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Bits from Randy Rigby Interview, 2/19

February 21, 2014
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What it’s like in the front office before the trade deadline?
Well, it’s, this is an exciting time. And we continue, we had a very good meeting today. I appreciated, we had time with Greg and Steve Miller. Dennis [Lindsey], Kevin O’Connor, Bob Hyde and myself, Justin Zanik.

And again, more than anything, as we talked about things and talked about any kind of conversations. And the conversations to this point have been, very quiet out there. … It’s been relatively quiet as it relates to our front. Now, that could change at any time, and Dennis, and Justin are, and Kevin, are working hard, and prepared.

But more than anything, it also gave us an opportunity to get together also with Greg, and Steve, and reiterate where we’re at with our plan, with our desire, to continue to build this team. To see this young core of players continue to get experience and grow. And for us, that we realize, and that we’re taking some pain right now, but you know what, we really reinforce that we know this is the right direction that we should be going for the Utah Jazz, to really help us have the best chance of building a championship-caliber team.

And so, everything I think that we’ll be looking at, and the directions that Dennis will continue to assess, is will those opportunities, if they come along, enhance and add to that opportunity for, of going with what our plan is. And that is, is building this team, and, with the strategy that we’re in.

Are the Jazz ahead of schedule, being a .500 team since Trey Burke came back and Tyrone Corbin settled on this starting lineup?
We’ve, I think from the development standpoint, that the, has been going on, I think we’re a little ahead of schedule there…

[The young guys are] making better strides than we had initially anticipated to this point. So we feel that we are on task, if not a little ahead of it.

On Deron Williams
Deron gets associated to a certain degree with [Jerry Sloan’s resignation]…

He was a young player, and I think Deron has grown a lot. Deron has now been able to recognize what he had here. The experience that he had here, the coaching staff that he had around him, for a young player, was invaluable for him. And I think he now appreciates it, more, now than ever.

Deron is a good man. Deron’s a friend of mine, and you know, I was, I watched Deron grow up in the NBA, and he’s become a very good father, a very good husband, and I think has learned a lot from, unfortunately, some of the good things and decisions he made, and some of the wrong decisions he’s made, and unfortunately, that’s life, and life in the NBA. …

Hindsight is 20-20. I think the do-overs would happen not only on that night, but I think transitional periods in people’s time, and, of the, maybe could’ve corrected things so that things would’ve changed more than that night.

But in the preceding nights of the months ahead of that, to be able to have better communication, to, better open dialogue, of really, feelings, and being able to hopefully work through issues, and talk through ’em, on a higher matur–more mature level.

How do you hope Deron Williams and Andrei Kirilenko are received by the ESA?
We have classy Jazz fans.

I would hope that our fans would give Deron the respect of applaud and appreciation of the years, and Andrei, of what they’ve done for the, us, as Jazzmen.

And then when it comes to the battle, and once the battle begins, I don’t want anyone cheering for anyone but Utah Jazz players, because we’re out to go and win this game tonight. (1280)

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