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Gordon Hayward on Derrick Favors: I just think he just has a pretty big presence, you know, figuratively and literally, down there.
** Craig Bolerjack: We’ll go one-on-one with Horny, next.
** Matt Harpring on what Gordon Hayward should do: Get an easy one to go down first.
** Boler: Wow! Harpring: RJ, getting up!
** Boler on making [Dionte] “Christmas” jokes: I can go all night. Harpring: I don’t even want to beat you.
** Harpring to Boler: I didn’t mean to blow…your mind.
** Harpring on the Coach of the Year race: It’s how everyone’s gonna finish…You gotta wait ’til the end.
** Richard Jefferson, walk-off interview: I still got a little bit of bounce, a little bit. Not like when I was 24, but I still got a little bit.
** Derrick Favors on his hip: It’s not as stiff as it was, but you know, it feel good right now.

To close: Jerry Sloan won.

deron headband

3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 27, 2014 11:41 pm

    ” we luh the guy to death” <– I lul'd.

  2. SurlyMae permalink
    February 27, 2014 11:47 pm

    This is *literally* the first time I’ve felt anything about Horny’s departure. Now I have all the sad.
    Lol at Deron. Hope he figures himself (and his game) out.

  3. Diana permalink
    February 28, 2014 9:46 am

    Mwaaaaah from RJ’s lips to Ty Corbin’s rearend!


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