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Bits from All-Star Weekend 2014

February 16, 2014
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Representing the Utah Jazz….

karl treyvia Getty Images

Karl Malone(‘s Physique)
** Reggie Miller: My goodness Karl, you been lifting trucks? Look at those guns on him! Man!

wade tweet
hardaway tweet

BgjdOsbCUAEuX2l.jpg large jodyvia @DJJazzyJody

Rising Stars Challenge

trey-bucketTrey Burke channeling Alec Burks

dancing jazz fanFamiliar face/figure/moves shown on the big screen in New Orleans

treys shoes utahjazzTrey Burke’s Rising Stars and Skills Challenge shoes, via @utahjazz

Shooting Stars

shooting starsKarl and Kevin Durant reacting after Skylar Diggins hits the half-court shot

Kay Malone and a grumpy Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; via @san_dova and H/T @5kl

Skills Challenge

skills-winTrey Burke for the win…by .1 seconds

skills-reactionDamian Lillard startling Trey with the ass slap

millsap looking onPaul Millsap and his brother looking on

trey lillard trophyBurke and Lillard with their trophy, via Getty Images

** Damian Lillard on who gets to keep the trophy: Since I already got one, I guess I’ll let [Trey Burke] keep it.

Dunk Challenge
** Very happy for Jeremy Evans he didn’t have to take part in that disaster.

** Feel like getting dizzy?


** Karl Malone on being on the “Mount Rushmore” of basketball: If there ain’t some hunting or fishing up there, I have no desire to be up there.

Trey with Lil Penny, via @utahjazz

** Paul Millsap on making the All-Star team for the first time in his career:

“I wouldn’t say [I’m being] used better,” Millsap said. “I’d say I have the opportunity to get out there and really show everything I can do. We run a pretty wide-open system and I’m able to stretch the floor and put the ball on the ground to make plays.” (Trib)

To close:

smiley karl

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  1. February 18, 2014 3:44 am

    no wonder! they showed millsap’s bro a couple times and i kept thinking, “he looks an awful lot like milsap… only not” haha.


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