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Game 52 of 82: Utah Jazz vs. Philadelphia 76ers (19-33)

February 13, 2014


Just the exclamation point on a great performance by Alec Burks. The rest of the game was like last night, Ugly with a capital UGH.

** Tyrone Corbin on how the team’s development is coming along
I think we’re progressing, at understanding the tasks that’s in front of us, and on a nightly basis because of where you are and the youth you have on the team. Not understanding, not knowing what you gonna get on a nightly basis, so managing those things, and how you juggle guys in our lineup, being shorthanded, I think we’re coming along pretty well.
** Corbin on what he wants to see accomplished after the All-Star break
An identity of continuing to work to get better. You know, we gotta show signs that we’re getting better in all areas, and on a nightly basis. And they know as we drive them to work hard everyday, that we’re working hard to win games and not just to play games…so [that] when you come out of this thing, and you’re getting better, you get better as an individual; you get better as a team. You’re expected to play to win. And that’s a huge thing to manage.
** Corbin, post-game
It wasn’t our best game, execution-wise, but we had enough resiliency to win the ball game. So that’s the most important thing right now…Luckily enough for us, Alec [Burks] was able to bail us out at the end of the game.

harpring heartMatt Harpring, shown here with a whole heart

harpring-heartHarpring, giving half his heart to Boler.

** Trey Burke on whether he put any pressure on himself going against Michael Carter-Williams for the first time as a pro
I tried not to. You know, obviously he scored a couple buckets, you know? You get that, you know, that feeling, you know, you want to go back and compete. But you know, my role is to just continue to contribute or continue to, you know, set the offense up and make the right pass. So it’s hard not to, especially the type of player I am, but I’m just gonna continue to do what it takes to, you know, help the team win.
** Alec Burks, asked by Boler whether he minds being called “Houdini” or “Magic Man”
Nah, not at all. I like it a little bit.
** Burks on his Houdininess
I just react in the air, you know? Somebody cut me off, I just, it’s just reaction, you know? That’s just how I play.
** Burks on how his legs are feeling
I’m good, you know? I’m 22.
** Enes Kanter on Alec Burks
In the end, I got his, I got him that his dunk. So he should appreciate me.


Unintentional Dirty Quote Machines of the Night (UDQM)
** Matt Harpring: Looks like Favors might’ve strained something when he went up.
** Craig Bolerjack: Turner, slips and slides inside!
** Boler to Harpring: You’re a big eater.
** Boler: You know what I’m afraid of? You unscrew that cap, and just mud’s gonna come out.
Harpring: Have you ever changed your oil yourself?
Boler: Oh yeah, as a teenager. But no, not as an adult. No.
Harpring: I’ll hire you to do mine.
Boler: Forget it.
(15 seconds later)
Harpring: But you don’t like to get dirty anymore, do you? You got soft in your old age.
Boler: As you get older, no, man, you know?
** Harpring: I’ll tell you who used to go as hard as Burks, is Dwyane Wade.
** Harpring: I have yet to see someone stay in front of Alec Burks, one on one.
** Enes Kanter on how the game felt tonight: It was a really good feeling, you know? The, in, I mean, especially in the end.

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