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Game 53 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Brooklyn Nets (19-34)

February 20, 2014

No foul as the clock ticks down.


Is this:
A) Tyrone Corbin’s fault;
B) Sidney Lowe’s fault, for failing to shuffle up the sideline to remind Ty to tell Trey Burke to foul (as tweeted by @Mac_Jazz)

Pre-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin, asked about his mid-season report card
We’ll talk. We’ll talk a little bit. I don’t, report cards are, whatever that means. I mean, that’s just some media guys saying we giving you a grade, and hell, you know, put ’em on a report card. So I mean, you know, a pass or fail, whatever that means.
** Corbin, asked what he’s looking to accomplish in the remainder of the season
Continue to get better. Continue to grow this group of guys, and be as good as we can be now, and work from here.
Is there a specific aspect…?

burke-bombTrey Burke and Derrick Favors photo(video)-bombing Gordon Hayward

** Andrei Kirilenko on returning to Utah as an opponent
We figure out over the years, me and my wife, you know, always when we’re land in Utah, we feel like we coming home. And it’s the same feeling right now. It’s a lot of great memories here, a lot of nice moments, and of course it’s gonna be, I’m gonna feel it for the rest of my life. No matter what.
** AK on the Jazz retiring a number for Jerry Sloan
Look, it [should have been] long time ago, there. But you know, he is a symbol of the Jazz, and, along with John Stockton, Karl Malone. You know, those three guys really represent last 20-30 years of the Jazz history. And it’s a huge deal. You know, he’s, Jerry Sloan’s the guy who made me the basketball player as I am right now, in Jazz uniform. And you know, I will never forget that. I’m very grateful for this, and I will definitely remember the time working with Coach Sloan. You know, everybody in that time was a family. Always ups and downs, you know, with a family, but it’s gonna be a lot of great memories.

jerry 219

** Deron Williams, asked whether he’s talked to Jerry Sloan at all
I haven’t. I haven’t, but you know, he’s definitely deserving of [being honored by the Jazz], man. You know, it’s, he’s one of the best coaches to ever do it. You know, I had a great five and a half years playing for him. You know, I learned a lot from him. You know, a lot of toughness, a lot of, mentally. And so, you know, I definitely felt blessed to come in, you know, as a rookie and spend my first five and a half years, you know, under him.
** Deron on whether he’s surprised or mystified by the reception he gets at the ESA
Not really, not ’cause of how everything went down. And so, you know, a lot of people blame me for Coach, you know, stepping down, so you know, the guys that love him, and, you know, they’re gonna see it that way.
** Deron on what it’s like playing with Andrei Kirilenko again
It’s great. Man, it’s great to have, you know, AK on my side again. You know, what he brings to a team is unmatched, you know, his energy, his effort. You know, doing the little things here and there, and definitely happy to be playing with him again. I think we have great chemistry on the floor from playing together so long, and so it’s fun playing with him.

** Trey Burke on the All-Star break
I rested up pretty well. You know, I had a great time out there. I was exhausted when I got back though, so you know, I know it was critical these last two days for me to get a lot of rest.
** Richard Jefferson on whether the All-Star break threw off momentum
No, because we focus, we were focused going into the break, and I think that kinda shows how we are as a team, and kind of, what we want to accomplish. We understand that making the playoffs is probably gonna be slim, but you know, we still feel that we can get better as a team, and as individuals.


Post-Game Quotage
** Tyrone Corbin on the Jazz’s post defense
We missed [Derrick Favors] a lot. I mean, you know, the guys that we have in there, we gotta do a better job. We, you know, we try and keep our big back to protect the rim for us, and we got out of position a few time…We just have to continue to get better at protecting the basket.
** Corbin, asked what he’s doing to combat late-game turnovers
What do you mean, late? Late?
Late in the game.
It happen when it happen. What do you, what’s your question?
How are you trying to combat late-game turnovers?
Not make them. Just not make turnovers.
** Corbin on whether there was confusion on the last Nets possession over whether Trey Burke should foul
Well, I thought they were gonna go quick. And they held it back, and I decided to go ahead and foul ’em.
** Corbin on whether players are mentally affected by the trade deadline
Axe yourself. If you were on the line the next couple days and tomorrow you may have to move your family, would that be on your mind? So it’s the same thing for any player. You know, so I don’t know why you try to make it a big deal it wouldn’t be. It’s on your mind.

** Trey Burke on the Jazz’s unforced turnovers
I don’t think it was nothing they were doing, in particular. I think it was just some miscues on our part, and you know, mistakes that we can definitely control.
** Burke, asked if he was waiting for Ty to tell him to foul with 32 seconds left
Yeah, I think we were gonna play it out at first, but it would’ve been kinda, you know, wouldn’t have been enough time, so, you know, he t–he went ahead and told me to foul, and send him to the line.


** Andrei Kirilenko on the Jazz
I think [the Jazz’s] young guys are very, very talented and they can play basketball. So little bit of patience from the fan standpoint, and I think next year, and the year after that, gonna be great year.
** Deron Williams on his face
It hurts. … I thought it was broken, ’cause I’ve broken my jaw before, and it felt about the same at first.

Hair Stuff
** You get a haircut, and you get a haircut, and you get a haircut!


** In contrast, this may be the most hair we’ve ever seen on Richard Jefferson.

rj hair

** Matt Harpring’s hair is taking on a life of its own.

harpring hair

Random Stuff, etc.
** People calling Andrei Kirilenko “Drei”: Steve Brown
** If you were watching the Jazz broadcast at the beginning of second half, Matt Harpring was talking about–specifically in regards to Kevin Garnett–how sad it is to watch a player’s decline. He mentioned playing with Dominique Wilkins at the end of Wilkin’s career, and how weird it was to be playing ahead of Wilkins as a rookie, and whether it’s better to leave the game going out on top rather than playing past your prime.

Dominique Wilkins, however, remembers the end of his career a little differently than Matt Harpring. (Big hat tip to @slapfisk.)
** Marvin Williams was in a patriotic mood.


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