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Bits from Sidney Lowe Interview, 2/20

February 21, 2014
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First, a little interruption from Tyrone Corbin.

Corbin was asked during practice today whether he would, in retrospect, have handled the last 30 seconds of the Nets game differently.

His response:

Maybe. Maybe. We’ll see. Maybe. I decided to go the way I did. I wanted to wait. I thought they were gonna go a little sooner, but they waited, and we fouled ’em.


It seemed like there was a “miscommunication”* on whether to foul last night. Walk us through that scenario.
Well, you know, I mean, obviously, [the directive to foul] has gotta come from the sideline, but players should know, coming out of the timeout, coach kinda explained what was going on, what we’re trying to get. And I don’t know if they didn’t realize, you know, that we needed a foul right away.

But I saw, I know, you know, a couple guys, couple of people on the bench kinda stood up and said, “Hey, we gotta get ’em.”** And then, the amount of time, the message was relayed, and I, you know, it was a little late, and Trey [Burke] fouled with, I think with about eight seconds on the shot clock.

And so, yeah, I think it was just a miscommunication or misunderstanding.

* More like “no communication.”
** As you can see here, this didn’t really happen.

Enes Kanter went for 18 and 10 last night, but he struggled defensively. Rudy Gobert therefore got playing time, but he struggled offensively. What was the conversation on minute distribution between those two?
Well, you know, again, it, you know, it’s one of those things where the staff and certainly coach C♥rbin is, you know, trying to figure out the best thing for us.

You know, as you said, you know, we have one guy that’s, probably his strength, if he has a strength at this point, Rudy, is, you know, his length and his defense. And Enes’ strength is really offense.

So, you know, just trying to get both of those guys to continue to improve in both areas, is what we’re trying to do. But you know, it’s a game-by-game, minute-by-minute situation, that coach C♥rbin has to make those decisions, you know, who to have in the game, and when to have ’em in the game.

What do you hope to learn or see from your team in the last 29 games?
I’m hoping to see us, to, one, continue to get better. To continue to improve, on the small things. Continue to improve defensively. Rebounding the basketball. Our hustle game, you know, when you talk about the hustle war. Just to see us continue to fight. That’s the main thing. The effort is the main thing.

To see us continue to go out there and put forth the effort, to compete and try to win games. See if we can get better offensively, obviously. But the main thing right now is, is to see us continue to compete. Continue to see our young guys get better.

Has it been tough to keep the locker room together?
These guys are, they’ve been great. They’ve been great, and I think coach C♥rbin has done a tremendous job of keeping that locker room the way it is. As you said, he did it last year, in a different scenario. And now, on this year, you know, he’s keeping all of the guys engaged.

And I think that’s why you see, you know, a guy like Diante Garrett comes off the bench, whenever his number is called, you know, he’s ready to go. And John Lucas hadn’t played a few games, but the last time he came in, he was ready to go. So you know, I think that’s a credit to coach C♥rbin.

I think he’s done a tremendous job of keeping everyone engaged, and ready to play…I think coach C♥rbin has done a great job of really just communicating with these guys. (1280)

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